Idol Headlines for 07/17/07

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‘American Idols’ just living the dream at AT&T Center

“American Idols Live!” is about living the dream.

Hometown sweetheart Haley Scarnato said as much about the family-friendly concert tour, which landed at AT&T Center on Monday.

More than 6, 000 fans of all ages came to see, hear and scream loudly for winner Jordin Sparks and finalists such as Scarnato and Sanjaya Malakar from Season Six of the popular Fox reality series……..

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Roll out the red carpet, it’s Blake Lewis

Some may know Blake Lewis as that one guy from American Idol. Others know him as an awesome beat-boxer and runner-up to Jordan Sparks. And then again, others may not even know who he is at all.

One thing is for certain that must be made known: Blake Lewis is a no longer part of the general public. He has officially joined the upper rankings of those who have already made it in the music industry, and he must be treated as such………..

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‘American Idol’ Rumor Mill: Paula to be Replaced by Sharon Osbourne?

These kind of things are bound to happen. Some …news outlets will report that a major change is on the way for American Idol and it will turn into a big national story. So, let’s try and nip this in the bud: As of right now, Paula Abdul has not been fired and Sharon Osbourne has not been hired as the new judge on American Idol. Some sites are reporting such a personnel change is imminent, but it’s not. If you like Paula, then you can relax. If you wish Paula were fired, you’re going to have to be patient…..

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Carrie Underwood’s Fall Follow-Up

Carrie Underwood doesn’t want to spend her life jaded, waitin” or just resting on her laurels.

Arista Records and 19 Recordings announced Monday that the follow-up to the country crossover star’s mega-hit debut Some Hearts has been slated for an Oct. 23 release.

While it seems as if Underwood must be on her third or fourth album by now, that’s only because the multiplatinum-selling Some Hearts took up residence at number one on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart back in 2005 ¦ and managed to return to that spot multiple times over the next two and half years……..


U.S. Troops to Receive Heart Full of Soul

U.S. Troops will receive copies of the Taylor Hicks book titled “Heart Full Of Soul” in Part 3 of the Proud Of Our Troops drive.

Jewelry Sprout is sponsoring the Proud Of Our Troops drive. They are asking everyone to please support and uplift U.S. troops by sending them the inspirational book from American Idol winner Taylor Hicks. The book is titled “Heart Full Of Soul.” Jewelry Sprout is accepting both the hardcover and the audio versions of the book. Show your love and thanks to our troops and give them something that will lift their spirits and give them enjoyment during their off time….

One of ‘American Idol’s’ top ‘dawgs’ lends support to cat adoption effort

….When it came down to the final three, Jackson said he thought Melinda Doolittle would advance. “She was certainly the steadiest performer week in and week out. For sure, I thought Melinda would duke it out with Jordin. That would have been amazing.”

Instead, beat-boxer Blake Lewis landed in the finals with Sparks. As he said repeatedly on “Idol, ” Jackson is amazed by Sparks’ poise. “Listen, man, she has the talent, the potential to be the biggest Idol ever.”

When he’s not working on “Idol” or promoting pet adoption, Jackson still produces. He recently produced a CD by Sam Moore (half of the vintage Sam and Dave duo), and enlisted stars like Mariah Carey, Vince Gill, Bon Jovi and Eric Clapton to participate. In September, he has a solo CD scheduled for release. “It’s a kind of Quincy thing (referring to Quincy Jones), where others participate, too, ” Jackson hints. “But that’s all I can say now.”


311 fulfills mission to spread the reggae

….This past spring, a whole new group of people got an education in 311 – American Idol fans, via the relatively adventurous musical tastes of Seattle’s Blake Lewis. The band was contacted by the show’s producers for permission to let Lewis sing its All Mixed Up. Mahoney says they agreed but didn’t realize how much mileage they’d get.

“We didn’t know (Lewis) was such a big 311 fan. He really kicked a’  on All Mixed Up, ” he says. “After he sang the judges said they didn’t know who we were, and he said ‘They’re my favorite band. They’re great.’ It was the best publicity ever.”

And after that, 311, in turn, became big Blake Lewis fans – “Nick went a couple of times to the tapings of the show and hung out with (Lewis) and made friends with him, ” Mahoney reports, adding that the diminutive beat-boxer also covered their version of Love Song.

“That was cool too. We were rooting for him. We knew another guy, Brandon (Rogers), who used to sing for Christina Aguilera. He’s such a bad-a’  singer, but he got voted off early, ” he says. “Blake brings a little more current, modern hip-hop influence to the show. It’s nice how it worked out. He didn’t win, but either way, he’s going to have a good career. Hopefully we can get him out to one of these shows.”

Mahoney sort of sheepishly admits that he and other members of the 311 crew became followers not just of Blake Lewis but of American Idol, which is not the most rock star pastime.

“Early on I didn’t really follow it, but it was so funny. Me and our studio manager Jason, and Chad (Sexton) our drummer were out there every Tuesday night

watching, ” he says. “We were like ‘Dudes, we’re watching American Idol. What happened to us?’ ”

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Daughtry to hit Grandstand stage
York Fair official said he’s expecting tickets, which go on sale Thursday, to sell well.

Chris Daughtry went from “American Idol” reject to the Top of the Billboard 200 in less than a year. Now, he is headed to York with the band that rocks with his surname.
Daughtry is set to take the York Fair Grandstand stage 7:30 p.m. Sept. 14 with special guest 12 Stones……….

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