Idol Headlines for 07/13/07

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Unexpected moments boost the touring Idols

There are some things that will never be surprising about the American Idols Live tour:

First of all, it will be crowded. The annual tour features the “American Idol” top 10, and they all have their solo moments on stage as well as duos, trios and group numbers.

Secondly, it will be loud. Many “Idol” fans are teens, so when a Blake Lewis or even a Gina Glocksen takes the stage, you can barely hear what they’re saying above the screams…..

Exclusive Interview: Sabrina Sloan, from ‘American Idol’

If American Idol was a show judged by experts in as objective a way as possible, Sabrina Sloan would have at least made the top 6 last season. Sabrina Sloan, a 27-year-old from California, has an incredible voice and it was shocker when America eliminated Sabrina from the competition after making it into the top 16 on American Idol. Thankfully, we haven’t heard the last of Sabrina. She stopped by BuddyTV recently to discuss her time on the show and what she’s got coming up in the future…..

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Ryan Seacrest wants up to 10 kids

Even though he’s still single, Ryan Seacrest already has big family plans. The American Idol host reveals that he wants no less than five offspring.

I think it would be tough, but I definitely look forward to a little boy and a little girl. I want more than five but less than 10……..

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British music mogul SIMON COWELL has urged AMERICAN IDOL star KELLY CLARKSON to end her war of words with record boss CLIVE DAVIS – because he knows better than her. Clarkson confirmed reports she and Davis had fallen out over tracks she wrote for new album My December during a recent Blender magazine interview, and Cowell feels the singer would be unwise to continue the feud….

Kelly’s Big Gamble

Now that Kelly Clarkson’s “set for life, ” America’s queen of pop rock risks it all with her controversial new album.

Kelly Clarkson hustles down her long driveway and opens the broken gate to her Spanish-style villa. She’s on the phone, talking animatedly to a friend about wanting to see the newest “Pirates of the Caribbean.” As she ushers you inside her impressive digs, the first thing you notice are piles of clothes strewn all over the dining room table…….


Business notebook

…Vote for your favorite: FremantleMedia, producer of the TV show “American Idol” signed a deal with Lyric Jeans Inc. for an 11-piece line of rock ‘n roll-inspired clothing for girls called Lyrix. The line, pictured at right in a company photo, is set to debut in February. Terms were not disclosed…

T.I. Gets Into It With A Fan ‘  Again; Plus 50 Cent, Katharine McPhee, Stack Bundles, Diddy, Kanye West & More, In For The Record
50 to premiere new video online Friday; McPhee struts her Stuff; informant provides new lead in Bundles killing.

…”American Idol” 2006 runner-up Katharine McPhee makes all kinds of provocative statements in the August issue of Stuff (check out McPhee’s sultry cover shot right here). Highlights include comments about being both naughty and nice (“There’s this other side of me that’s outgoing, energetic, and wild ‘  and did really stupid things in college”); dating older men (“I love them. They’re just wiser, and they’re less about themselves and more about you.”); obsessions (“For me, with men, I will fixate on something. I’ll say, ‘I’m obsessed with your chin.’ I’ll kiss his chin and munch on it, and I think that makes people feel good.”); and settling down (“I want to have, like, 15 babies. I’ve always wanted to be pregnant. One year for Halloween, I decided to be pregnant, so I got this nun costume, and I put a big belly under it.”). Interestingly, McPhee will play a pregnant hippy in her forthcoming studio acting debut, according to The Hollywood Reporter. McPhee will appear in an untitled Columbia Pictures/ Happy Madison comedy that also features Anna Faris, Emma Stone and Rumer Willis (Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter). Faris will play a Playboy bunny who is kicked out of the Playboy Mansion and becomes the house mother to a lame sorority. Filming is scheduled to begin later this month…

Love him or hate him, Sanjaya is back for Idols Live tour

While this summer’s American Idol Live tour may be headlined by the winner of this season’s competition, Jordin Sparks, and runner-up Blake Lewis, the top drawing card may well be Sanjaya Malakar.

He was voted off the show in April, finishing seventh. But that doesn’t change the fact that Malakar was the story of “American Idol” season six.

Malakar quickly built a fanatical following on “Idol, ” especially among young girls drawn to his charismatic stage presence, boyish good looks and his full mop of hair, which was a big topic as he changed styles from episode to episode….

Make Me Heal Top Ten Hottest Celebrity Breast Implants

…Celebrities are humble these days, especially when the topic turns to plastic surgery. It is no different for one Kellie Pickler of American Idol, who got breast implants which she showed off in a return performance on American Idol in March of 2007. Since her appearance on the show, Pickler has, surprise surprise, denied having a breast augmentation. It is a good thing Pickler may have had a change of heart and has semi-admitted to have the breast implants in a televised interview. The singer has also said that she is open to having plastic surgery in the future once the signs of aging appear. …Im all for it. When Im older Im getting everything sucked, tucked and cut off, Pickler told said. We just hope that next time she wont be so quick to tell it off…

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Adam Sandler Catches McPheever

…In addition to McPhee’s turn as a peace-loving preggers sister, Stone plays the sorority president, Willis is an insecure student who chooses to don a backbrace, Dennings is a well-pierced women’s studies major and Goodman plays the flighty sister whose inability to commit to a major has kept her from graduating…


Cant sing? You can still dress like an ‹Idol
Show licenses name for clothes with music motifs aimed at girls, tweens

Your singing voice might make Simon cringe and your two left feet might not endear you to Paula, but the chance to look like an American Idol could still be in the stars.

A line of rock n roll-inspired clothing for girls and tweens hits mass-market retailers next February, with prices for the denim-based line ranging between $10 and $40 for T-shirts, jeans, dresses and vests.

FremantleMedia, producers of the hit television show American Idol ‘  which is judged by Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson ‘  penned the deal with Lyric Jeans Inc, a Los Angeles-based company known for its premium clothing adorned with iconic song lyrics, from …Revolution by The Beatles to …Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees….

Wading through Pacific’s ocean

…Actually, I’m far more interested in whether success has spoiled Chris Daughtry (Wednesday, 7 p.m., $39.50, with 12 Stones), given that his omnipresent debut is the biggest smash so far in a tremendously weak sales year. Will he come off humble yet defiantly strong in his first large-scale O.C. show, following a well-received set earlier this year at the Mouse House? Can he reproduce as robustly live what so many have taken to on record? Will I wish I was actually home when he starts to sing “Home”? …

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Taylor Hicks on track
Alabama native thinks he’ll feel at home at the Kentucky Speedway

Nothing says summer like a truck race at the Speedway accompanied by some good old-fashioned American rock and soul. Former “American Idol” star Taylor Hicks will bring his “Soul Patrol” to the track Saturday night for a gig before the Built Ford Tough 225.

Hicks, 29, who will also sing the national anthem, says he’s got no worries about taming the boisterous Speedway crowd, having spent plenty of time at the track in his native Birmingham, Ala. The gray-haired crooner, whose self-titled major-label debut was released in December, has been touring hard for most of this year. The Speedway gig is his only scheduled appearance in the area. He called us from the road and shared some of his boundless enthusiasm for scoring the gig of a lifetime…..