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American Idol Live 2007: Up Close and Musical

Friday’s kick-off to the “American Idols Live” tour at BankAtlantic Center may be my favorite of the last three seasons, even with some technical issues and whatnot. It’s funny- I had noted during the season that the Top 10 contestants, who make up the cast of the tour, left a lot to be desired. Now I know that those guys are, as a group, crazy talented.

Some things just don’t translate into TV, apparently…….

Palm Beach Post Blogs

‘Idols’ dreamy, a little steamy steamy fun

Chris Richardson may be the only one of the 10 singers on the American Idols Live tour to bear a striking resemblance to Justin Timberlake, but he wasn’t the only one bringing a little sexy to the table.

In fact, the whole enterprise, the first show of the summer tour by the Fox network’s sixth-season cast, served the BankAtlantic Center audience a markedly amped-up level of sexuality and either implied or in-your-face playful hanky-panky, something remarkable for what is usually thought of as a family show….

Palm Beach

American Idol Live 2007 Special – Meet The Idols!

Boy, this show hasn’t been on since May, and here in July we’re still writing about it. A lot. See the blog below this one and the link to the review for more stuff on the live show on Friday. But now, I’m going to let you in on the interviews I did with 7 of the 10 touring Idols before the concert, in a fancy club lounge high above the places the mortals are allowed to go at BankAtlantic. Of course, this means I had never been there before, and am surprised my memory of the place wasn’t wiped, “Men In Black” style, before going back to my rightful place among the non-special.

Speaking of special – I really liked talking to all of the kids (they’re all at least 6 years younger than me, so I can say that), and found that as good as they looked on TV, they’re even more attractive in person. This is not fair……

Palm Beach Post Blogs

Despite a few technical glitches, “American Idol Live!” audience offered ovations

The challenge for the producers of the American Idols concert tour is to recreate the excitement of the past TV season, but on a stage instead of a screen, and to condense it into a watchable evening out.

The sixth installment of “American Idols Live!” hit most of those marks on opening night, Saturday at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise. There were occasional glitches and miscues; concertgoers at later stops will surely get a tighter and more focused show. But all in all this year’s ten singing finalists – led by the 17-year-old winner, Jordin Sparks – did themselves and the Idol franchise no great disservice in their first take as a touring attraction……


Idols’ opening night a bumpy one

Given that American Idol set the bar so low this season a mole would give itself a concussion, the opening night gaffes for the tour from Sunrise’s BankAtlantic Center Friday night weren’t quite as off-putting as they might have felt at another more professional concert.

This is, after all, the top 10 performers out of more than 100, 000 who showed up for auditions and it led to . . . Sanjaya Malakar.

Strictly amateur hour….

Miami Herald

Last Night: American Idols LIve at BankAtlantic Center

…The tour, sponsored by PopTarts (no, seriously), features the top ten contestants from season six of American Idol.

The show started off with a group number, in which all ten Idols performed a spirited yet mediocre …Let Get It Started. For the remainder of the evening, the Idols took turns on the stage for solos, duets, and even full-band numbers.

The strongest singers were given the most solos, such as fourth-place Idol LaKisha Jones, who performed a stunning cover of …I Will Always Love You….

Miami New Times Blogs

Taylor Hicks performs at The Maryland Theatre

“Everybody doing good on a Sunday night?” Taylor Hicks asked the near sellout crowd at The Maryland Theatre.

“It’s Friday, ” a few hundred fans yelled back.

“I forget nights, ” the “American Idol” winner said, scratching his salt-and-pepper hair.

It would be hard to blame Hicks for forgetting what day it is, as the performer has been on the road since last fall, touring and promoting his eponymous compact disc….

Heart soul 2006
American Idol brings his infectious style to the Genesee Theatre

Taylor Hicks says he has enduring memories of being just another club musician hoping he wouldn’t have to sing in the corner of an empty bar.

“Oh yeah, I definitely played to nobody, ” he said, recalling a life not too long ago when he sang in “little coffee houses and clubs, little-bitty theaters, anywhere I could.”…

Suburban Chicago News

Katharine McPhee: “I’m So Blessed”
Former “American Idol” Contestant Talks About New CD, Career

Just a little over a year ago, Katharine McPhee was runner-up on “American Idol” and since then there’s been no stopping her.

Her debut album, titled “Katharine McPhee, ” is a smash, and the singer stopped by The Early Show in Orlando on Friday, the show’s first stop of its “Summer In The City Tour.”

McPhee tells The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm she wanted to have fun with the album…

The Showbuzz

Visit by ‘Early Show’ shines light on Orlando

…The show’s main attraction was American Idol alumna Katharine McPhee, who performed three songs. She, too, liked what she saw on her first visit to Orlando and Universal Orlando.

“Way better than the one in L.A., ” she said. “It’s really nice here.”…

Orlando Sentinel

Dave on Demand | ‘The Closer’ shows TV is best outside the box

…You want fries with that? Look, I’m sure McDonald’s knows its consumer base. But their new hip-hop commercial doesn’t put me in a Happy Meals mood.

Two white kids slump on the sidewalk near the golden arches. One repeats over and over, “I’m into McNuggets, y’all, ” while the other chants condiments: “Ketchup and mayonnaise, ketchup and mayonnaise.”

Hey, if young fast-food fans find this nonsense entertaining, maybe American Idol reject Blake Lewis could have a career in show biz after all…

Local groups make Seattle a bastion of progressive hip-hop

Every so often, fans recognize RA Scion of Common Market, one of this city’s most popular rappers, at his day job as a custodian. He has no trouble interpreting their bewildered expressions: “What are you doing taking out the trash?!”

The answer is earning decent pay and benefits for his family until his music career takes off. But given his recent appearances on stage with “American Idol” finalist Blake Lewis and Sir Mix-A-Lot, the quality of Common Market’s debut album and the buzz surrounding Seattle’s underground hip-hop scene, perhaps the fans may be forgiven for wondering….

Seattle Times

Clarkson, ‘American Idol’ take their hits

…Clarkson and Idol are inextricably linked, a symbiotic relationship that is finally showing signs of stress. That’s right: The bloom is off the rose. It’s no coincidence that Idol and Clarkson, whose new album, My December, was just released, are suffering their first setbacks at the same time.

Down goes Idol, down goes Clarkson…

Wilmington Star

Lobsters comfy in new digs

……This is a summer evening in Boston, a great venue, great weather, a great team and we have an American Idol (Ayla Brown) singing the national anthem. Is this entertainment or what?, said Uttam, who noted he spent most of his time three years ago convincing folks he wasnt in competition with local seafood eateries…

Boston Herald

Butler Settles SEC’s Elvis Lawsuit, Won’t Say If He Did It

Did the butler do it? He won’t say, though he’ll pay $66, 200 to put the case to rest, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Graham Lefford, the former butler to “American Idol” creator Robert Sillerman, agreed to settle SEC claims he made illegal stock trades after learning his boss would buy a stake in Elvis Presley’s estate, the agency said in a filing at U.S. District Court in Manhattan today. Lefford didn’t admit or deny wrongdoing under the deal, which requires a judge’s approval…..

Sanjaya lets his hair down

The start of the “American Idols Live!” tour was just a little over a week away, and Sanjaya Malakar was raring to go when he phoned in for an interview.

Whether he knew the exact date of the first show might have been another issue….

Herald Tribune

Stuff and Nonsense
On ”Hey Paula, ” while trying to explain her meltdown, Miss Abdul loads up on swag and accepts a Woman of the Year award

…..This episode picked up in the midst of the media frenzy that erupted after Paula’s loopy TV interviews before the last season of American Idol. As the word on the street spread that Paula had lost it, her crew hunkered down at Casa Abdul for some serious damage control. Sober faces abounded, and even the dogs were jittery and barking. ”It’s ruining my reputation, and that’s all I’ve got, ” clucked Paula. And it didn’t stop there. Her face started to crumble. ”I refuse to lose endorsements, ” she sniffed, as a bottle of Vitamin Water stood nearby in full support. (Maybe Paula can endorse a new flavor. How ’bout Rush Rush: pomegranate juice with a jolt of matcha green tea?) …..


…Praise festival

When: 8:30-11 p.m.

Where: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Amphitheater, 3900 Wildlife Way.

Details: Artists including Praise Apella, Jessica Ruiz and “American Idol” finalist Scott Savol will perform at “With One Voice, ” a multicultural praise festival…

Lawrence County Fair begins

…More animal projects, country recording artist Kellie Pickler, demolition derbies and a car thrill show are some of the events and activities planned for the fair…


Marcus Amphitheater: Daughtry

Maybe now’s not the time or place to speculate why the fourth-place finalist from the 2006 season of “American Idol” is playing Summerfest’s biggest stage, the Marcus Amphitheater, on Friday, July 6. Maybe Chris Daughtry (but now just Daughtry) has the musical chops to perform on the stage that has hosted Prince, Paul Simon, Tom Petty and other far more noteworthy acts over the years…..

On Milwaukee

A one-note ‘Idol’ shows shortcomings
Singing can’t mask flawed songwriting and lack of subtlety

…For all its platinum sales, his self-titled debut disc negates a lot of the assets he displayed on TV. Because he apparently hasn’t had time to work up additional material, Daughtry’s set Friday night at the Marcus Amphitheater was derived almost entirely from the one album, which meant, among other things, a very brief show, just about 65 minutes from start to finish.

Worse than the brevity, however, is the lack of nuance, subtlety, pacing, wit and craft. Whatever his merits as a singer, Daughtry is a mediocre songwriter at best. Much of “Daughtry” sounds as though he rewrote the same song six times and the original probably wouldn’t have been good enough to make the cut on one of Jon Bon Jovi’s lesser efforts…

JS Online

Tech 2.0 for Friday, July 6

…It’s a sign of the times. Album sales are down, but digital music track sales are way up. Soundscan says 229, 000, 000 albums were sold from January to July, down 15% from last year. But digital sales increased to 417, 000, 000 over the same time. The biggest album seller of the year is Chris Daughtry’s “Daughtry, ” with 1, 700, 000 units sold, while Gwen Stefani’s “Sweet Escape” has 1, 800, 000 digital sales…

Book Review
Heart Full of Soul

If you bought into Taylor Hicks’ Soul Patrol shtick, you’ll probably want to check out this memoir, which details the gray-haired American Idol winner’s struggle to be heard ‘  musically and otherwise ‘  before the show made him a household name…..

‘Idol’ factor
Rising finalist takes star quality to Vallejo

Never in Jasmine Trias’ wildest imagination did she think she would get paid for impersonating Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and BeyoncÃ… ½. But that’s the clout one gets for finishing No. 3 in “American Idol.”
Sure, winning the 2004 version of the undeniably popular TV show would have been nice. But the 20-year-old multitalented Trias isn’t complaining.

As the first Filipino-American to place so high on “Idol, ” Trias has already done commercials, TV shows, and the recent three-month stint on the Las Vegas strip…..

Times Herald Online