Idol Headlines for 06/25/09

Another ‘Idol’ Lands Dream Role

Syesha MercadoOne day she’s a nobody, the next day she’s an “American Idol, ” and then all of the sudden she’s starring in “Dreamgirls” … no, not Jennifer Hudson … Syesha Mercado.

Sources say the season seven “Idol” contestant has been cast in the upcoming international tour of “Dreamgirls” the play — landing the role of Deena Jones, who was played by Beyonce in the movie.


VIDEO: Hanging with the Idols at tour rehearsal

In two weeks, the Top 10 contestants of Season 8 of …American Idol will climb aboard buses for the final rite of an Idol passage: the 50-city concert tour set to kick off in Portland, Ore., on July 5. For the Idols, the tour represents not only a chance to play rock star before packed arenas, but the biggest paydays of their young careers, with checks reportedly over $100, 000 coming their way for the four months of labor.
But before the road, there are songs to arrange, dance moves to choreograph, wardrobes to fit, and a few last moments of peace before the storm begins anew.

LA Times

Spears creeped out over American Idol peeping tom

A documentary filmmaker accused of camouflaging herself and trespassing through the bushes of Britney Spears’ home hoping to capture the pop star on film has professed her innocence in court.

Miranda Tozier-Robbins pleaded not guilty to a charge that, if convicted, would carry a maximum of six months in jail.

Today in court, representing herself, the former American Idol hopeful stated: “I was detained at the residence, your honor. I wasn’t asked to leave.”

A pretrial hearing is scheduled for July 17, but a plea deal is expected before then.

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Stars Come Together to Support Gay Marriage Stars Come Together to Support Gay Marriage

Celebrities were on hand for a special NO H8 campaign photo shoot in North Hollywood, California on Wednesday. NO H8 was founded in order to counter Proposition 8, the exclusionary ballot initiative passed in California last November that banned same sex marriages.

Season six American Idol runner up, Blake Lewis, was eager to lend his name to the cause, and was brought to the shoot by fellow Idol’er from season four, Mikalah Gordon.

NO H8 campaign founder, Adam Bouska tells that he wanted to make a positive statement…rather than dwelling on the negative. It wasn’t long before this grassroots effort was enticing famous faces to participate.


Behind the Scenes at American Idol Auditions

Sunday night, in a hotel room in Chicago, my daughter and I watched the movie He Just Not That Into You. Somehow, this sub-par movie, about clueless people wading through adventures in relationships, became a metaphor for our own adventures about to unfold. You see, the next morning, she and I were just two of the more than 12, 000 people at the United Center for American Idol Season 9 auditions.

Weve watched all eight seasons of American Idol. When it all started, my daughter was only 9 years old and we were only fans. As time went by, the show became a cultural phenomenon and my daughter became a singer. As she developed into a more seasoned performer, people would often ask: …So, would you ever audition for American Idol? Her answer was always, …Yes, I probably will.


BRANDON GARCIA: ‘American Idol’ told me to go away … twice

They’ll never suspect. No way.

In my hand is a long notepad with a pen clipped to the cover. Beneath the pen is my business card. I’ve positioned it so that The Monitor’s bold, familiar logo can be seen from at least a few feet away.

“Chill out, ” I tell myself.

For all they knew, the American Idol Superstars Live tour was just another story I was getting paid to cover.

Little did they know I wasn’t even on the clock.

Little did they know how my obsession with getting on American Idol stripped me of my last few shreds of dignity.

The Monitor

Carly Smithson goes from ‘Idol’ to new band

Carly Smithson wants to make one thing clear: She is not the new lead singer of Evanescence.

There may be some confusion because the former “American Idol” contestant has joined forces with original Evanescence members Ben Moody, Rocky Gray and John LeCompt for the new band We Are The Fallen.

The dark-haired Irish rocker made it to the top six during season seven of “American Idol” before being eliminated.

Smithson said that since then, quite a few opportunities have come her way that were not a good fit. This new band, which also includes bassist Marty O’Brien, is perfect for her, Smithson said

Carly Smithson Gets Pulled Under

Hooray, I qualified to get a free MP3 of …Bury Me Alive, the first single from the Carly Smithson/Evanescence dudes project The Fallen! And it sounds ¦ like a big, vaguely gothy, mooky rock song, complete with chorus that a bit of a Xerox of that from that band 2003 track …Going Under. This is not a complaint’Going Under was actually one of my favorite tracks the year it came out, and it was way superior to their big hit with that vestigial tail of a …rap verse’but I figured it was worthy of mention. Smithson voice sounds in fine form, if a bit studio-massaged, and the band sounds, you know, like a band trying to get on modern-rock radio. I hope it works, because as has been mentioned before, that format is way bereft of ladies.


David Cook rocks Cain

Review: David Cook played to a standing room only crowd at Cain Ballroom on Tuesday night, where there was a warm and romantic welcome.

Moments before he was scheduled to perform, a gentleman came to the microphone. He called out to his girlfriend, who was standing in the crowd. He asked her to the front and proposed. As she said …yes, cheers filled the room.

Tulsa Today

David Cook at NOKIA Theatre Times Square on August 6th

David Cook to perform at NOKIA Theatre Times Square with special guest Green River Ordinance on August 6th.

Millions of people around the country fell in love with rock belter David Cook while watching him make other people’s songs his own week after week on the seventh season of American Idol. Cook won the competition handily thanks to viewers connecting with his rich, unfettered voice and passionately intense performances, not to mention his down-to-earth Midwestern charm. Now, with the release of his self-titled major-label debut, this gifted 25-year-old is eager to show those fans what he can do when he’s in the driver’s seat.

Former American Idol Jordin Sparks joins forces with Just Born candies of Bethlehem

A former American Idol and a candy brand from Bethlehem are heading out on the road together this summer.

Mike and Ike Candies (with its charitable partner Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer) will join youngest American Idol winner Jordin Sparks with a 53-foot tour vehicle making stops in most of her concert cities, a news release says.

Sparks is set to release an album, “Battlefield, ” on July 21 and is out on the road with the Jonas Brothers. The tour will come to Philadelphia’s Wachovia Center on July 23 and 24.

Lehigh Valley

Jordin Sparks Is Ready For ‘Battle’

There are plenty of reasons why Sparks is so happy. She’s been able to give her sophomore set more attention than her 2007 self-titled debut, which was recorded in four weeks and rushed to stores soon after the Phoenix, Az., native won “American Idol.” That album sold 1 million copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

This time, Sparks spent four months writing and recording, entering the studio in January and working with Dr. Luke, Stargate, Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic and T-Pain. “I knew I’d be able to get more involved because we had the time, ” Sparks says. “It’s an amazing feeling to put my experiences on paper, and all of a sudden it becomes a song.”

Country Fest act Kellie Pickler shares success with friends

On one hand, country crooner Kellie Pickler is like any other 22-year-old woman. Friday she was checking out her MySpace page and managing her Twitter account.

“I’m addicted to Twitter, ” she said enthusiastically by cell phone. “It’s my new favorite shoe. I love Twitter as much as I do shoes.”

On the other hand, her life has changed so much in the last four years since being a contestant on Fox TV’s “American Idol.”

Leader Telegram

SanJolly Survives Life in the Jungle

Reality TV hottest new power couple, SanJolly ‘  Sanjaya Malakar and Holly Montag from I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! ‘  survived life in the jungle with only the occasional bug bite and a little bit of indigestion. (What do you expect when your diet consists of tarantulas, intestinal milk shakes and bull testicles?!) But more importantly, they survived with their friendship still intact

OK Magazine

Lou Diamond Phillips wins Im a Celebrity 2, less shocking co-host saying, …well see you next year

After three and a half long weeks, Im a Celebrity ¦Get Me Out of Here 2 ended, and the best and most obvious choice, Lou Diamond Phillips, won the show. Keeping with the show failure to have coherent rules or structure, there was no word at all about how much money his charity received or even how much money was raised by the show through all of the requests for money. John Salley was eliminated first and Torrie Wilson came in second, if you care. …It was incredibly close, Damian Fahey said. That obvious, because when no one is voting, the margin isnt that big.

Reality Blurred

Paula Abdul Leads the Way among Celebrity Twitterers: Outdoes Britney, Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres in Celebrity Tweeterwall Contest

(PRWEB) June 25, 2009 – Paula Abdul is a force to be reckoned with as she leads the way among Celebrity Twitterers in’s latest contest. Edging past fellow celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and avid Celebrity Twitterer, Ashton Kutcher, Paula Abdul is well on her way to being crowned “Top Celebrity Twitterer” by the website, and as Tweeterwall states, immortalized for eternity in the Twitter Wall of Fame.

I truly have to thank you guys again for voting for me as best Celebrity Twitterer I am flattered and touched from all the love. Approaching 6, 000 votes, Abdul has a substantial lead over popular celebrities like Zac Efron (at nearly 1, 500 votes), Lily Allen (at nearly 800), and fellow American Idol Judge Simon Cowell (at nearly 1, 300). The voting closes soon, but Paula Abdul fans can visit the Tweeterwall website to vote for Paula and to show their support for the singer, dancer, choreographer, actress and television personality.

‘America’s Got Talent’ fails to see Susan Boyle boost

Well, so much for the SuBo effect.

The fourth season of “America’s Got Talent” bowed on NBC Tuesday night, and despite predictions from creator Simon Cowell and others that the show’s ratings would dazzle thanks to “Britain’s Got Talent” phenom Susan Boyle (“SuBo” to the British tabloids), the numbers actually dropped.

An average of 11.3 million total viewers tuned in to the two-hour premiere, according to early data from Nielsen Media Research. That was a 12% dip compared with last year’s season opener and the show’s worst-ever premiere number. Among the crucial category of adults aged 18 to 49, “America’s Got Talent” fared even worse, with a 3.2 rating/10 share that was off 14% compared with last year.

LA Times

‘So You Think You Can Dance’: Mary Murphy’s out of control, yes she is!!!

I am worried about Mary Murphy’s mental health. I’m sure she’s a nice lady, but this season in particular Mary seems to grab onto a particular annoying catchphrase that in previous seasons she had only employed to a certain extent, but this season she seems pathologically unable to let it go. Tonight it was “Yes you did!”/”No you didn’t!” repeated after each comment she made about everyone. Mary, please get help.

LA Times

‘So You Think You Can Dance’ recap: Chemistry 101

Sex is supposed to sell, am I wrong? Then why did I feel so incredibly unimpressed with last night’s SYTYCD performance night? We had a whole two hours chock-full o’ skimpy costumes, intense partner chemistry, and sexy numbers ‘  including an admittedly stellar ode to the female derrià ©re, courtesy of Mia Michaels (who ‘da thunk?).

Yet I can’t seem to muster up enough excitement about week three. I just wasn’t feeling it. Maybe it was the fact that the episode came complete with more filler than Mary’s face (thanks for that one, Mom!). Or because last night’s choreographers didn’t quite manage to deliver any toe-curling, face-crushing, jaw-dropping numbers. Or maybe some of Nigel’s initial grumpiness rubbed off on me. But then again, he had more of a reason than I did to be so cantankerous: Based on that curious windbreaker, I can only assume he had just spent an arduous day in the eye of Mexico’s Hurricane Andres.

Entertainment Weekly

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