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Interesting news from Melinda, did you know she was a buddy of Laura Bush?

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Melinda Doolittle – Good Day Live LA

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Bush to Seek Extension of AIDS Effort
President to Ask for $30 Billion to Double U.S. Contribution

…The president will also announce that first lady Laura Bush will travel to Africa in late June and visit AIDS-related services funded by the program in Zambia, Mali, Mozambique and Senegal, officials said…

Washington Post

Thank you to Kirsten

Jordin adjusting to fame

After a nationwide media tour that sent her from Los Angeles to New York City twice in one week, American Idol winner Jordin Sparks returned home to Glendale for some rest and relaxation earlier this month. Now back in Hollywood, Sparks is prepping for the AI summer concert tour which rolls through her hometown, stopping at Arena, on July 18.

For the first time since her Idol win, Sparks spoke exclusively with The Glendale Republic about criticism over her weight, her new life in the spotlight and her reunion with the other Idol contestants….


In this off-Broadway musical, Clay’s the thing

When “Idol: The Musical” hits the stage in New York next month, Clay Aiken won’t be there in person. But there will be a bust of Raleigh’s hometown “American Idol” star onstage, and someone singing “Burnin’ Hunk o’ Clay” to it.
Yes, Aiken is coming to the theatrical stage, but only as inspiration. “Idol: The Musical” is billed as a musical farce about a “delusional group of ‘Idol’ fans in search of fame.” It begins previews at New York’s off-Broadway 45th Street Theatre on July 5.

Aiken himself is not involved with the project. Janice Riley, his personal assistant in Raleigh, declined to comment….



LUCILLE Goldsborough, 82, was touched by the movie version of “The Color Purple” when she saw it back in 1985. But she was moved to the point of tears when Fantasia won “American Idol” in 2004.

So when her church, Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal in Fort Washington, Md., offered a seniors’ trip to see Fantasia on Broadway as Miss Celie in “The Color Purple, ” Goldsborough was among the first to sign up….

NY Post

Idol Sex-Harassment Suit Sent to Arbitration

Memo to prospective American Idol staffers: Read the fine print.

A California judge has ordered a lawsuit brought by a former Idol employee against the show to be decided by arbitration in accordance with the contract the man signed with producers of the Fox talent contest….


Checking in on our homegrown celebs

Maybe I’m spoiled, because one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, the late Jimmy Stewart, hailed from my hometown of Indiana, Pa. But I’ve also lived in the Tampa area a couple of decades. And while we might not be able to boast any Hollywood legends yet, it’s not like we lack for talent. And goodness knows it’s unfair that the latest celebrity to make news out of Tampa Bay – outside of Hiccup Girl, that is – was Tampa native and former American Idol finalist Jessica Sierra…..


Afternoon Fix: Celebrity Birthdays, the latest news, and more

…Chris Daughtry has seen his fair share of the limelight. As one of last year’s final American Idol contestants, Chris was seen on TV sets across the globe. Now, he and his band Daughtry have had a number one album that has currently sold over two-million copies. So what has Chris learned about the music business so far? “You never know what you’re getting into until you fully dive in and then it’s not all fun and games, it’s not all everything that people make it out to be, like it’s all just fun and glamour. There’s actual work involved and a lot of sacrifice and that’s okay though because anything worth having is worth working hard for.” Daughtry will be playing in Halifax, Nova Scotia on July 1st with Nickelback…


Hicks’ hot licks
A perusal of “American Idol” Taylor Hicks’ Web site ( makes it seem like the most fan-friendly, or maybe the star-neediest. He blogs – signing off “Later, Tay Tay” – pleads with fans to write to him (“Taylor wants your questions!”) and provides an endless jukebox of his recordings. No 800 number for votes anymore, though….

Summer on Square offers lunchtime entertainment

…Themed events start at noon featuring broadcasts on the giant video boards and a cafà ©-style setting for brown-baggers to eat lunch outside.

Weekly events include: Idol Mondays, broadcasting hilarious audition moments from the first four seasons of …American Idol…

Cleveland Jewish News

Kelly Clarkson, My December

Kelly Clarkson has made enough of a career for herself – her last album sold 11m worldwide – that she no longer needs the prefix “American Idol winner”. This has given her the authority to dictate the shape of her third album, and she has opted for rock. That’s not rock as in “ROCK”, obviously, but the wipe-clean kind that begs your pardon for making noise…

Guardian UK

Soul food for thought

Feted by everyone from Kanye West to Paul McCartney, John Legend could easily rest on his laurels. But the cerebral singer/producer tells Angus Batey he’s not ready to let up until he is truly taking care of business

…One Grammy was for the song Ordinary People, which has achieved the ultimate in widespread, sublime-to-ridiculous approval. Everyone from Paul McCartney to Stevie Wonder has told Legend how fine a piece of songwriting they think it is, yet with its accessible register and deceptive simplicity, it has also become a staple of American Idol auditions. “It’s right in that sweet spot of songs that everybody thinks they can sing, so they all try, ” he laughs. “But it doesn’t matter to me if it’s bad – it’s flattering every time.”…

Guardian UK

Junior high student makes melodious history

…Cami has been influenced by favorite singers Nicole C. Mullen, Carrie Underwood, and Kelly Clarkson, the latter two who are of …American Idol fame. She already planning to audition for the hit show ninth season, which takes place when she will be old enough to meet the program age minimum of 16.

Mayberry said she thinks Cami has what it takes to someday be an American Idol…

How To Sell Products And Avoid Kids At The Same Time

…A Kaiser official suggests, for example, no lewd ads during …American Idol ‘  which Kaiser seems to feel is a kids show.

Well, …Idol isnt a kid show ‘  it a show for everybody. All demographic groups watch …Idol, the highest-rated overall network TV show. Look at the numbers.

Unless a show is on a narrowly-targeted network, such as Nickelodeon or MTV, most on broadcast are going to have a variety of commercials. That why they still call it broadcasting. Demographics groups ‘  18-49, 12-24, 25-54 ‘  still cover a sizable range of ages…

MediaPost Blogs

Nunavut hockey star introduces American Idol girlfriend to family

Rankin Inlet has been abuzz this week with sightings of a celebrity couple ‘  hometown hockey hero Jordin Tootoo and his girlfriend, American Idol finalist Kellie Pickler.

The NHL player has been dating the country singer since January and has brought her home to Nunavut to meet his family….

….Pickler has never been to Canada before. She was earlier quoted as saying she was hoping to build an igloo on her visit. That didn’t pan out, but the Tootoo family is making sure she goes home with her share of truly northern experiences, like fishing and sampling local food….

Kelly Clarkson — Desperate to Breakaway

Kelly Clarkson just can’t catch a frickin’ break these days.

The singer, who just canceled her concert tour over low ticket sales, had the misfortune of getting locked out of her car last night just as she was engulfed by a paparazzi storm. Damn childproof locks!…….

Former ‘Idol’ finalist Sanjaya Malakar thinks judges “gave up” on him

Sanjaya Malakar may not have taken on the entire world as one of American Idol’s sixth-season finalists, but the 17-year-old Federal Way, WA-native apparently believes he at least had to overcome the Fox mega-hit’s three judges to make it where he did…

Reality TV

Cool stuff to do in the coming days

July 4
IDOLS AT THE SPRINGS: Silver Springs will celebrate Independence Day with American dreams – or runners-up to such dreams. “American Idol” finalists Justin Guarini, Anthony Fedorov and Melissa McGhee will perform at the nature park that day. There also will be strolling entertainers. The park’s Independence Day Celebration will conclude with fireworks. The party is included in regular park admission:


Good goth!

Kelly Clarkson turns moody

My December

Will America accept an apple-cheeked Idol as a snarling goth girl?

Kelly Clarkson is about to find out in a decisive way. And, apparently, she can’t wait.

Yesterday she, and her record company, leaked the entire contents of her uber-controversial, and far darker, new album, “My December, ” to You can’t download it, but you can stream every second of it until Tuesday, when the album hits those ancient things called stores……..

NY Daily News

In the comfort zone: What ‘American Idol’ says about society

Jordin Sparks is the sixth American Idol. Stand back and pretend to gasp.

On May 23, “Idol” host Ryan Seacrest crowned the tearful Sparks, who gave another rendition of the sickeningly appropriate song “This Is My Now.” The 17-year-old Arizona beauty won the hearts of millions and became the youngest idol yet, through her big voice, charming smile and glory-note ballads.

You know, just like how every other American Idol won…


Thin pickin’ and Katie’s all cut up

…Kelly Clarkson has revealed that she was bulimic in high school. Wait, let me get this straight. She used to throw up, but was able to keep her food down AFTER she met Ryan Seacrest?

I find it interesting that Kelly’s eating disorder confession comes immediately after she received bad reviews for her latest song, fired her manager, fought with her label and canceled her summer tour because no one bought tickets. I’m NOT saying that it’s not true – we all know that no “American Idol” contestant would ever lie about their past – I’m just saying that the timing seems a bit … coincidental…

NY Daily News

Country USA crowd waits to see their ‘Idol’

Fans stake out seats early to see Carrie Underwood

Christine Young estimates that she ate about 8, 000 calories Thursday night.

Young, 20, had cheese curds, pizza on a stick and funnel cake, about six hours worth of food and the amount of time she sat on the grass waiting for Carrie Underwood to take the stage.

“We drove six hours to get here yesterday, ” the Minnesota native said. “And I just want to see Carrie.” ….

Appleton Post

The Hot List
Our picks of the week’s top events

Saturday, June 23

Former “American Idol” crooner George Huff will be at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Saturday, June 23 as part of the amusement park’s annual Gospel Fest at 6 p.m. Park patrons can also kick back to performances by Grammy winners Hezekiah Walker and Israel Haughton and New Breed…