Idol Headlines for 05/18/12

Jennifer Lopez tweets, “There is no truth to reports that say I am definitely leaving Idol. All I said was I haven’t decided what I am doing next year. When I know for sure what I’m doing I will let the #LOVE!RS know!”

Nigel Lythgoe Addresses Future of ‘American Idol,’ With or Without Jennifer Lopez – f it were up to Lythgoe, Lopez, who recently told Ellen Degeneres “I miss doing other things,” would continue on for at least another year. “When you’ve got the most beautiful judge in the world — an artist who speaks from the heart and with meaning, why lose that?,” he says. “And why go through a training period every year?” Still, he admits, “It might come down to that in the end.” But that’s not to say that Lythgoe is opposed to a judge revamp, if the situation calls for it. In the past, he’s told THR that getting a rotating panel of credible artists who happen to be between album and tour cycles (think: John Mayer) is not a completely radical idea. “Maybe the stars have got to move on and you could do revolving, musical chairs, if you excuse The Voice pun,” he cracks. – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

American Idol Top 3 – Constantine Maroulis’ Unofficial Idol Forum

Chart Watch Extra: Did Jimmy Doom Joshua? – I’m sure that Jimmy Iovine tried to be fair and even-handed in selecting songs for the top three contestants on American Idol, but his choice for Joshua Ledet, the Mary J. Blige hit “No More Drama,” put Ledet at a disadvantage. It’s not that “No More Drama” isn’t a great song. It’s that it’s not as well-known to a broad TV audience as the songs that Iovine chose for the other two contestants. – Read more at

American Idol Backstage Scoop: Is Jennifer Lopez Leaving? Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson Talk Future of Judges’ Panel – Joshua seemed to be taking the elimination pretty hard after the show as we witnessed him openly crying and producer Nigel Lythgoe patting his back and telling him, “Chin up! Chin up!” When we caught up with Joshua after the show, he had collected himself and told us the tears came from everyone else crying and that he was genuinely happy for Jessica Sanchez and Phillip. “I don’t think I was upset about [being eliminated] because I was super happy for Jessica and Phillip,” he said. “I was definitely not upset. I felt relieved a lot of the pressure was off of me and I feel really good. I’m not going to say I was surprised [by my elimination] because Jessica and Phillip are amazing and have huge fan bases and they deserve it. I don’t think I would have cried but when people come up to you and try to comfort you and hugging you then the tears start coming.” – Read more at EOnline

Adam Lambert Weighs In On The American Idol Finalists

After his “American Idol” performance, Adam Lambert talks’s Laura Saltman about the incredible impact that disco diva Donna Summer had on music. Also, he weighs in on the two “Idol” finalists, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips.

Adam Lambert Offers Advice For Phillip & Jessica, Coyly Hints at ‘Idol’ Finale Prediction – Adam revealed that he’d undergone a bit of a change of heart regarding Phillip Phillips. “I think Phillip has something too. In the last couple weeks, he’s really proven himself,” said Adam. “I was on the fence earlier, but there have been a few performances of his that have been so sophisticated lately, and just so nuanced and tender, and that takes a lot of skill…I wouldn’t have been as diplomatic two or three weeks ago, but at this point, I think they’ve all earned their spot.” Does Adam think Jessica can win? Adam played coy with his read-between-the-lines answer, replying: “It depends on what kind of music you listen to, musical genres…Although, what’s the type of genre that always wins every year? I’m not going to say it, but I’m asking the rhetorical question. Like, what usually wins? So…” – See the Video at Yahoo Music

Carrie Underwood talks to ET Canada about her album and building her dream family HERE. Watch preview clips from Oprah’s interview with Carrie and her husband Mike Fisher HERE. The full interview will air on Oprah’s Next Chapter Sunday, May 20, at 9/8c on OWN.

ABC’s ‘Duets’: Kelly Clarkson And Robin Thicke On Their New Show And Dream Duet Partners – Duets” star Kelly Clarkson will help make dreams come true on her new ABC series when she sings with contestants, but she’s already had her dream duet. “It was Reba!” Clarkson told The Huffington Post on the red carpet for the ABC/EW party. Clarkson and country superstar Reba McEntire are both headlining shows on ABC. “Yeah, we’re like family. Not label-mates, but network-mates — it’s awesome,” she said. – Read more at the Huffington Post

What Do ‘Duets’ Partners Think of Their Mentors? – Kelly Clarkson, who won American Idol’s first season in 2002, revealed that she decided to join the show when she heard that she would be performing collaborations with the aspiring singers. “When you see awards show, all the collaborations are really everybody’s favorite part,” Clarkson said. “That’s all this show is: just giant collaborations left and right.” Clarkson’s duet partner Jordan Meredith maintained that her professional mentor likes to keep the mood laidback and comfortable for her and Clarkson’s other partner Jason Farol. “I try and do what I hope people would do with me,” Clarkson said of her mentoring. “But I can be kind of pushy.” – Watch the video at Entertainment Tonight

Watch: ‘American Idol’s’ Kris Allen get personal on ‘Thank You Camellia’ – “American Idol’s” season eight winner Kris Allen returns with his sophomore set, “Thank You Camellia” on Tuesday, May 21. The album is chockful of tunes the singer/songwriter crafted about his journey, with many of them expressing the optimism contained in first single “The Vision of Love.”  (see his thoughts about that song here) – Read more at HitFIX

More favorites of Randy Jackson – What does Randy Jackson love about American Idol? “Out of thousands, we chose them and look at how far they’ve come,” says the lone, original ‘Idol’ judge, 55. “It’s proof [that] what we set out to do on the show works: To find some superstar talent.” Read on for more of Jackson’s favorite, available only online. – Read more at USA Weekend

Gloria Estefan Talks Glee Finale Visit, Supporting ‘Brittana’ and Having It Out With [Spoiler] – TVLINE | What is Maribel and Santana’s relationship like? We haven’t met her before — has she been away? The tradition with Glee is almost Snoopy-like with no parents around, but they’ve been sneaking them in little by little. The way Ryan and I imagine Maribel is that she had the musical talent, but she put her life on hold because she got pregnant and probably helped put her husband through med school. Since Santana’s tough-cookie grandma was probably rough on Maribel — maybe even instrumental in making her decide against going after her music career — it makes Maribel want to see Santana to really fly and be successful. Plus, since she couldn’t go to college, it makes her want to see her daughter go to school even more. – Read more at TV Line

Britney Spears Calls ‘X Factor’ A ‘Beautiful Concept’ – “Just really being able to be there and inspire the other contestants … they’re so young and they’re trying to fulfill their dreams,” she said at the event. “It’s just a whole beautiful concept. It’s just really cool.” Spears seemed equally taken with the prickly Brit. “He’s adorable. He’s completely adorable. He didn’t have to try hard,” she admitted. – See the Video at MTV

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