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How American Idol pimps contestants, and why that, and conspiracy theories, often fail

Had I written it this week, I would have separated judges comments to the media as an entire category of its own, since Simon Cowell is running around telling whoever will listen that Adam should win. Besides basically asking viewers to vote for Adam, and a few weeks ago, said at a press conference …I would put my money on Adam and Danny, although he qualified that saying …it is going to be Adam and somebody. Early this season, Simon also predicted a male winner, and all of the women were voted out.

There been a lot of attention given to the Adam-pimping beyond Simon comments, like the way Adam is given the final pimp slot to close out the show frequently. So does all of this basically mean Adam is heading to an easy victory? The answer is hells no; just ask Danny Gokey, who was also a presumed finalist.

Reality Blurred

Is a backlash brewing against American Idol’s Adam Lambert?

For three straight weeks, American Idol producers give Adam Lambert the final performance slot on Tuesday’s shows. Simon Cowell tells Oprah Winfrey he thinks Adam will win the competition, then more or less instructs the Idol audience to vote for him. On Wednesday, Katy Perry wears a cape with “Adam Lambert” emblazoned in red on the back.

Hey, guys, I think we get the hint.

Adam Lambert Hat But American Idol viewers have a long history of loving underdogs. And, while they usually side with whatever Simon says, past a certain point they don’t really like being told what to do. And I’m starting to wonder — and, judging by several of your comments since Tuesday night, so do you — that the Idol producers have been so ham-fisted in trying to exert influence over the voters this season that their efforts just might backfire.

USA Today

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Carrie Underwood Returns to American Idol

Carrie Underwood returns to American Idol on Tuesday (May 19) to perform this year’s Idol farewell song, “Home Sweet Home.” The two-part season finale takes place Tuesday and Wednesday (May 20) as the winner is determined between finalists Adam Lambert, 27, of San Diego, Calif., and Kris Allen, 23, of Conway, Ark. Underwood won the competition during its fourth season. Her version of the Mà ¶tley Crà ¼e song, “Home Sweet Home, ” has aired on American Idol this season as the goodbye theme for contestants leaving the show. Underwood, her record company and iTunes are donating a portion of the sales proceeds of the “Home Sweet Home” digital single to the Humane Society of the United States. The donations will be used directly for programs that help companion animals, including spaying and neutering services and the rescue and shelter of animal victims of puppy mills and disasters.


Does ‹American Idol want an artist, or a star?

Adam Lambert and Kris Allen could not be more different. Their musical styles and strengths dont mesh and their personalities are opposites. But they share a skill that explains why theyre the two singers competing in the …American Idol finale.

They listen.

The judges made it very clear what they were looking for in season eight; performers who could take a song and make it their own. While other singers took that advice from time to time, no singers took the message to heart more than Adam and Kris.


American Idol: Victory Over the Dan

Have you ever had an angel burp on you? Ever felt the soothing hand of God as He gives you a purple nurple? If not, then you didn’t watch American Idol last night.

The joy’ the sheer manic ecstasy and catharsis’ of watching this listless megaship was this: Danny Gokey went home.

Do you know what that means, America?


Idol’s Danny Gokey Now Owns Over 50 Pairs of Glasses!

Ousted American Idol contestant Danny Gokey may not have landed a record deal as a result of being on the hit Fox show.

But he has gotten his share of specs.

“I started in the beginning with 15, but I have about 50 or more!” he said in a conference call Thursday. “Glasses have rained from the sky! I want to start a Danny line – or a Gokey line – one of these days.”

US Magazine

Adam Lambert Way Ahead Of Kris Allen In eBay Memorabilia

In April, back when Lil Rounds, Anoop Desai and Matt Giraud were still in the running (remember them?), and before Allison Iraheta and Danny Gokey were booted, we took our annual look at the traffic in “American Idol”-related merchandise on eBay.

At the time, Adam Lambert was smashing the competition, with more than 340 items for sale, versus the modest tally of 39 Kris Allen-associated knickknacks. Well, now that the Allbert showdown is set for next week, we thought we’d take another look to see who has the all-important lead in this traditionally predictive (if totally unscientific) survey of fandemonium.


Showy and fearless, Lambert inspires passion in his fans

Her 3-year-old son in bed, confirmed Adam Lambert fanatic Sue Murrell, 35, was glued to her DVR, watching “American Idol.” She was glued also to her computer, chatting with members of the pro-Lambert Facebook group she founded. And to her phone, too, where she voted for Lambert at least 100 times in two hours.

“My husband thinks I’m totally nuts, ” says the Illinois mom who works as an office manager for a moving company.

Perhaps, but millions are like Murrell, whose passions have been inspired by the unabashedly campy, over-the-top Lambert, with black nail polish, “guyliner, ” and a jet-black asymmetrical mop of hair that has no place in the natural world.

Associated Press

Idol Talk: The Third Place Curse?

The duel. The face-off. The toe-to-toe, mano a mano singfest. “American Idol” is finally down to two. But before we leave Top 3 week behind, let’s examine the lore of the Third Place Curse.

Coming in second isn’t the bummer as it used to be. While the runner-up isn’t an understudy who steps up in the event of laryngitis or rehab, more than a handful have gotten decent stage work and sitcom guest roles (Idolheaded blog has an impressive round-up of almost-rans through 2006).

Visits from Chris Daughtry (season 5, 4th place) reminded audiences (and competitors) that winning isn’t everything. And Jason Castro, who got the boot in Top 4 week last year, signed on to big-name Atlantic Records.

‘American Idol’ Third-Place Finishers Give Clues To Danny Gokey’s Future

If you’re a Danny Gokey groupie, there are two ways to look at Wednesday night’s “American Idol” results show, during which the 29-year-old singer was ousted from the competition: Weep for lost opportunity, or applaud Gokes for a job well sung and look forward to his career as a recording artist.

And just what sort of career will he have? Last week we took a look back at “Idol” fourth-place finishers, like Chris Daughtry and Josh Gracin, for clues about how 17-year-old Allison Iraheta might fare in years to come. Now we turn our attention to the #3 bootees, whose post-“Idol” careers are considerably less impressive than the #4 losers. Will Gokey fade away or break the mold?


American Idol Shocker: Danny Boy, Your Fans Weren’t Calling

He showed up on the second American Idol telecast of the season with the repeated promise that we wouldn’t want to miss his story, and leaves Idol in the next-to-last week of the season as one of its more surprising late ousters ever.

Danny Gokey had been seen as a likely finalist for so long, by both judges (Paula Abdul told him he would be in the finals as far back as the final thirteen) and detractors, that it is a bit of a shock to see him leave now, even though his body of work certainly merited it. He had struck a chord with fans moved by his perseverance after the death of his wife last summer, and his overt embrace of religious faith didn’t hurt either. His continuing strength in the vote (he was never announced in the bottom group, at least not through the round of five) even as his performances were rarely better than workmanlike made it appear he was bulletproof. And the judges and producers seemed dead set on pushing their set-in-January Good vs. Evil/Danny vs. Adam Lambert storyline, often treating the other contestants as little more than extras.

Danny Gokey finally free to become Milwaukee’s most famous Christian rocker

Anybody who cares likely already knows that Milwaukee native Danny Gokey was voted off American Idol last night, ending our city time in the reality TV show spotlight. It was wild ride that culminated in a 12-hour photo op Friday that mesmerized the Milwaukee media and our local cougar population. Alas, all good things must come to an end, and Milwaukeeans must now wean themselves off the sweet nectar of fame by very, very, very loose association.


“Idol” judge Paula Abdul back on singles chart

NEW YORK (Billboard) – Twenty years ago this week, Paula Abdul scored her second No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart with “Forever Your Girl.” (Her first, “Straight Up, ” held on for a final round at No. 90).

Fast-forwarding to the present, only one artist on that chart appears this week: the evergreen Abdul, who bows at No. 87 with “I’m Just Here for the Music.”

After the act’s “Idol” performance, Daughtry’s self-titled debut album surged to No. 50 from No. 177 on the Billboard 200. Now in its 129th chart week, the set scores its highest ranking in eight months.

Daughtry Debuts High On Hot 100

Daughtry debuts at No. 15 with “No Surprise, ” the week’s highest debut on the Hot 100. Spurred by a May 6 “American Idol” performance and a subsequent download count of 106, 000, it’s Daughtry’s best debut on the chart.

Exclusive: On location with Daughtry

Chris Daughtry apologizes for his appearance. Although it’s not visible and we thought it would be rude to check for ourselves, Daughtry says he’s feeling a little grimy because he’s covered in both sunscreen and a fine layer of dirt. The sticky combo plan comes from shooting the video for “No Surprise” in a quarry pit in Irwindale, about 30 miles east of Los Angeles under a brutal, unforgiving sun with no cover.

The rock quarry is in operation, so Daughtry and his bandmates gather round with the cast and crew to receive a safety briefing from the quarry foreman, who, himself, looks straight out of central casting. We’re told to, for God’s sake, smoke nowhere near the many oxygen canisters and to tread lightly in certain areas. There are steel beams at 45 degree angles criss crossing for several stories high. The scene resembles a cross between the moon, some kind of modern sculpture and the opening of “Casino Royale” where the Daniel Craig-era James Bond is fighting one of the bad guys and jumping from beam to beam.

Two Davids conquer the Philippines without fear

IF Goliath were alive today, two stones will surely hit him on the head and hed be twice dead.

Then again, no need for him to die like that nowadays because the two most famous Davids — surnamed Cook and Archuleta — whose impact to most people worldwide is near idolatry, are nothing but harmless and charming singers.

They are the top winners in the seventh season of …American Idol, which is watched by billions worldwide. In this much-imitated reality TV show, Cook was the grand winner last year while Archuleta was the closest runner-up.

And they are here in the Philippines to conquer the hearts of millions of Filipino fans with a one-night-only concert at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds on May 16, which is a Saturday night.

Business Mirror

David Cook dared to eat ‹balut

MANILA, Philippines’ Thousands of Filipino fans are in for twice the fun this Saturday, as Season 7 American Idol winner David Cook rocks it out again with his runner-up David Archuleta, just a year since they won in the highly coveted singing competition.

Ironically, the Davids were surprised they created a sensation, with at least a thousand concert tickets sold (and still selling)’ and the VIP section sold-out in one of the major ticketing firms.

Showbiz and Style

David Archuleta overwhelmed by warm welcome

American Idol season 7 runner-up David Archuleta, overwhelmed by the warm welcome given by Filipino fans, promised to give a good show with AI winner David Cook this Saturday at the SM Mall of Asia concert grounds. Video by production specialist Janie Octia.

Reality of Charles Barkley’s golf swing: There’s still a ways to go

Singer Taylor Hicks, who played in Barkley’s group, turned away to hide his laughter after one Barkley swing. Hicks watches Barkley’s show, which concludes May 25, and thought his swing would have improved more by now.

“That’s got to be the worst hitch I’ve ever seen in my whole life in golf, ” Hicks said. “That’s taken decades (to get that way), not years. I guess if there’s anyone who can create enough power on his backswing to stop mid-swing, it’s Charles Barkley. He makes up for it with jokes.”

Catching up with LaKisha Jones

…American Idol Season 6 fourth-place finalist LaKisha Jones is releasing her debut album, …So Glad Im Me, on Monday. It’s made up of 12 R&B-style songs with a definite positive vibe, including …Let Go Celebrate (the first single) and …Beautiful Girl, a song for her 6-year-old daughter, Brionne, as well as a cover of Whitney Houston …You Give Good Love.

Jones says fans …can expect to see a different side of LaKisha than they saw on ‘Idol.’ Of course, everybody used to me singing the ballads. This album is more adult contemporary, more urban. It does have an inspirational song on it also, so theyll get to see another side.

LA Times

Simon Cowell’s Softer Side

Every Tuesday night, I grab a comfy couch, flip on American Idol, proceed to squeal and shout comments at the screen for the next hour, and then dial in incessantly to vote for my fave.

On the show, judge Simon Cowell is known for being a little harsh when he gives the contestants a dose of the hard truth, but in reality he is full of compassion, especially when it comes to animals. Not only has he lent his celebrity to important campaigns in the past (like when he recorded a video message to remind people not to leave dogs in hot cars or when he has spoken out about the importance of spaying and neutering (and against fur), but now he’s taken the time to sit down and chat with us about everything from his thoughts on Michael Vick to Obama’s new White House pup, and much more. Check it out below and let us know what you think!



Auditions Also Set for Atlanta, Los Angeles and Salt Lake City

The original dance show, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, announces audition cities and dates for the series’ sensational sixth season. Auditions for Season Six will begin Thursday, May 28 in Boston, and producers will continue their search for America’s Favorite Dancer Monday, June 1 in Atlanta; Friday, June 12 in Los Angeles; and Friday, July 24 in Salt Lake City. Additional cities and venue details will be announced soon. A

Auditions for the sixth season of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE will be held as follows:

Futon Critic

Q&A with So You Think You Can Dance judge Mary Murphy

The fifth season of So You Think You Can Dance premieres May 21, and you know what that means: Mary Murphy is back, and so are her high-pitched screams. The endlessly excitable dance judge is up to her ears in So You Think You Can Dance, preparing for the new American season and sitting in at auditions for the upcoming second season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada – and the more dancers Murphy sees, the harder it is to impress her.

Still, she never wants to see anyone fail, which is why – in between her screams and laughing fits – the Queen of Scream gave us some pointers as to what she and the other judges are looking for in a dance champion and what terrible mistakes to avoid.

Theo Tams anything but idle since Canadian win

Last year’s Canadian Idol winner can’t bear to tune into the current season of American Idol.

“I have not watched one episode, ” Theo Tams said. “It’s so hard for me to watch the show now. It stresses me out. I just remember how hard it was to stay composed. I’m so glad my ride is over.”

With his debut album, Give It All Away, being released May 19, one could argue though that Tams’ ride is only just beginning.

Since winning the national talent competition last September, Tams strayed from the usual Idol path of pushing out a record within a few months and opted instead to take his time co-writing and recording. The resulting product is one he’s proud of.

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