Idol Headlines for 04/24/09

Is Paula being voted off?

Despite repeated denials by the official spokesfolks for ”American Idol, ” a longtime staff member says there are increasing indications this will be Paula Abdul’s final season on the immensely popular TV talent competition.

”They want her off the show, ” insisted the source. ”Everyone’s tired of her bizarre and always unpredictable behavior and temper tantrums.”

Rumors about problems with Abdul have surfaced fairly regularly over the past few years. When Kara DioGuardi was added to the judging panel last year, the show’s producers went to great lengths to deny speculation the composer and music producer had been hired with Abdul’s exit in mind.

Chicago Sun Times

‘American Idol’ In 60 Seconds

This week, contestants picked songs from the disco era, and America picked Anoop and Lil Rounds to go home. (4.23.09)


Idol Riches

When Ryan Seacrest asks viewers to vote during the season finale of Fox American Idol this month, the winner tally could rival Barack Obama 67 million in the presidential election. (Last year Idol winner, David Cook, amassed 54.5 million votes out of 97 million cast.) No other entertainment property on the globe has that kind of pull. …It a community-engaging activity, says branding expert Martin Lindstrom. …Everyone feels they have a say in it. But every brand has its peak. Since its 2002 launch, the singing contest has slipped in the ratings: The 2009 season premiere was down 10 percent compared with last year. The show producers are pulling out all the stops to keep it fresh’ adding a fourth judge, a wild-card round, and double elimination. Still, American Idol is doing its part to keep the not-so-idolized economy afloat. We talked to industry experts to come up with an estimate of just how much money the show has generated in its eight seasons.

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Is Kris Allen This Year’s ‘American Idol’ Dark Horse?

Think of Kris Allen as the tortoise to Adam Lambert’s hare. Musical-theater veteran Lambert is the unabashed front-runner in the race for the “American Idol” prize this year ‘  the subject of fawning attention from the judges, the audience and eBay entrepreneurs. But week after week, Allen has slowly but surely been turning in solid, well-received performances, such as Tuesday’s reinterpretation of the disco classic “She Works Hard for the Money.”

Could the soft-spoken worship leader from Conway, Arkansas, possibly pull an upset in a season that has often felt like a bullet train barreling toward a showdown between Lambert’s bombastic theatricality and Danny Gokey’s gospel-splashed sincerity?


Adam Lambert’s Early Theater Years Give Him ‘American Idol’ Edge

There’s a really good reason why Adam Lambert looks so comfortable on the “American Idol” stage: He’s been there almost his entire life.

Not the actual “Idol” stage, but ones like it. The 28-year-old began his theater career at the Children’s Theatre Network (now known as the Metropolitan Educational Theatre, or MET2) in his hometown of San Diego when he was just 8-years-old.


Ann Powers: More on Adam, disco and stereotyping

Judging by most of the comments responding to Wednesday’s post about Adam Lambert’s avoidance of disco on Disco Night, a good chunk of “Idol” fans resent the implication that the glamorous front-runner should conform to any kind of groupthink — whether determined by sexuality, subculture, or musical passions. I agree: I did not mean to suggest that Lambert has to stand up for any community. I like his individualism, and the matter-of-fact way his every move says, “I’m comfortable in my own skin.” Lambert is not a role model or a representative, though I do think he came from somewhere specific — and it’s a pretty interesting scene, that home base of his.

LA Times

Anoop Desai: ‘I Wasn’t Surprised to Be In the Bottom Three’

It was a judges’ save that brought Anoop Desai into American Idol’s top 13, and it was a judges’ save (of Matt Giraud) that ultimately took him out. The second victim in Tuesday night’s double-elimination talks about his parents, his facial hair, and his faith in voters.

Entertainment Weekly

PETA approaches Anoop Desai for new campaign

New Delhi, April 23 (IANS) Animal rights organisation People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India has approached the recently voted outAmerican Idol contestant Anoop Desai to join hands with them for a cause.

The Indian chapter of the US-based organisation wrote a letter to Desai Wednesday asking him to appear in a video supporting its Animal Birth Control (ABC) campaign to …implement humane methods of controlling companion animal populations in slums in India.

Sindh Today

American Idol’s Giraud has local roots

Every Tuesday and Wednesday evening, singers from across the country take a deep breath and walk out on the nationally-aired American Idol stage. Their only hope is to earn enough votes to stay for one more week and a chance to become the next big recording artist.

Meanwhile, the only hope for their families is to recruit as much support as possible to see their loved ones succeed. One such local family is experiencing the excitement through singer Matt Giraud.

Giraud tried out for Season 8 of the Fox television program in Louisville, where he was accepted and sent to Hollywood for further auditioning.

Ypsilanti Courier

American Idol’s Rickey Minor: Lil Rounds’ rehearsals were “jaw-dropping”

American Idol music director Rickey Minor said that even though Lil Rounds got lambasted by the judges Tuesday night for her performance of Chaka Khan Im Every Woman, she was impressing people with the song during rehearsals before she lost her voice.

…That song a hard song to really change, who speaks with co-host Jillian Reynolds every week for the “Rickey Review” segment of American Idol Extra (Thursdays, 7 and 10 p.m. ET/PT, Fox Reality Channel). …I think it really fit who she is as an artist ‘ a soul/R&B singer. She really thought this would be a great song to do ‘ straight-up, just sing the song and have a good time with it.

USA Today

‘Idol, ‘ nonprofit make young girl’s dreams come true

CHAMPAIGN ‘ Every Tuesday and Wednesday night, 10-year-old Elena Vinton’s eyes are glued to the television set, watching her favorite singers perform on “American Idol.”

Earlier this month, Elena got an even better view of the show: tickets to see the show in person with her family.

A Florida-based nonprofit organization arranged for the dream trip after it found out the Champaign girl has congenital myotonic muscular dystrophy, an illness that weakens muscles that control swallowing and breathing and weakens a person’s arms and legs.

For many on ‹Idol, the church came first

Despite the biblical Second Commandment against creating idols, the faithful flock to become the next one on …American Idol.

Singers who honed their skills Sunday mornings are dominating the show in 2009. Four of the remaining seven contestants came out of churches. They include a favorite, Danny Gokey, and Kris Allen, both church worship leaders. Matt Giraud has released two Christian music CDs; and Lil Rounds has said she …grew up in church.

Two contestants bounced recently, Michael Sarver and Scott McIntyre, were also church singers.

Access Atlanta

‹American Idol Gospel Music Channel Documentary Proves: Watching Yourself On TV Is Weird

You might recall my blog post earlier this month about a trip I took down to Atlanta to be interviewed for a show called …From Idol to Inspiration, a one-hour documentary on the …Idol/religion connection that aired tonight on the Gospel Music Channel before the Dove Awards.

I like to think that the show was inspired by a series of stories I did back in early March about how this year …Idol finalist pool is stacked with singers with connections to the church. Nobody confirmed that for me down in Atlanta, but Im going to go ahead and assume that I got the ball rolling. Now, as a person who spends 12 to 14 hours a day writing stories in the solitude of a pop-culture bunker in an undisclosed location, mine is a voice you rarely, if ever, hear, and you definitely never see me in living color. And that the way I like it.


Do ‘American Idol’ voters discriminate against minorities, gays?

“American Idol” is many things. Off the top of my head, I can think of about two dozen adjectives, both positive and negative (well, mainly negative) to describe the program. Bigoted, though?

We run a live blog of each “American Idol” show and there was some interesting commentary last night upon the elimination of Lil Rounds (African-American) and Anoop Desai (Indian-American).”American Idol” is many things. Off the top of my head, I can think of about two dozen adjectives, both positive and negative (well, mainly negative) to describe the program. Bigoted, though?

We run a live blog of each “American Idol” show and there was some interesting commentary last night upon the elimination of Lil Rounds (African-American) and Anoop Desai (Indian-American).

American Idol Odds Have Adam Lambert Huge Favorite

Adam Lambert may have sealed his chances of getting into the American Idol final after this past week’s performance. Oddsmakers at have responded by making Lambert a -400 favorite to become the next American Idol. One would have to bet $4 to win $1 (the initial $4 is returned if Lambert wins).

Gambling 911

SunFest headliner David Cook not just an ‘American Idol’ star

In choosing band mates for a U.S. tour, rock singer and current American Idol David Cook settled on a symbolic pair of guitar players.

Yes, there were practical reasons to tap six-stringers Neal Tiemann and Andy Skib: Cook, who performs on May 2 at SunFest in West Palm Beach, had been in working bands with both guitarists before he ever tackled American Idol.

“I knew that I could travel with them and play music with them, ” Cook said in a telephone interview.

But renewing ties with old mates also put Tulsa, Okla., resident Cook, 26, in closer touch with something else: the past experience as a touring, recording musician that he brought to his run on television.

David Cook Plays Surprise High School Concert

BLUE SPRINGS, MO. – When students at Blue Springs South High School got up Thursday morning, they had no idea they were going to a rock concert.

David Cook, who attended Blue Springs South, wanted to do something for his alma mater. So, he planned a little surprise.

The students were huddled into an auditorium. The stage was set. A white sheet covered a silhouette of the singer and no one said anything. All of a sudden, the sheet dropped and David just started playing.

David Cook Puts On Personal Show For Hometown Concert

KANSAS CITY, MO – David Cook knows his fans are the ones who got him to where he is today. Literally, if thousands of Word Nerds and Cookies hadn’t called into American Idol every night, the reigning champ might still be working behind the bar in his college town. And on Wednesday night at the Ameristar Star Pavillion, Cook put on a show for his most devout fans and followers from his hometown.

While Cook made no mention of American Idol, “Vote for David Cook” and “Hometown Idol” t-shirts were worn by many of the fans, who all somehow knew each other. Almost every other conversation in the venue started out with a fan identifying themselves as their online handle from the David Cook message boards and forums, and then saying how great it was to finally meet their Cook colleagues in person.

David Cook comes home to a warm reception

The last time David Cook performed in his hometown was in August to a sold-out Sprint Center. The time before that was in May, when he pulled about 7, 000 people to the Power & Light District during Season 7 of …American Idol. Cook won that …Idol crown, and now he a big-label recording artist.

Wednesday night he came back to Kansas City, and despite his immense success, he played in a relatively intimate environment: about 1, 500 people in the Grand Pavilion of the Ameristar Casino. The room was full but the atmosphere felt more like a small-town homecoming than the re-coronation of a celebrity.


Home of David Cook

Carrie Underwood got nothing on David Cook ‘  at least according to Blue Springs Mayor Carson Ross as he unveiled the new Interstate 70 signs proclaiming the city as Cook hometown.

…You know, she going to give me a lot of grief for that, Cook said sheepishly to Ross.

The unveiling of the highway sign reading …Blue Springs, Home of David Cook American Idol 2008, was held at a media event prior to Cook sold-out concert at Ameristar on Wednesday.

Kellie Pickler Talks Touring With Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift may consider her tourmate Kellie Pickler one of her BFFs, but Pickler thinks of the 19-year-old superstar, who she’ll be hitting the road with starting Thursday (April 23) in Evansville, Indiana, as her “little sister.”

“She’s like a little sister to me, ” the “American Idol” alum told MTV News. “She’s a lot taller than me, but like a little sister.”


Kelly Clarkson on Boyfriends and Backlash

On criticism that 2007’s My December was too dark and “rock”:
“It’s like people did not listen to it and it was so upsetting. I’m not Metallica. It’s not Slipknot or Marilyn Manson. It’s not even, like, Nickelback. It’s nowhere near rock. The only thing I got was [when people said] ‘Never Again’ and ‘Hole’ [were rock]. Other than that, there were dance songs like ‘Judas’ and ‘Yeah, ‘ which is almost like Sly and the Family Stone. And then there was ‘How I Feel, ‘ which is probably the most pop song I’ve ever written. That’s why I was like, ‘What is happening?’ That’s like finding out how things can spin out of control and it’s nothing like it actually seems.”

Rolling Stone

Ex-“Idol” Ruben Studdard is Fats Waller in musical

Here in Milwaukee we’re all rooting for local boy Danny Gokey to become the next American Idol, but in the meantime, former 2003 idol Ruben Studdard makes his way into town, starring in “Ain’t Misbehavin’.”

The Broadway musical hits The Milwaukee Theatre for three shows in two days: Friday, April 24 at 8 p.m. and Saturday, April 25 at 2 and 8 p.m.

The show brings to life the world that the legendary pianist Fats Waller lived in and largely represented: Harlem in the 1930s — the “Golden Age” of places like the Cotton Club and the Savoy Ballroom, of honky tonk dives along Lenox Avenue, of rent parties, of stride piano players and that new beat, swing.

On Milwaukee

Studdard is no idle ‘Idol’

“American Idol” is like a political campaign, says former winner Ruben Studdard.

“You try to win votes…you try to make a connection, ” he explains.

Get enough votes and you win. Lose and you’re forced to regroup.

“It’s very important to stay focused, ” Studdard says. “It’s hard not to get caught up in what’s around you. You’re in a different place…and you can become distracted.”

The judges, he says, “help you make it through the show. They give you some very good life lessons but if you don’t connect with the public, you’re not going to win.”

Sioux City Journal

Jordin Sparks, stars reunite for benefit concert

“American Idol” winner Jordin Sparks will headline a lineup of Valley Youth Theatre alumni at a benefit concert for the troupe that helped them ease on down the road toward stardom.

Also appearing at the May 31 show will be Emma Stone, who starred in the films “Superbad” and “The House Bunny”; Max Crumm, whose road to Broadway went through the TV show “Grease: You’re the One That I Want!”; and Disney Channel actress Chelsea Staub (“Jonas, ” “Bratz: The Movie”).The four young celebs will be reuniting after performing together in Valley Youth Theatre’s production of “The Wiz” in 2003. The concert also will mark the company’s 20th anniversary.


Who Is Freda Payne And Why Was She On ‘American Idol’?

With a name like an ’80s professional wrestler’s and a voice that’s still silky-smooth, 66-year-old Freda Payne might have seemed out of place on the youth-obsessed “American Idol” on Wednesday night. But the diva ‘  whose 1970 hit “Band of Gold” actually predated the outbreak of boogie fever by several years ‘  dropped in on the show as part of a disco medley that also included KC of KC and the Sunshine Band and Thelma Houston to show the kids how disco should be done.


Who Is Thelma Houston And Why Was She On ‘American Idol’?

While Harry “KC” Wayne Casey pretty much phoned in his performance of KC and the Sunshine Band’s “Get Down Tonight” on Wednesday night’s “American Idol” results show, fellow disco sensation Thelma Houston proved why, more than 30 years after her commercial peak, she still has it.

Houston, 65, born Thelma Jackson in Leland, Mississippi, performed her signature hit, “Don’t Leave Me This Way, ” on the “Idol” stage, bringing the same energy and infectious enthusiasm that has sustained a 40-year career in music, movies and television.


MARY J. BLIGE ON ’30 ROCK’ SEASON FINALE: May 14 episode will feature diverse lineup of musicians.

*Mary J. Blige will join Clay Aiken, Elvis Costello, Sheryl Crow and Adam Levine of Maroon 5 in the May 14 season finale of NBC’s “30 Rock, ” the network announced.

NBC is keeping quiet about their particular roles, saying only that the finale will be a “special episode featuring Alan Alda and surprise musical guests.”

Alda, the Emmy-winning star of “M*A*S*H” and the final season of “The West Wing, ” will appear in “30 Rock’s” final two episodes, and Sherri Shepherd will also reprise her occasional role as Tracy’s (Tracy Morgan) wife.


Critiquing Randy Jackson ‘  Can Judging Jump the Shark?

You had to feel for Kris Allen last week after watching his stirring rendition of “Falling Slowly” on American Idol. The crowd went nuts with each soaring note, and later we found that Paula Abdul, Kara DioGuardi and Simon Cowell were quite pleased with his performance. Unfortunately for Allen, Randy Jackson critiqued his song first:

“A’ight, so check it out man, uh, dude ‘  for me, for you tonight… I gotta tell you something, man. I don’t know, it never really quite caught on for me. And yo, I love that song, but for me, it was pitchy from note one, for me.”

Were we all listening to the same song? And for us, Randy, that critique could have been a bit more coherent ‘  for us.

TV Guide

Jordin Sparks Ready For Round 2, Preps “Battlefield” Single

American Idol winner Jordin Sparks is prepping her sophomore release and according to music insiders, a song titled “Battlefield” will lead off the disc.

The mid-tempo R&B track was written by Grammy nominated producer/songwriter and One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder, whose long list of accolades includes hits for Ashanti, LeToya Luckett, Timbaland, Jennifer Hudson and Rihanna.

Jordin is set to perform “Battlefield” during the Top 3 results show on American Idol.


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