Idol Headlines for 04/22/09

Paula Abdul: ‘I’ve Never Been Addicted to Drugs’

“I’ve never been addicted to any prescription drugs. I’ve never been drunk. I’ve worked my whole life, ” Abdul told “Nightline” in an exclusive interview. Despite undergoing 15 surgeries since a neck injury in 1992, Abdul said she has never taken addictive painkillers.

“I will not take those drugs, ” Abdul said. “And you can check my medical records. There is nothing like that. I was never on Oxycontin or Vicodin or anything like that. I was on nerve medicine and anti-inflammatories.”

Last week ABC News followed up on Abdul’s offer to “check her medical records, ” asking for her permission to speak to one of her doctors. She declined.

ABC News

‘American Idol’: On the scene for Top 7.2 performance night

Maybe I’m tired. Maybe it’s the L.A. heatwave. Maybe after a weekend at Coachella, I am unable to get excited about anything unless it involves Karen O and/or a fireworks display. But man was it dullsville in the Idoldome tonight, PopWatchers…and I blame the contestants. Performance after performance, they came out and delivered competent, enjoyable, and in some cases downright excellent renditions of some of the most obnoxious songs in history. On disco night. During which there was almost zero actual disco. Dude. What’s a girl gotta do to get a trainwreck up in here? Do we need to revisit the Beatles’ oeuvre? Sanjaya? Sanjaya, can you come back, please?

Entertainment Weekly

‘American Idol’ recap: Summer Lovin’

I’m no math whiz ‘  although, unlike Kara DioGuardi, I can count into the double digits ‘  but I couldn’t ignore some of the intriguing numbers jumping out at me during tonight’s disco-themed performance episode of American Idol. (And nope, I’m not referring to the frequency with which I may or may not have dialed 866-Idols-02 and 866-Idols-04 while I was supposed to be writing this TV Watch.) Let’s do a quick rundown:

Entertainment Weekly

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The Rushfield Review: Singers and Stars

When Motley Crue Vince Neil walked into the Idoldome on Disco Night, it felt for a moment as though post-60 pop culture had come full circle, twisted itself into a pretzel and then collapsed on itself, sucking all the oxygen of the world into it. But appropriate that if the pop world is to disappear into one central point, that it should be here. The last stand for a mass national culture has become truly the big tent, embracing every element of our grand parade. On what other stage could host Flo Rida lead into Miley Cyrus, or country night lead to disco without any discernible contradiction?

LA Times

Phil Stacey blog: ‘Idol’ does disco

I know Im getting this blog out late tonight, but it was a very exciting evening for me. Many of you know that I have a record coming out this summer, and I was able to debut more than half the songs to a large group of industry leaders. It was amazing, but, unfortunately, the event kept me from watching “Idol” until about 11 p.m. (EST). The event was part of GMA (Gospel Music Assn.) Week, which will end Thursday with a live broadcast of the Dove Awards on the Gospel Music Channel. I will be performing during the opening and closing numbers ‘  and there are several Idol alumni nominations, so tune in at 8 p.m. Thursday (EST) on the Gospel Music Channel.

LA Times

Ann Powers: What was missing from disco night? Disco.

What is disco? The term is still one of the most misunderstood in the musical lexicon. Is it the source of all bad fashion? A lounge-worthy soundtrack for swinging lovers? A category almost exclusively occupied by Donna Summer and the Bee Gees? This week’s “American Idol” battle round implied all of the above, while doing nothing to illuminate this wonderful, misunderstood pop era.

Dannygokey3 Instead of reveling in disco’s lush, open field of sultry rhythms and sweeping melodic lines, the Top Seven took it to Vegas, the rock arena, and other ill-advised “creative” corners, with hackneyed arrangements and awkward performances that suggested the whole crew had already busted into the Tab Energy Drink cooler backstage. Those who adhered to the style at all stumbled trying to hit its turns, and even those who sang well seemed strangely immune to the joy in songs that had once helped millions find heaven on the dance floor.

LA Times

Were Live-Blogging The Top Seven (Again) ‹American Idol Performances!

Old people, rejoice! …American Idol is taking us back to the good ol days of bellbottoms and key parties and dinosaurs. It DISCO NIGHT on …American Idol and Ill be live-blogging every groovy second of it.

MTV News disappointment in …Idol selecting a genre that as dated as Paula Abdul pop culture debut is well-documented. But it no fun if all we do is complain so let look at the bright side of tonight (Absurd! Heinous! Disastrous! Pointless! Obsolete! Despicable! God-awful!) theme.


Adam Lambert Memorabilia Crushes ‘Idol’ Competition On eBay

By this point in the “American Idol” season, fans have a pretty good sense of who is going to vie for the title, and enterprising entrepreneurs are more than happy to satisfy their thirst for everything Gokey, Lambert, Iraheta and Allen with a raft of (mostly) home-brewed memorabilia honoring the leading contestants.

Laugh all you want at these weird and obsessive items, but if last year’s collection of “American Idol” ephemera is any indication, these entrepreneurs actually have a pretty good line on which finalists will come out on top.


American Idol’s fashion contest turned up some winners last night, with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen leading the way both with their looks and their voices.

Pleasingly enough, none of the ‘Idol’ contestants went for clichà © disco fashion last night — there wasnt a Travolta-esque white suit in sight — and hey, with all those boy contestants, well we were expecting just that. But in our opinion, the best three voices were the most diverse, and so were their fashion choices.

American Idol’s fashion contest turned up some winners last night, with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen leading the way both with their looks and their voices.

Pleasingly enough, none of the ‘Idol’ contestants went for clichà © disco fashion last night — there wasnt a Travolta-esque white suit in sight — and hey, with all those boy contestants, well we were expecting just that. But in our opinion, the best three voices were the most diverse, and so were their fashion choices.


Simon Says Staying With Idol ‘Depressing’

In an Associated Press interview, Cowell discusses his thoughts on the future of ‘Idol, ‘ and from what he said, longevity doesn’t seem to be in his future. “The idea that for the next five years, I’d be doing exactly what I’ve been doing for the past five years … the thought is just too depressing, ” he said.

Asked if he would want to stay on “Idol” if the series ever slips from No. 1 in the ratings, Cowell burst out laughing at the apparent obviousness of the answer.
“Absolutely not!” he said, looking horrified. “Being No. 1 is verging on an obsession with me. I don’t like being No. 2. I don’t mind when you start at No. 10 — people don’t always go on as No. 1 — and you’ve got somewhere to go. But if you’re at the point you’ve reached it, of course you want to stay there.”


Simon Cowell: Maybe his exit would be good for ‘American Idol’?

I recently put together an gallery looking at Simon Cowell’s 12 meanest critiques from the first seven seasons of American Idol’s semifinals/finals. But while I was recounting Simon’s best zingers — ones that conjured up images of sinking cruise ships and teenagers locked in their bedrooms and poodles in leather jackets — a funny thing struck me: Somewhere between David Cook’s confetti shower in May 2008 and the Rise and Fall of Bikini Girl earlier this year, the cranky British judge seems to have lost a lot of his mojo.

Entertainement Weekly

Can You Blame Simon Cowell For Maybe Wanting To Leave …American Idol?

simonsdreamI came to the whole Susan Boyle thing a bit late’I think I arrived somewhere in between the backlash and the backlash to the backlash’but one thing got me about her performance of …I Dreamed A Dream on Britain Got Talent : She made Simon Cowell face contort into an expression that made it seem like the grouchy mogul actually loved his job. Given that on these shores, he been a bastion of fairly grouchy sanity even when he claimed to love the performances he watched, is it any wonder that he thinking about maybe leaving the States behind and focusing full-time on his career as chief arbiter of Britain singing talent?


Justin Guarini Picks His ‘Idol’ Top 3, Talks Wedding Details

“American Idol” Season 1 runner-up Justin Guarini thinks Adam Lambert may be heading toward the finals, but two contenders just might give the raven-haired singer a run for his money.

“I think the person who has the best odds of winning based on how America responds to them ‘  hands down Adam, ” Justin told “But, you cannot discount the people like Kris [Allen], and you cannot discount people like Allison [Iraheta].”


Idol Alum Pens Chart-Topper for Rascal Flatts

Simon Cowell may have dismissed American Idol season six finalist Chris Sligh with a terse, “bye-bye curly, ” when the mop-top crooner was voted off the show, but Sligh has managed to get the last word on farewells.

The singer, who moved to Nashville after Idol in 2007, just scored his first songwriting No. 1 with Rascal Flatts’s “Here Comes Goodbye.” The tune, which Sligh wrote last year with friend Clint Lagerberg, is the first single from the group’s new album and just topped the country charts last week.

“I don’t think I realize yet how big this is, ” Sligh says of writing a hit for the country supergroup. “I have people telling me how much money I’m gonna make and how it’s going to open up career possibilities, but I’m just sitting here trying to figure out what all this means.”

Jennifer Hudson and Robin Thicke co-headline R&B doubleheader at State Theatre, complete with vocal pyrotechnics and a love bailout

Jennifer Hudson celebrated a special anniversary Tuesday night in Cleveland: It was five years to the day that she got voted off “American Idol.”

“Ha!” the Grammy-winning, Oscar-winning, all-around-wonderful entertainer declared triumphantly halfway through her bravura performance at PlayhouseSquare’s State Theatre.

It’s hard to fathom what the “Idol” electorate failed to see in her. Besides those wonderful pipes of hers, Hudson has a surfeit of natural charisma, not to mention a charmingly down-to-earth personality.

New Pics from Kelly Clarkson’s Latest Music Video

ET has the “hook up” with pictures from Kelly Clarkson’s new music video!

These pics come from Kelly’s video for her song “I Do Not Hook Up.”

The former “American Idol”‘s latest album All I Ever Wanted debuted at No. 1 in its opening week on the Billboard albums chart, selling over 254, 000 in the first week.

Click HERE to see ET’s interview with Kelly about her weight and relationship rumors!

ET Online

Rob Dyrdek Loves ‘American Idol, ‘ But Not The Fourth Judge

Of all the controversies surrounding this year’s season of “American Idol” ‘  lip-synched group performances, a semifinalist being disqualified, the introduction of the “judges’ save” ‘  none are more heated than the question of the fourth judge. Kara DioGuardi joined Simon, Randy and Paula at the panel for the start of season eight, and the hating began almost immediately.

Now one MTV reality star has joined in the ongoing Kara smackdown, going so far as to predict she’ll soon be booted from the show.


Buzzworthy Has Lunch With Diana DeGarmo! Twitter Love, Of Course, Ensues!

HOOORAY! I had lunch with the lovely and talented Diana DeGarmo today! We even sat next to each other, and now were besties and she told me to call her …DD. Okay, the last two parts of that sentence arent true, but she has the demeanor of a smart and mature BFF (it hard to believe she just 21-years-old), and she was absolutely lovely.

Diana was in town to discuss one of her new projects, ‘  a talent recruitment site that connects up-and-coming artists, singers, dancers, performers, and designers with talent scouts ‘  and the musical revue she in in L.A. right now, Back To Bacharach And David (as in BURT BACHARACH, who one of my personal idols) ‘  and how she gets to wear one off Mel B costumes from Peep Show! Eee!


Vince Neil to appear on tonight’s American Idol

Vince Neil MOTLEY Crue lead singer Vince Neil is the latest victim to join the cult known as American Idol. It was bad enough seeing youtube footage of him singing a duet with Idol alumni Carrie Underwood. Two years later, we announced here that Carrie Underwood would be singing the Motley Crue classic “Home Sweet Home” for the ousted contestants.

“I remember like it was yesterday, ” said Neil about writing the song, “sitting in the recording studio
when Tommy [Lee, Motley’s drummer] came up with the piano chords and I almost immediately started humming.”

Meeting Underwood helped Neil cope with letting someone makeover Motley’s signature song; that and the buckets of money the teeny-bopper show has reportedly paid to Lee and Neil.

The Gauntlet

Dancing with the Stars: Did Taylor Want to Go?

You saw it onscreen for yourself, but E! News’ exclusive backstage access to the Stars gives us another hint that Lawrence Taylor was ready to go tonight on DWTS. It’s not like the guy took a dive or anything, but it did seem like he was more than keen to get on with his life. What did he say?

Taylor told E!, “It’s been a hell of a ride and I really enjoyed it, to a point, and I’ll tell you this was great. It was a blessing, and I’m happy. I went as far as I could go. I learned a lot of different things and I couldn’t be more happy.”

E Online

Judge Blocks Blago’s NBC Debut

An unfeeling federal judge in Chicago has denied us the opportunity to see former Illinois Gov Rod Blagojevich and former “American Idol” tweener heartthrob Sanjaya Malakar fight over hair care products in the wilds of Costa Rica.

“I do not have confidence that things will not go astray if I modify bond conditions, ” U.S. District Court Judge James Zagel said today in response to the indicted Blago’s request he be allowed into the Costa Rican jungle in search of gainful employment on NBC’s remake of “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!”

Washington Post

Steve-O Recalls Being a ‘Cocaine-Addicted Clown’

On Jackass, viewers watched him gag inside a helmet full of crickets and bob for jellyfish. On Dancing with the Stars, they watched as he danced the foxtrot and Viennese waltz. Now on a new unflinching MTV special, Steve-O: Demise and Rise, viewers will witness his longtime struggle with drugs and alcohol as well as his recent decision to sober up. PEOPLE has an exclusive clip of the program.

Even before Jackass and the spin-off Wildboyz, Steve-O, now 34, has been documenting his life on tape, including his days at the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, which led to a job at a flea-market circus. There, he says, he was a “cocaine-addicted clown, ” who performed “two shows on Friday, three shows on Saturday and three shows on Sunday, and typically I would do cocaine through all of it without sleeping.”

‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: Suited to a Tee

Fore! NFL legend Lawrence ”I’d Rather Be Golfing” Taylor is probably on his fourth hole (”Beautiful Lines”) by now. I’d love it if someone at L.T.’s fave golf course decided to temporarily name each hole after a ballroom dancing term, complete with enormous sparkly flags, just to mess with him. We’d have our first hospitalized ”pro” of the season. Last night’s show was the most painless, good-humored, ”the feeling’s mutual, buddy” elimination we’ve seen in a long time, as Tom, Sam, and Edyta all (somewhat) lovingly ripped on Lawrence about golf because there was nothing much else to talk about. Tom even ad-libbed a perfect pun: ”Well, I’m glad we won’t have to see you get T’d off here!” The only jarring element of Lawrence’s ouster was the ironic warbling of the line ”I hate this part right here” during his final dance with Edtya. ”Hallelujah, ” ”A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” (Disney!) or anything by Hole (Golf! Enough already with the golf) would have been more appropriate.

Entertainment Weekly

‹Dancing With the Stars now down to six

The barely-mentioned elimination: In keeping with last night generally strong performances, the show started with a repeat of last night impressive group dance, which showed everyone in a good light. But before long, it was time to start making people safe. Host Tom Bergeron started by declaring the safety of Chuck Wicks, Melissa Rycroft, and Shawn Johnson before forgetting all about the competition while a large number of musical numbers marched across the stage.

When he finally got back to it, the next person safe was Lil Kim, followed by Gilles and Cheryl. That left Lawrence Taylor and Ty Murray as the final two. With the show running long, Tom quickly informed Lawrence that his time was up. Lawrence seems to have pulled it together since the period when he seemed the most frustrated, and he wound up making a gracious exit.


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