Idol Headlines for 03/04/09

Woman Falls, Can’t Get Up, Sues Paula Abdul

When a woman falls and injures herself, and Paula Abdul is somehow involved, nine times out of ten the woman that fell is Paula. This is not one of those times.

A woman is suing Paula Abdul — along with Bravo Television, NBC Universal, and a host of others — claiming she fell while walking down a driveway during a taping of Paula’s unintentionally funny reality show “Hey Paula.”

According to a lawsuit filed yesterday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Jill Kohl claims she fell because the property “was in a dangerous and defective condition.”

Kohl is seeking damages in excess of $25, 000.


The real problem with the Top 36 format

When Idol eliminates just one or two performers a week, several of the show audience groups get to have a say in how the show develops. If the 11-year-old girls think David Archuleta is just the cutest, they turn out in force for him. Maybe smaller Southern markets favor a country singer. Perhaps the rocker contingent prefers one contestant, the R&B lovers another. If a performer strong enough, he or she gets to stay around long enough to attract new fans as old favorites fall away -‘ all those Syesha Mercado fans had to vote for somebody in the finals last season. It all very egalitarian ‘- and it’s one of the reasons Idol has maintained such a large, broad viewership for so long.

But now that theyre keeping only three of 12 contestants from a show, only the largest demographics matter. And, judging from the results from the first two semi-final shows, those demographics prefer their singers fair-skinned and male.

USA Today

Phil Stacey blog: Is it rigged?

As we come into this American Idol episode tonight, Id like to say that I hope they return to regular format next season. This would be the last week of semi-finals, but we have yet another on Thursday featuring the contestants who did not get our attention the first time around. Many of my favorites from this season, including Anoop Desai will have another chance to make it into the finals ‘ and I am glad for them. I just feel that in the regular format, people like Anoop would not have been voted off in the first place.

LA Times

‘American Idol’ recap: Underdogs To the Rescue?

Maybe it’s the chest cold I’ve been fighting for the last five days, or maybe it’s overriding concern/excitement/bewilderment regarding American Idol’s upcoming Wild Card round, but somewhere during tonight’s Group 3 semifinal telecast, I ran out of cynicism. Oh sure, it wasn’t lost on me that the producers handed the pimp spot (shocker!) to Lil Rounds. Or that Jorge Nuà ±ez was treated to adoring close-ups and ridiculous split-screen action. Or that the judges somehow managed to subtly campaign for Scott MacIntyre despite their criticisms of his song choice and his vocal performance.

Entertainment Weekly

The Rushfield Review: The last of the 36

We have now seen our next American Idol. After all the buildup, one by one, all 36 warriors of competitive singing have been paraded before us. Somewhere in that lineup stood our next pop overlord; the one who 12 weeks from now will stand anointed in the footsteps of Clarkson and Underwood, Sparks and Cook.

It has been a shaky preseason, with semifinals rounds heavy on the train wrecks. The work of sorting the wheat from the chaff in this new format, having to pull out three singers from the pool of 12, has at moments over the last couple of weeks felt like work. But in the final night of the semifinal rounds, “Idol” delivered a pool overall worthy of its legacy.

LA Times

‘American Idol’ Recap: Lil Rounds, Felicia Barton, Scott MacIntyre Bring It

The third round of top 36 performances unfolded Tuesday night pretty much like the previous two: Some wannabes just picked the wrongs songs, others blasted up from nowhere and the frontrunners grabbed a few more feathers for their caps.

First the good news: Lil Rounds might be your next American Idol. The night ended with the woman who could be this year’s top contender, the 24-year-old mother of three, biting into Mary J. Blige’s “Be Without You” and nailing the midtempo inspirational number with strength and confidence, leaving judge Simon Cowell looking a bit stunned.


Were Live-Blogging The Final 12 ‹American Idol Performances!

…American Idol expert Jim Cantiello brings you a minute-by-minute recap of every episode right here! Keep checking for updates throughout the show, and dont miss out on his previous live blogs and other …Idol news.

Live-blogging …American Idol time! The final week of …Idol semi-finals is upon us, and I am happier than Adam Lambert on Fire Island. (In case you havent visited a blog in the past few days, dude been sucking face with other dudes in pictures. Have fun swallowing that, homophobes!) We have 6 out of the 12 finalists selected, and by the end of the week, thanks to Thursday mysterious Wild Card show, well flesh out the rest if the singers worthy of our votes. It will also reveal 18 people whose dreams are crushed thanks to …Idol making the show 8000 times harder thanks to a frustrating and inane semi-finals, where they lumped a crapload of singers together each week. (Poor Mishavonna Henson. That girl was robbed! And dont even get me started on my girl Megan Corkrey ¦)


Lil Rounds fires up Simon on ‹American Idol

The three semifinal rounds of …American Idol have been dominated by the men thus far, and Tuesday show was another in a series of episodes where the men were memorable and the women were forgettable.

With one exception.

Lil Rounds closed the show with a dominating performance of Mary J. Blige …Be Without You. She sang with confidence and authority, nailing the vocals of an artist whose songs usually lead to disaster when …Idol hopefuls try them.


Ellen Gray: Fasten your seat belts, it’s ‘Idol’ time

IT’S ALL been done before.

Fans of Fox’s “American Idol” might want to keep that Barenaked Ladies lyric in mind this week, while some of us can still claim reasonable control over our emotions.

As the show assembles its Top 12 for Season 8, it’s hard to imagine that a couple of months from now I might be screaming at my TV, rooting for someone’s chance to record a song I already know I’m going to hate.

Yet that was me last May, experiencing 48 hours of euphoria after the “Idol”-ization of David Cook. And, yes, I’d been there before: with Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard and Fantasia Barrino.

‹Idol fave David Archuleta pops into Northampton

David Archuleta may have settled for second place on the seventh season of …American Idol, but he got a pretty good consolation prize: a career.

If Monday night sold-out performance at Pearl Street in Northampton was any indication, Archuleta has the ingredients to not just excite fans in a dingy nightclub on his first solo tour but to play bigger venues in the near future.

For 75 minutes Archuleta flashed his megawatt style, bounced across the stage with giddy energy in a T-shirt, vest and scarf and commented repeatedly on how awesome everything was.

Boston Herald

Artvoice Daily

Mere moments after just barely losing the American Idol crown last summer, musician David Archuleta saw his wildest dream become reality nonetheless.

…I was in my dressing room after the show ended, and they came in and told me how they were excited to work with me, and just like that I had to get started, Archuleta told Artvoice. …I was thinking that Id be sitting on it for a while, looking for what opportunities would come around, and who would be the right people to work with. But it was like, ‹Whoa.ƒ ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ 

Artvoice Daily

Carrie Underwood Bonds with Her Hockey Beau’s Parents

Things are getting serious between Carrie Underwood and her boyfriend, Ottawa Senators hockey player Mike Fisher: The singer is already spending quality time with his parents!

Underwood, who was first linked with Fisher in January, spent a cozy dinner Saturday night with Fisher, his mom and dad, and a few friends at Fratelli, an upscale Italian restaurant in the Kanata section of Ottawa, shortly after the 25-year-old country singer cheered on Fisher at his hockey game.

During the dinner, the couple “seemed incredibly happy. They seem made for each other, ” says a source, who added that the dinner “was very low-key. They sat at a private table and did their own thing.”

Bo Bice, ex-‘Idol’ rocker, plays LI

Though many think of Bo Bice as the force that first brought a rock vibe to “American Idol, ” opening the door for later contestants Chris Daughtry and David Cook, the modest singer-songwriter demurs, saying that when he competed “the stars all really lined up.” He also credits fellow contestants Constantine Maroulis, Nadia Turner and Jessica Sierra, and especially the show’s music director, Rickey Minor, and the band, with giving the show its rock flavor that year. Now putting the finishing touches on “I Love the Road, ” his third post-“Idol” CD, and its accompanying EP, the Season 4 runner-up to Carrie Underwood and father of two appears March 4 in a sold-out acoustic performance at Boulton Center. We spoke with the Southern rocker last week.


Bo Bice Get His Fantasy On For Fans

Former “American Idol, ” season-four runner up, Bo Bice, is headed to Fantasy Camp…Country Music’s First Multi-Artist Fantasy Camp.

He’ll join several other country music stars ­ from Lady Antebellum to John Rich in giving the royal treatment to Average Joes and music wannabes.

CMT’s Camp Nashville (Country Music Television) offers fans five full days of star treatment. Swanky hotel rooms, a full entourage, stylists and tour managers are provided. Access to rehearsal halls, private recording sessions, songwriting classes, vocal coaching, backstage party passes and jam sessions with country stars are other perks.

VIDEO: Idol Confessions with Vonzell Solomon

Season 4’s Vonzell Solomon talks about her favorite “Idol” moments and the Whitney Houston song she still loves to perform.

LA Times

PHOTO CALL: Maroulis, Spanger, Carpinello and Co. Ready Rock of Ages for Broadway

The upcoming Broadway musical Rock of Ages gave the press a sneak peek at a Feb. 2 rehearsal. Constantine Maroulis, Amy Spanger, Mitchell Jarvis and James Carpinello star.

Kristin Hanggi directs the work penned by Chris D’Arienzo that will play Broadway’s Brooks Atkinson Theatre. Choreography is by Kelly Devine.


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