Hollywood Week – Update!

Potential Season 7 contestants are in Los Angeles auditioning for top spots in this year’s American Idol competition. Here is some new information from Milajoy/JoesPlace from Idol Forums.

  • The kids are somewhere in Pasadena having their numbers whittled down. Hollywood “week” officially starts today.
  • On Monday, Day 1, half the contestants auditioned. About 24 got a “fast pass” to Thursday’s audition.
  • On, Tuesday, Day 2,   the other half who were flown out a day later auditioned.   Instruments and/or singing with a small band were permitted during these preliminary auditions.
  • Yesterday, Day 3, those not winning a “fast pass” sang again a capella.

I’m hearing there will be no group auditions this year.     Check out yesterday’s spoiler post for a list of contestants rumored to be in LA this week…

Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sin...
Watch Cooper, Osnes & Munoz Sing Irving Berlin!
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  1. NO GROUP PERFORMANCES!! Man, they sure know how to suck the fun out of everything. Partypoopers.

  2. Rico Barrino has made it through the first two rounds so far in Hollywood.

    Jason Castro has as well.

    Matt Sato and Rachael Wicker are gone.

    The no groups thing – believe it or not – is true.

  3. Chase Foster was cut in Hollywood

    No sign of the Brittnum twins – there’s only like a 15% chance that they actually made it to Hollywood. :clap_tb:

  4. LMAO…did you tell Dave? He always gets a kick out of the talk.

    In like 45 days, this board is going to be buzzing!

  5. WTH, Why no Group Performances? The personalities really come out in Group Performance segment of AI.

  6. WTH, Why no Group Performances?

    Dammit! There goes my carefully crafted new corporate motto for AI: “We aim to please with lots of cheese”.

    I agree, the group dynamics are always fascinating. It’s interesting to see why some groups form and some people can’t find a group to join at all. It shows us they work with others and adapt outside of their comfort zone (which they will have to do on the show). Whether they form a great group like Chris Sligh and Blake or a terrible one like Elliott/Sway/Brittenum twin, it’s always enlightening (I’m not saying Elliott’s singing sucked (it shone), I just find it intriguing that he ended up with one of the Brittenum twins…what does that mean? Anything?). Plus, who doesn’t like a little cheese?

    Nobody gets forced into any particular group, so if the group makes you look bad, you made a bad choice.

    That said, I do like the idea of the repechage round where singers get a second chance. I often feel like they cut too many people on the first day that just got a little nervous. Like the first line of girls that got cut last year.

    Though, I suspect that Idol idiotically chose the theme of “Contestants Suck” last year. They went on and on about how “Seattle Sucked”. They started the season off on a downer with an extended bit on a girl who was struggling with life and hoped that AI was her big break and then they not only had the guest judge tell her she sucked, they let us watch her cry for 5 minutes (a quick series of rejected singers we knew nothing about would have been less harsh). Again the message was “They may have a backstory, but the contestants suck”. Then, they cut the first line of girls to appear in Hollywood. Message: “Man, these contestants suck so bad we must mass cull them all even though some of them had backstories and seemed not too bad”. Then, there was the dire first night of competition which began the drum beat of “The Boys Suck”.

    I believe that they did eventually intend to bring it all around to “The judges were wrong, the contestants don’t suck”, but they got derailed by sagging ratings, Sanjaya, bush babies, Antonella, Simon-Virgina-gate, people not going gaga over IGB, etc and they lost control of the plot. They were fighting a rear guard action by that time.

    So, my suggestion to TPTB be “These contestants are great” (and try to edit out Simon going all schoolyard bully on the kids for their appearances and disabilities…they can still have Simon being mean to people who simply can’t sing).

    This year’s themes: “Contestants R Us” and “You get to pick”

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