Headlines: Kelly Clarkson Show Up Close, Blake Shelton Message to Adam Levine

Kelly Clarkson hopes to leave ‘positive footprints’ with new talk show – “I love talking and I genuinely like people,” Clarkson says. Case in point, it took her mere seconds for her to prove that true as we sat to be mic’d up for our interview. A producer, seemingly used to finding ways to elegantly interrupt chatty Clarkson, had to step in so we could start recording the interview properly. “We learn so much from others when we take the time to listen,” Clarkson adds. Taking a cue from “The Graham Norton Show,” Clarkson’s show features a panel — only hers has celebrities sitting side-by-side with non-famous faces. (Some of her guests include Dwayne Johnson, John Legend and Ellen DeGeneres.) “You’ll see like, a librarian sitting next to a celebrity, sitting next to a singer, an actor; it’s different [mixes],” she says. -Read more at CNN

The Kelly Clarkson Show Set Tour: Up Close | The Kelly Clarkson Show – Set designer James Connelly gives a behind-the-scenes tour of The Kelly Clarkson Show stage. Catch the first episode Monday, September 9!

Blake Shelton has a NSFW message for former ‘Voice’ coach Adam Levine – “Adam’s not on the show and I want him to know that he can still kiss my (expletive) wherever he is right now,” Shelton joked, before saying he “couldn’t be happier” that Stefani signed onto the show. That being said, he made it clear that he and Stefani still planned to play to win, separately. “You know, she wants to win and I want to win and that’s what they pay us to do on this show is to try to win the show,” he said. -Read more at USAToday

The Gift Of Gab – The Voice 2019 (Digital Exclusive)

Melanie Martinez Didn’t Release an Album for 4 Years, But She’s Bigger Than Ever – This deluge is by design. “[Martinez] has a very strong fanbase, and we’re gonna be introducing her to a new younger fanbase as well,” says Julie Greenwald, chairman/COO of Martinez’s label, Atlantic Records. “Every week we’ll be finding new people. We’ll be seeing what they like about different songs. We get so much more information now which allows us to stay in campaigns for such a long time. That’s the beautiful thing about streaming.” – Read more at Rolling Stone

How Atlantic Records Helped Bring Melanie Martinez’s Film Fantasy to Life – “Showing societal conditioning was a big goal of mine,” Martinez told Variety at the “K-12” L.A. premiere. “I thought it was the perfect metaphor. School being like this thing that we have to go through and learn from when actually the learning come from experiences and just, like, life.” – Read more at Variety

Gabby Barrett talks biggest fear, her wedding, & American Idol – Of course we talked about him and their wedding, but we also talked about her biggest fear (I would probably burn my house down if I had spiders like she does in Nashville!), and her new song “I Hope” that I absolutely love. As someone put it in the comments of her music video for it, “If Carrie Underwood and Miley Cyrus had a baby, it’d be Gabby Barrett” (Alyssa Teter). – Listen to the interview at iHeartRadio

Meg & Dia, Utah-raised sister music duo, talk about reuniting after eight years: ‘We’re a lot about second chances’ – “It was really nice not to have any outside voices out there, steering the ship,” Dia Frampton said of the duo’s under-the-radar recording of “happysad.” The album was released without advance notice on July 26, along with a futuristic music video for the first single, “American Spirit,” and news that the sisters would have their first headlining tour in years, an eight-city tour starting Sept. 14 at Salt Lake City’s Kilby Court. – Read more at SLTrib

‘American Idol’ hopefuls chase the dream in San Jose – For all we know, the next Kelly Clarkson or Adam Lambert might have been in San Jose on Friday. That was the hope, at least, as hundreds of “American Idol” aspirants waited in a long lines at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center to prove that they’ve got the pipes to rock the record charts. “Idol” hopefuls from all over the Bay Area and beyond made the trek to San Jose, many arriving before sunrise to stake out a prime spot in line. Paris Simone and her mother, Nikki, drove six hours from Palmdale and it was well worth it. Simone, who had struck out just two years ago at an “Idol” audition in Oakland, received the seal of approval this time. – Read more at Mercury News.com

Who will be the next ‘American Idol?’ San Jose hosts auditions – Sarah McBeth is from South Africa. “Everybody has that same story,” McBeth said. “They always wanted to try it out and I just feel like America’s got talent. Let’s just say that. Also, everything on this side is bigger, better– the experience. So why not?” – Read more at ABC7News.com

Is the next American Idol from Central Illinois? Springfield auditions draw thousands – According to American Idol supervising producer Brett McCosker, the rise of the singer-songwriter and original music is the biggest takeaway from their open audition period, which began last month and will conclude in Chicago on Sept. 21. “We had breakout success last year with Laine Hardy, who was our winner,” McCosker said. “And our runner up last year was a guy called Alejandro Aranda, who played majority original material. And I think that’s really kind of resonating with people out there. They’ve paid attention to that and now are turning out and offering us original material, which is incredible.” – Herald-Review.com

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