Headlines: Kelly Clarkson Loves Idol, David Archuleta Holiday Ready

Kelly Clarkson ‘cried so hard’ over ‘From Justin to Kelly’ movie: ‘I thought it was going to ruin my singing career’ – I get it. My nanny, actually, it was so funny when we hired her: It was like a year into working with me, and she owned up that it’s her guilty pleasure to watch From Justin to Kelly. And I was like, “I am judging you on so many levels right now.” I told her, “If you show my children that movie, I’m totally going to fire you!” [laughs] … I understand that it’s one of those movies that has a little cult following of people where it’s just nostalgic for them. It’s kind of their Beach Blanket Bingo movie. For me, though, it just represents something totally different. I think because [American Idol Season 1] was so innocent and no one was entitled, nobody knew what was going to happen, we created such a cool family vibe. It just was different from any other season, because it was the first. And you know, that happens with any first season of anything, I’m sure. But that’s why it was really important for me to have that [reunion on the talk show]. A lot of people are always like, “Oh, she’s on The Voice now and she doesn’t like Idol.” That’s completely not true, and I’ve never said that ever in my life. I totally love where I came from. I’m so thankful for it. I love the people that are a part of it. And I also love the people that I’m with now. – Read more at Yahoo.com

David Archuleta stopped our interview to answer a text message. Here’s why – To give you an idea of just how down-to-earth David Archuleta is, here’s an example. Partway through our interview, the pop singer and “American Idol” runner-up apologized for responding to a text message. What was the message? All three of the new singles from his Christmas album, released that morning, had made it into the top 20 of iTunes’ holiday songs chart. “I need to put my phone on silent,” he said, as he continued to receive excited messages from members of his team. – Read more at Deseret.com

Ruben Studdard interview – Studdard’s post- “Idol” career hasn’t quite matched that of Vandross. But he has been on tour the past couple of years honoring Vandross – who died 14 years ago – by singing many of the man’s biggest hits such as “Never Too Much” and “Power of Love.” “It’s been really fun with these popular songs. It’s almost like doing a Broadway musical,” Studdard said in a recent interview. “It’s been a breath of fresh air and not really having to be worried making sure the song will go over because they are already ready to hear it.” He said it’s like going to a Vandross concert. “I looked at his shows live on the Wembley” and tried to emulate it. “I get a little nervous in Atlanta because my whole family will be there. It’s going to be a good time.” – Read more at AJC.com

‘The Voice’ Standout Kaleb Lee Opens Up: How Adopting a Child Changed His Life – Lee is following his own passion for music as he preps to release his debut EP in early 2020. It will include the title track “I Dream in Southern,” featuring Kelly Clarkson. She coached Lee during his run on Season 14 of The Voice in 2018, where he placed in the Top 6. “I gravitate towards people who are authentic, and Kelly has always been that way to me,” says Lee, who also appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show this month. “She has always been encouraging and she has always been in my corner, and that’s really special.” Lee is also celebrating the release of his current single “Nothin’ on You,” which serves as a sweet ode to the love of his life. – Read more at Taste of Country

The Voice coach John Legend Gets a big scare from a Familiar Face When He guest Hosts the Ellen Degeneres Show.

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