Headlines: Haley Reinhart, Raelynn Announce New Music

Haley Reinhart Announces Long Awaited New Single “Roll The Dice”

The American Idol season 10 alum Haley Reinhart announced her next single “Roll The Dice” is coming out on August 27. “It’s Friday the 13th and I’m feelin’ lucky so here it goes… The title of my next single is, Roll The Dice!!! Releasing 8/27.” She’s playing the OshKosh Jazz Festival the next day, on August 28.

Carrie Hope Fletcher On Her New Alb...
Carrie Hope Fletcher On Her New Album

The Voice season 2 singer RaeLynn Announces her Next Album Baytown

The Team Blake Shelton singer drops her next album, Baytown, on September 24. “BAYTOWN (THE ALBUM) coming 9/24! Speaking from my heart is 100% what I’m going to do, and I really dove into that this back half of the record. I’m so excited for y’all to hear these songs as a complete project. Pre-save/pre-add #BAYTOWN now.”

Brooke Simpson ‘ready to show the world who I am as an artist’

The Voice alum Brooke Simpson shares why she auditioned for America’s Got Talent. She will compete in the Quarterfinals on August 24.

Get To Know: Laci Kaye Booth [Exclusive Interview] – How did you land a record deal with Big Machine? I started writing a lot, and wrote over 400 songs in the past two years of living here. I think how I landed the deal was because the more I wrote, the more my name was getting around in town. I was starting to have more conversations and meetings with different people. Everybody in Nashville [was] just so welcoming and so great, and I felt so lucky to be here in that situation at that time. My mentor, Autumn, who works at Red Light Management, told me about Dann Huff and said that if we’re looking at producing a record, Dann [has to do it]. So, she took me over to his house and I sang “Heart Of Texas” for him since I had just written that song, and he recorded me on his phone as I was singing it. He really liked me and then told me he’d produce me. – Read more at Sounds Like Nashville

Caleb Kennedy brings the country to Spartanburg’s Music on Main – Kennedy also spent some time last week with participants of the Summer Leadership Camp at the T.K. Gregg Center. At the close of the camps, the center holds a series called “Follow Your Dreams, Lunch and Learn.” Locals are invited to speak about their passion and journey. After performing a few musical selections, Parks and Recreation staff member Briana Briggs interviewed Kennedy. – Read more at GoUpsate.com

We talk to Scotty McCreery about his new album, Same Truck, life since American Idol, his wife, Gabi, his strong faith and more.

Lee DeWyze Interview: On Intention and Purpose in Songwriting and ‘Ghost Stories’ – You had independently released two records before you were on American Idol, and then after winning, you of course released many more—how did that experience of competing on that show change the way you think about songwriting? DeWyze: I think it drove me even closer to it. There was this moment, being a singer-songwriter, being on a show like that, playing other people’s music, there was this feeling of betraying the art form in a weird way. I don’t know why I felt that. At the end of the day, being on Idol was one of the hardest things I ever did. I think at the time, I always had these visions of me coming into my own as a singer-songwriter and having a career like that. I never, at the start, envisioned American Idol being any kind of step in that process. To have that kind of just happen I was kind of like ‘Woah. Okay. This is crazy.’ It was something I had to reverse-engineer a bit after Idol, which was getting back to that singer-songwriter part of me. – Read more at The Young Folks

T-Pain Replaces DJ Khaled as Judge on ‘Go-Big Show’ Season 2 – T-Pain will join the upcoming season of “Go-Big Show” at TBS, replacing previously announced judge DJ Khaled, the network said Thursday. T-Pain will serve as a judge alongside Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Nettles, Cody Rhodes and host Bert Kreischer, all of whom return from the show’s first season. DJ Khaled was previously announced as the replacement for Season 1 judge Snoop Dogg. No reason was provided for his exit. “Go-Big Show” is described as a showcase for “supersized talents on a scale never before seen on television.” Acts featured on Season 1 include monster trucks, alligator trainers and stunt archery. – Read more at The Wrap

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  1. The new Haley single sounds like a slower song/ballad. I love it so much already. :)

  2. Adam’s Feel Something Foundation has partnered with @bombas in support of the @LALGBTCenter. The brand’s mission is to donate one pair of socks for every pair purchased.

    Nice comment on his IG from @bombas: Thanks so much for all of your incredible efforts to give back to your community. We couldn’t be more grateful!

    Proud of Adam and all the great work he and FSF continue to do. He really does walk the walk.

    The ‘Love In Action Telethon’ in support of the LGBTQ community will air tonight on KTLA5 at 7pm PT. Looking forward to seeing Adam!


  3. The two hour telethon raised $1,075,940 with more donations likely still coming in. Congrats to all involved in this very successful fundraiser!

  4. Love Adam and nice to see money raised for a good cause….but that mohawk/mullet is tragic….

  5. Kris Allen announced that he will be releasing another new single (his 4th this year) on September 3rd. Once again he will arrange a listening party for his patreon members the week of release. These are always such fun. He usually gives some background about the creation of the songs, their inspirations, etc. These recent songs have all been so different so I am curious to hear this next one.

  6. Adam and his Feel Something Foundation have contributed to and brought attention to some great causes and fundraisers. So much to be proud of and many are grateful and will benefit from his time and efforts. Can’t wait tho to see what kind of show he puts on for his mini Vegas Residency/engagement at the Venetian in a few months.

  7. Good to know…I am curious as well. I always have to stop and check out anything Kris Allen is offering – just in case! ???

  8. Why Adam Lambert Is One Of The Music Industry’s Unsung Trailblazers

    Delivering glamour, camp, and seemingly endless amounts of talent every time he performed, Lambert was extra in all the right ways. His stage presence was (and remains, for that matter) as undeniable as his awe-inspiring voice and penchant for over-the-top theatrics.


  9. Referring to their 2nd singer project: (gave me a laugh) “…..even if she would have the far more normal number of takes to complete her vocal than Mr. First Take Durbin did.”
    “James is a quite outstanding talent, with a range (note and style-wise) the envy of all who hear him.”

    “In addition to being a stellar lead vocalist and front man, James is also a highly skilled musician, capable of creating powerful and imaginative backing vocal arrangements seemingly in seconds flat. Well, perfectly in tune, actually!”
    Entire article reviewing A.Parsons’ accomplishments & entertainers he worked with, plus compliments to James–Good Read!

  10. As mentioned here before, James Durbin participated in a masterclass workshop with legendary producer/engineer Alan Parsons this weekend. The song recorded is apparently for a soundtrack of some sort. The workshop’s site has been updated with events from the recording sessions. Apparently James was also involved with re-writing the song being used…

    …”The planned part of this master class involved a song written by ASSR founding partner Julian Colbeck, a singer, James Durbin, and musicians plucked from Alan Parsons’ touring band.

    Two weeks out, things changed slightly when the introductory/key setting meeting between Colbeck and Durbin developed into a song mashing/writing session and a brand new song was born. An iPhone demo ensued, followed by an instrumental demo to better demonstrate the arrangement, which Julian then assembled on his trusty Motif…

    …The song (Give ‘Em My Love) had been kept under wraps so the playback of the demo was the first time anyone aside from the writers had heard it. A little bit of pressure!…

    Singer James Durbin, who’d played acoustic guitar on the iPhone demo, was ushered into Alan’s windowless mic closet to both play an acoustic guide guitar and deliver a guide vocal.

    Unexpected Event # 2: A guide vocal CAN end up being the vocal you use. But given the spill from the guitar (unavoidable at the very close quarters voice and guitar were being miked), everyone knew that we were highly unlikely to get a ‘keeper’ this time. That said, the moment James opened his mouth the entire room, including Alan, did likewise. He was performing it a) as if in front of a crowd of 20,000 and b) each and every time.

    This is not something everyone can do. Generally, and quite correctly, singers need to preserve and protect their instrument when doing a guide vocal. James Durbin is just another breed. When asked later how and more’s the point why he gave each performance his all he simply replied ‘You never know when it’ll be the last time you’ll get to sing.” Fair enough.

    Propelled by James’ boundless energy it wasn’t long before the takes were getting serious and finally Alan felt they’d got ‘the one’.

    One or two repairs later and it was onto James’ vocal for real. Alan might have selected the second take but he could just as easily have picked the first. Both were largely immaculate performances that had the attendees clapping and Alan beaming, saying, “Unbelievable.’ Everyone agreed they’d just witnessed one, if not the best vocal recording they’d ever been part of. On a technical note, Alan recorded James on a Slate virtual mic using a Neumann U47″….

    More here…

  11. That show in Connecticut sheds light on the August 1 tweet and the playing of Reds Turn Blue on The Buzz 102.9 that day.

  12. David Cook and the guys playing at the New London Naval Submarine Base in Groton, Connecticut, surfaced this weekend….per this IG page, continuing a long track record of playing at military installations. This gig stayed under the civilian radar until pictures and reports just surfaced! IDK if it is a one-off or not. ?

    ?- for live music! ????


  13. Help pick the setlist for David Cook’s Live streaming Mandolin concert on Wednesday the 18th!

    *REMINDER* Don’t forget to get your David Cook song selections in at ? davidcook.settheset.com (pg-2 of form allows for write-in requests) for @thedavidcook’s 18-Aug (this Wed!!) @mandolinlive show (?? davidcook.mandolin.com)


  14. It does..and I am seeing more pics on the web…looking for a cool one called *Multi-tasking* from Jeff’s account.?

    Since the SLC Utah gig went pear shaped, this is David and the Guys’ first official live concert that is just them since the Fungus came amongus last year! My hopes are up for September??

    ?Live Shows ?

  15. I’ve seen that picture of David carrying 3 guitars. :)

    As for shows, I have tickets for one of Archie’s but not until next February, and my Covid antibody numbers are off the charts right now, hopefully they don’t fade. :)

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  17. Gorgeous–thanks for posting it. Hope the entire song will be released for us!

  18. The song he will be releasing on Sept 3rd is called “Different Bridges, Same River”. He is still trying to “crack the code” on the pop tune “More Than Ever”. This from his weekly patreon video.

  19. Nice to see the song is already copyrighted (James is listed as co-writer in the beginning of the video). This is important before the song is used in whatever soundtrack it was recorded for. If the song gains legs of any type he’ll make more money being the songwriter, not just the recording artist.

    Btw, the site has updated again with some more pics from the session and this one of James, Alan and the other musicians…

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