Big Brother 23 – Week 6 Spoilers

Last night the fifth Houseguest was evicted and a new HoH was crowned. Find out who the Week 6 nominees are here.

Last night Christian was evicted by a 7-2 vote. After the show went off the air, Kyland won the Head of Household competition.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Kyland nominated Claire and Derek F. for eviction. Kyland is holding his cards close to his chest, but it seems like Claire is his target. Derek F. volunteered to be a pawn, and he’s pretending to be mad at Kyland to the other Houseguests. In addition, the High Roller’s Room opened today, but the details of the powers and how much money each Houseguest received remains unclear.

As for alliances, the Royal Flush is over. It seems like the alliance is kaput after Derek X. took out a fellow Royal Flush member Christian. Plus, Kyland targeting Claire (his former Queen team member) means the alliance likely has no intention of moving forward together. However, the Cookout alliance still seems to be intact. There is tension within the alliance as Derek F. and Azah are bothered by Tiffany’s demeanor. However, they are dedicated to staying together since the alliance has a deeper purpose than their individual games.

In this sixth week of the game, here are the power rankings for the remaining Houseguests.

  1. Kyland – Kyland is the HoH and in power this week. Kyland is the first person to win HoH twice this season. He claims he will do what the house wants this week, and he’s determined to keep the Cookout intact too. Kyland will likely be in a decent spot next week too, especially if the Cookout stays united.
  2. Xavier – Xavier is playing the best game at the moment. Despite losing his close ally Christian last week, nearly everyone in the house in on good terms with Xavier. Xavier is determined to get the Cookout to the Final 6, but he also has a good relationship with Alyssa too. No one seems to be looking at Xavier as a target at the moment.
  3. Hannah – Hannah has the support of the Cookout, as well as a close bond with Derek X. Sarah Beth was targeting her two weeks ago, but the two of them talked things out and claim to be on good terms with each other. It’s possible Hannah can find herself on the block again, but she’s safe this week.
  4. Sarah Beth – Sarah Beth is a target for various people in the game, but she’s close with Kyland. Therefore, she should be safe with Kyland in power. Nonetheless, Kyland has said he’d choose the Cookout over Sarah Beth when the time comes. It’s unlikely she’ll be put on the block by Kyland though, so she’s safe for this week at least.
  5. Tiffany – Tiffany is playing the game hard, which has rubbed some of her fellow Cookout members the wrong way. If it wasn’t for the Cookout, then Derek F. and Azah will likely try to get her evicted. Kyland says he does not want to target a Cookout member this week, but he and Tiffany aren’t exactly on the best terms right now. Perhaps that’s why Kyland wants to target Tiffany’s close ally Claire this week.
  6. Azah – Azah and Kyland don’t talk much game together despite being in the Cookout. Earlier today Kyland tried to get as much information out of his Houseguests before nominations. Azah refused to share too much information, and she doesn’t like how Kyland acts when he’s in power. However, since Azah is in the Cookout, she should be safe this week.
  7. Derek X. – Derek X. has made himself a target after backdooring Christian last week. Xavier especially wants Derek X. out. Luckily for Derek X., Kyland claims to have no plans targeting him this week. The two have an allegiance with each other, but Derek X. is questioning how much he can trust Kyland after his nominations. Derek X. could be in danger in upcoming weeks, but Kyland doesn’t seem to be looking at Derek X. as a target this week. Nonetheless, there’s always a chance he could be swayed into targeting Derek X.
  8. Britini – Britini remains a nomination option. Kyland chose to give her a break this round, but it’s always possible she could end up on the block again if the Power of Veto is used on any of the nominees. The only people in the house that have Britain’s back are her former Jokers team members Azah and Derek F.
  9. Alyssa – If either nominee wins the Power of Veto, then Kyland will be pressured by his allies to target Alyssa. However, Xavier does not want Alyssa to go this week. He just lost Christian, and he said it would be unfair for him to lose Alyssa this week too. It remains to be seen if Kyland will listen to Xavier or his other allies if the Power of Veto is used this week.
  10. Derek F. – Derek F. volunteered to be a pawn this week. He is part of the Cookout and will likely have the votes to stay regardless who he sits next to by the end of the week. However, since he is a nominee and at risk of being voted out, he ranks this low on the list. Plus, Tiffany is much closer to Claire than she is with Derek F. It’s not entirely impossible that Tiffany would consider flipping on the Cookout to keep Claire instead of Derek F. Claire is a very close ally to Tiffany while there is tension between Tiffany and Derek F.
  11. Claire – Claire is the likely target this week. She will need to win the Power of Veto to secure her safety. She does have allies in the game, such as Tiffany and Derek X. However, the Cookout’s numbers will get stronger the longer the six of them remain in the house together. Tiffany has said she’s prepared to let Claire go this week if it comes down to it, but we did see Tiffany try to flip the vote to keep Christian last week. Tiffany will likely be torn between staying loyal to the Cookout or saving her close friend this week. But even with Tiffany’s support, Claire may not have enough votes to stay in the game if she remains on the block Thursday night.

And that’s where the house stands at the moment. Come back on Thursday for a live recap of the next eviction episode of Big Brother 23.

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