HDD – Album Sales Prediction : Oct 6-12

With 54.98% of reports in, Jason Aldean easily tops the chart. He’s expected to sell in the 280-300K range when all the numbers are counted. While he has a HUGE lead over the number two album, it’s a HUGE drop from original industry estimates. The biz expected him to sell 450K in his opening week and his last album sold opened with 409K (and stayed in the top 10 for dog weeks). Sales predictions have been dropping all week which is generally a bad sign for subsequent sales week (lots of buyers pre-buying, so the ardent fans are on board, but the casual fans are not as interested. Pre-buying leads to bigger predictions in advance of the drop and bigger first day estimates as they are considered sold on the first day). What is up with that? Should he have had another lead-off single with Kelly or are Country sales slipping (hard to argue with 4 of the top 5 being country acts). Music not as good? People are tired of him? Cheating scandal tarnished his image? In any event, he’ll have his second number one album and fourth Country album topper.

Barbara Streisand’s “Partners” just keeps selling and selling and selling. It’s second this week right now and is expected to stay there with 55-60K in sales (thank goodness for Jason or I would have thought this was January). Last week’s number one is this week’s number three. Voice judge Blake Shelton’s “Bringing Back the Sunshine” is bringing back the buyers for his second week with a drop expected in the 60% range which is pretty decent in recent markets. He is expected to finish the week in 5th. Kenny Cheseney is currently 4th and Lady A is fifth in their second week. Debuting 6th through 8th are Keyshia Cole (R&B), Hozier (Irish Indie Rock) and Stevie Nicks with an album re-covering demos she primarily recorded between 1969 and 1987. Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga are 9th in their third week and Frozen is 10th in its umpteenth week (why did that pop this week?).

Alex and Sierra, winners of the last season of X-Factor US, are sitting way back in 42nd despite predictions that their album would be in the top 10. I expected them to do well since their singles sell like hot cakes. It may be that their vendors have not reported in. It will be interesting to see where “It’s About Us” ends up. Now 51 at 16 and Now 50 at 39th also feature X-Factor artists, but from the UK division (Cher Lloyd and One Direction). Jackie Evancho from AGT is 30th and Jennifer Hudson from American Idol is 46th. Jackie seems to be showing some consistent sales (they weren’t as high as the others that released that week, but they continue to roll along).

The Voice Judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton (for his previous album) are at 18th and 26th respectively.

CHART DATE: 10/13/2014
LAST UPDATE: 10/13/2014 14:23:13
NOW IN: 54.98%

LW TW artist / album label sales index
2 5 LADY ANTEBELLUM 747 10,681
— 7 HOZIER HOZIER 10,549

28 16 NOW 51 VARIOUS ARTISTS 6,237

7 18 MAROON 5 V 5,821







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  1. Mediabase – Tuesday update:

    19 18 PHILLIP PHILLIPS Unpack Your Heart 234 219 15 0.449
    -2 Spins
    -6 Bullet
    -0.023 AI
    9 8 ONE DIRECTION Story Of My Life 1524 1576 -52 10.375
    +5 Spins
    +32 Bullet
    -0.107 AI
    8 8 M. LAMBERT & C. UNDERWOOD Somethin’ Bad 5762 5840 -78 40.655
    -12 Spins
    -159 Bullet
    -0.168 AI
    14 16 SWON BROTHERS Later On 3809 4376 -567 28.644
    -224 Spins
    -250 Bullet
    -1.053 AI
    18 17 SCOTTY MCCREERY Feelin’ It 3346 3205 141 20.992
    +39 Spins
    +65 Bullet
    +0.322 AI
    24 23 DAVID NAIL Kiss You Tonight 2716 2540 176 18.184
    +75 Spins
    +71 Bullet
    +0.446 AI
    33 24 CARRIE UNDERWOOD Something In The Water 2491 1494 997 19.581
    +146 Spins
    +1003 Bullet
    +0.78 AI
    36 35 RAELYNN God Made Girls 1516 1381 135 10.732
    +47 Spins
    +63 Bullet
    +0.223 AI
    25 24 DAUGHTRY Battleships 1335 1163 172 5.332
    +27 Spins
    +20 Bullet
    +0.187 AI
    31 27 PHILLIP PHILLIPS Unpack Your Heart 846 807 39 2.325
    -2 Spins
    -17 Bullet
    -0.034 AI
    37 32 ELLA HENDERSON Ghost 701 624 77 2.236
    +20 Spins
    +21 Bullet
    +0.144 AI
    38 41 G.R.L. Ugly Heart 334 598 -264 0.75
    -57 Spins
    -41 Bullet
    -0.137 AI
    59 47 ONE DIRECTION Steal My Girl 242 109 133 1.544
    +22 Spins
    +26 Bullet
    +0.134 AI
    27 25 ONE DIRECTION Steal My Girl 3408 2125 1283 13.296
    +145 Spins
    +527 Bullet
    +0.479 AI
    46 40 ELLA HENDERSON Ghost 908 841 67 2.683
    +21 Spins
    +13 Bullet
    +0.08 AI
    Urban AC:
    12 11 JENNIFER HUDSON It’s Your World f/R. Kelly 819 717 102 5.821
    -7 Spins
    -8 Bullet
    -0.03 AI
    14 17 M. LAMBERT & C. UNDERWOOD Somethin’ Bad 575 646 -71 3.294
    -20 Spins
    -12 Bullet
    -0.126 AI
    40 29 CARRIE UNDERWOOD Something In The Water 420 218 202 2.296
    +33 Spins
    +41 Bullet
    +0.147 AI
    Canada-Hot AC:
    5 6 HEDLEY Heaven In Our Headlights 1003 1025 -22 6.448
    +1 Spins
    +8 Bullet
    +0.084 AI
    Canada-Main AC:
    10 8 HEDLEY Heaven In Our Headlights 267 267 0 1.985
    +2 Spins
    +3 Bullet
    +0.059 AI
    Canada-Top 40:
    10 8 HEDLEY Heaven In Our Headlights 1213 1238 -25 6.374
    -6 Spins
    +5 Bullet
    -0.038 AI
    45 43 ELLA HENDERSON Ghost 228 189 39 1.217
    +11 Spins
    -8 Bullet
    +0.113 AI
    57 45 ONE DIRECTION Steal My Girl 185 88 97 0.889
    +18 Spins
    +4 Bullet
    +0.135 AI
    Christian AC:
    4 4 DANNY GOKEY Hope In Front Of Me 1272 1326 -54 6.068
    +6 Spins
    +15 Bullet
    -0.059 AI
    11 11 COLTON DIXON More Of You 773 686 87 3.717
    +23 Spins
    +19 Bullet
    +0.011 AI
    118 50 CARRIE UNDERWOOD Something In The Water 61 11 50 0.436

  2. 10/14/2014 – Itunes Top 1500 Singles and Albums (from LivePopBars)

    14. One Direction – Steal My Girl
    30. Carrie Underwood – Something in the Water
    94. Miranda Lambert – Somethin’ Bad (with Carrie Underwood) [Duet Version]
    122. Ella Henderson – Ghost
    146. Melanie Martinez – Carousel
    154. RaeLynn – God Made Girls
    160. Scotty McCreery – Feelin’ It
    165. Fifth Harmony – BO$$
    197. The Swon Brothers – Later On
    230. One Direction – Story of My Life
    243. Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse
    259. G.R.L. – Ugly Heart
    274. David Nail – Kiss You Tonight
    309. Alex & Sierra – Little Do You Know
    332. Taylor Phelan – Sweater Weather (The Voice Performance)
    350. One Direction – You & I
    375. Taylor John Williams – Heartless (The Voice Performance)
    396. Matt McAndrew – A Thousand Years (The Voice Performance)
    401. James David Carter – Nobody Knows (The Voice Performance)
    428. One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful
    448. The Swon Brothers – Pray for You
    459. Danny Gokey – Hope in Front of Me
    472. Bea Miller – Young Blood
    480. Phillip Phillips – Gone, Gone, Gone
    523. Alex & Sierra – Scarecrow
    557. Phillip Phillips – Home
    589. The Swon Brothers – Later On
    594. Carrie Underwood – Blown Away
    613. Daughtry – Battleships
    660. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
    704. David Nail – Whatever She’s Got
    714. Luke Wade – That’s How Strong My Love Is (The Voice Performance)
    769. Carrie Underwood – How Great Thou Art
    802. Daughtry – Waiting for Superman
    858. Anita Antoinette – Turn Your Lights Down Low (The Voice Performance)
    876. Jonathan Wyndham – Say Something (The Voice Performance)
    899. The Swon Brothers – Pretty Beautiful
    901. Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats
    912. Colton Dixon – More of You
    914. Lee DeWyze – Blackbird Song
    954. Mandisa – Overcomer
    1029. Jennifer Hudson – It’s Your World (feat. R. Kelly)
    1036. Phillip Phillips – Raging Fire
    1063. Scotty McCreery – See You Tonight
    1112. Elyjuh René – XO (The Voice Performance)
    1173. Carrie Underwood – Jesus, Take the Wheel
    1175. One Direction – Little Things
    1243. One Direction – Midnight Memories
    1280. Carrie Underwood – See You Again
    1299. Olly Murs – Dance With Me Tonight
    1333. Carrie Underwood – Two Black Cadillacs
    1345. Pentatonix – La La Latch
    1354. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
    1396. Pentatonix – Rather Be
    1404. Fifth Harmony – Me & My Girls
    1465. Fifth Harmony – Miss Movin’ On

    16. The Swon Brothers – The Swon Brothers
    24. One Direction – FOUR (Deluxe Version)
    39. Alex & Sierra – It’s About Us
    81. Pentatonix – PTX, Vol. III
    136. One Direction – Midnight Memories (Deluxe Edition)
    199. Melanie Martinez – Dollhouse – EP
    228. Pentatonix – That’s Christmas To Me
    255. One Direction – FOUR
    305. One Direction – Midnight Memories
    442. One Direction – Up All Night (Deluxe Version)
    445. One Direction – Take Me Home (Yearbook Edition)
    490. Pentatonix – PTX, Vol. II
    501. Avicii – True
    514. Jennifer Hudson – JHUD
    593. Pentatonix – PTX, Vol. 1
    703. Phillip Phillips – The World From the Side of the Moon (Deluxe Version)
    709. Bea Miller – Young Blood – EP
    745. Fifth Harmony – Reflection (Deluxe)
    774. Scotty McCreery – See You Tonight
    775. Phillip Phillips – Behind the Light (Deluxe Version)
    794. Carrie Underwood – Blown Away
    926. Daughtry – Baptized (Deluxe Version)
    947. Colton Dixon – Anchor
    983. Fifth Harmony – Better Together – EP
    1077. David Nail – I’m a Fire
    1091. Danny Gokey – Hope in Front of Me
    1121. Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway
    1179. Home Free – Crazy Life
    1225. Pentatonix – PTXmas (Deluxe Edition)
    1328. One Direction – Take Me Home

  3. I thought Alex & Sierra’s album would at least land in the Top 10 but OUCH! I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised though cause there was no promotion for it.

  4. What is up with that? Should he have had another lead-off single with Kelly or are Country sales slipping (hard to argue with 4 of the top 5 being country acts). Music not as good? People are tired of him? Cheating scandal tarnished his image? In any event, he’ll have his second number one album and fourth Country album topper.

    Jason’s lead single this time is a smash – has already sold platinum and is going to hit #1 country airplay this week. I guess a high profile duet could have spiked album preorders (as they did Miranda Lambert’s earlier this year to help her top her previous best opening week). But as much as I’m not into his lead single, I don’t think it’s the problem this time around.

    Country sales are definitely slipping. Country album sales are down 22.3% year to year compared to the 14.4% overall decline in album sales according to this article. Just last week, Blake Shelton wayyyyyy underperformed industry expectations with the 1st week sales of his new album. So I think the market’s definitely one major reason. I’d like to think there’s also bro country fatigue but the question is whether country’s going to find something else that can drive excitement. J

    Jason’s current album & previous album were nowhere near the level of his smash album My Kinda Party in terms of melodies and overall song quality so that could be a factor too, but I’ve learned not to assume my taste is going to match the market’s. Jason’s really transitioned out of the “growing up in with small town values” focused songs to party/loverman style songs and it could be some of his longtime fans are dropping off. Too, bro country’s focus on the younger demo may have exposed country sales to a streaming demo. Last but not least, the country release schedule from late August through the end of the year is absolutely packed, so country fans may be picking and choosing.

    We’ll see how the rest of the year goes. I think Sam Hunt’s sales may be something to watch – he seems very likely to be the next breakout from the country market, though his own music is not country at all (he’s cowritten country hits in the past for Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban).

  5. I think something is up with Alex & Sierra’s numbers, they were in the top 10 on iTunes for a little bit too long to only sell 2000 copies. Unless I’m missing something.

  6. We have someone new to add to the watch list. Bethany Mota from DWTS has a single and it’s #7!!

    I guess everyone wants to be a singer.

    ETA: some of the battle duets from last night’s Voice are charting, but they are listed under 2 names.

  7. iTunes hasn’t reported. Maybe they were emphasizing digital over physical.

    That’s why I posted a question yesterday about whether they had a limited number of retailers.

  8. Wonder if the Columbus Day holiday has effected HDD’s normal reporting schedule.

  9. Opening with somewhere around 300k for Aldean is impressive in this climate. To see so many others, in all genres, that I thought would do better opening in the 50k range has been pretty scary.

  10. As others have said, Itnes numbers may not be in, but more importantly, being in the top ten on ITunes is not an indicator that an artist is selling a lot of albums. We’ve had alums who have been in the top spot for a few days, but when the numbers were released the’d only sold 5K albums.

  11. Reporting in from Billboard Country Update and Country Aircheck:

    There were 2 Billboard recurrents this week: Cole Swindell’s Hope You Get Lonely Tonight out of the t10, and the Swon Brothers’s Later On went recurrent out of the t15. At Aircheck/Mediabase, there was 1 recurrent: Dustin Lynch’s Where It’s At out of the t10. This coming week at Billboard, there’s a chance Brothers Osborne’s Rum will go recurrent out of the t30 (unfortunately), Justin Moore’s Home Sweet Home cover is clearly done (his Big Machine label Valory Records has announced his new single) and due to go recurrent out of the t40 (I don’t know how it’s still on the chart tbh – it had a bullet last week but has lost AIs at least 3 consecutive weeks), and Jana Kramer’s Love is at risk of going recurrent out of the t40. So there could be anywhere from 0 to 3 recurrents at Billboard this week. At Aircheck/Mediabase, Cole Swindell’s single will go recurrent out of the t15, and Justin Moore’s Home Sweet Home cover will probably fall off the chart.

    Miranda/Carrie’s Somethin Bad had an OK week gaining 880k AIs and moving up a spot to #7 Billboard in its 21st week charting (18th week since being sent to radio). The Brantley brodown closed to 221k AIs behind by outgaining SB by 1.232 million AIs so that could repass this week. A possible warning sign is that SB took a small hit on the Country Indicator chart this week – if it has peaked there, then in the absence of a rescue push then a peak on the main chart should follow the following week. SB did have a negative MB update this morning, but that’s because of an abnormally high gain on last Monday’s chart. I think SB probably has a couple more bulleted weeks left in it – my guess is Sony Nashville would like to put some space in between Carrie’s solo single and the next Miranda single. But I think Miranda will perform her next single at the CMAs in a few weeks. Look for SB to finish the week at either #7 or #8.

    At Aircheck/Mediabase, SB had a so-so week gaining 407 points and moving up a spot to #8. It lost ground to the Brantley Gilbert brodown and now trails it by 363 points. SB starts the week with 1540 point lead on the #9 song so it’s unlikely it will be passed this week. But it’s also unlikely it’ll pass anybody this week unless Luke Bryan’s Roller Coaster crashes in its 2nd drop week (it peaked at #1), and that’s unlikely. So look for SB to finish the week at #8.

    The Swon Brothers’s Later On went recurrent at Billboard after 33 weeks on the chart and after peaking at #13.

    At Aircheck/Mediabase, LO lost its bullet and 705 points. LO is officially done after a #13 peak here too. More than respectable showing, though LO never really generated the sales to match its airplay. The next single is “Pray For You,” so we’ll see if the Swon Brother can be the 1st Voice contestant alums to follow 1 hit with another hit.

    Scotty’s Feelin It had an OK week at Billboard gaining 601k AIs and moving up 3 spots to #15 in its 27th week. Tim McGraw’s Shotgun Rider closed to 569k AIs behind after outgaining FI by 1.615 million AIs and will pass this week. Brad Paisley’s Perfect Storm closed to 1.471 million AIs behind after outgaining FI by 1.261 million AIs and could pass this week. Carrie’s Something In The Water trails by 3.387 million AIs and could threaten depending on its bounceback week. My guess though is FI will stay ahead of SITW for another week. Look for FI to finish the week down a spot or 2 to #16 or #17.

    At Aircheck/Mediabase, FI had an OK week gaining 303 points and moving up a spot to #17. Brad Paisley’s Perfect Storm closed to 450 points behind after outgaining FI by 863 points and Tim McGraw’s Shotgun Rider closed to 493 points behind after outgaining FI by 1197 points so look for them to both pass this week. That will be offset by the Swon Brothers dropping below in all likelihood and the 1 recurrency, so look for FI to finish the week at #17.

    Carrie’s Something In The Water had the 2nd week hangover due to the hourly spins on its debut day in its 1st week, but held up pretty well, dropping just 1 spot to #18 with a loss of 3.653 million AIs. T40 countdown spins and the 1st wave of t30 countdown spins helped soften the blow this week. Chase Bryant now trails by 302k AIs but I think SITW will extend its lead this week. SITW trails Brad’s single by 2.216 million AIs and Tim’s single by 3.318 million AIs. I’m guessing they’ll both stay ahead for now though SITW may close on them plus Scotty’s single this week. Look for SITW to hold at #18 Billboard.

    At Aircheck/Mediabase, SITW actually moved up a spot to #24 and lost only 50 points in its 2nd week, which is a pretty nice result considering its loss of the hourly spins of its debut day (SITW did have an extra day on this week’s Mediabase chart compared to its debut week though). This week will be SITW’s 1st “normal” week of airplay. SITW will see the benefits of the 2nd day of the 1st wave of t30 countdown spins plus t40 countdown spins on this week’s chart (they’re already counted on this week’s Billboard chart). SITW will also pick up the 2nd wave of t30 countdown spins this weekend – the bulk of that will show up on next week’s Mediabase chart and this week’s Billboard chart. SITW started the week 1306 points behind the #23 song, 1550 points behind the #22 song and 1628 points behind the #21 song after the #21 and #22 songs had pretty flat weeks. Add in the 1 recurrency and there’s a chance SITW will finish the week at #20. But that depends on the kind of airplay it picks up this week.

    David Nail’s Kiss You Tonight had a nice week at Billboard gaining 1.133 million and moving up 2 spots to #22 in its 31st week charting. I hope I’m not jinxing this but I’m pretty sure KYT is starting to pick up t20 conversions and is no more than 2 chart weeks from making t20. This would mark the 1st time in his career David Nail has been able to follow a t10 hit with a t20 hit. KYT closed to 365k AIs behind Rascal Flatts’s Payback after outgaining it by 1.102 million AIs, so look for KYT to pass Payback this week. There’s also a chance KYT will pass Garth Brooks’s People Loving People, which it now trails by 1.184 million AIs after outgaining PLP by 1.288 million AIs. So look for KYT to finish the week up a spot to #21, maybe #20 if it can pass Garth.

    At Aircheck/MB KYT had a decent week gaining 478 points and moving up a spot to #23. KYT closed to 244 points behind Rascal Flatts’s struggling Payback and 322 points behind Garth Brooks’s People Like Us (which has also struggles since its 1st week) by outgaining them by 452 and 462 points, respectively. That puts KYT in position to pass both with a good enough week this week. Carrie’s SITW could repass this week, though KITY currently has a 1306 point lead. Look for KYT to finish the week at #20 or #21, and in a good position to make the MB t20 by the end of next week at the latest.

    RaeLynn’s God Made Girls had a flat week at Billboard, losing 5k AIs but maintaining its bullet and moving up 2 spots to #33 in its 15th week. Jake Owen’s What We Ain’t Got closed to 144k AIs behind after outgaining GMG by 338k AIs so he could repass this week. There are no other likely passers unless Toby Keith’s new single is getting hourly plays across the Clear Channel board, and I don’t think it is (not sure though – there are some stations that doing an hourly debut, but I don’t think it’s the whole Clear Channel country set). So look for GMG to finish the week anywhere between #32 and #34, depending on recurrents.

    At Aircheck/MB GMG had a meh week gaining 98 points and dropping 2 spots to #35 because Lee Brice, Thomas Rhett, and Kenny Chesney all passed. The good news is GMG is safe from being passed this week and should finish the week up a spot to #34 (insert above Toby Keith disclaimer here but I don’t think he’ll debut in front).

    Trisha Yearwood’s PrizeFighter featuring Kelly had a flat week at Billboard gaining 93k AIs and moving up 2 spots to #43. Toby Keith is likely to debut in front due to promotional airplay. Amazing Race alum Canaan Smith’s Love You Like That closed to 274k AIs behind after outgaining PF by 551k AIs so odds are he will pass this week. The Band Perry’s cover of Glen Campbell’s Gentle On My Mind started the week 673k AIs behind after outgaining PF by 819k AIs so that could pass this week. Florida Georgia Line’s gross new single Sun Daze is also a likely candidate to pass this week now that Dirt has peaked. So PF could finish the week anywhere between #43 and #47, depending on recurrents and passers.

    At Aircheck/MB PF had a meh week gaining 154 points and moved up a spot to #48. If Toby Keith’s new single gets promotional airplay this week it could debut in front but other than that, there’s no immediate threat to pass. So look for PF to finish the week up 2 spots to #46, maybe #45 if it can make up the 187 points gap with Montgomery Gentry (whom PF outgained by 34 points this week).

    Idol related ads: None this week

    Recommended reading: Billboard Country Update leads with a profile/interview/feature on Little Big Town focused on their excellent new album Pain Killer, which is out next week (10/21) and is streaming this week on Itunes Radio. The album showcases their fantastic harmonies, some strong solos, a slinky/funky 70s sound made contemporary – it definitely sets LBT apart in the market, and the songs range from giddy love songs to a giddy friendship song to a cool single white female type song to party songs to breakup songs. I’d really recommend it – it’s a fresh mix of country, pop, and rock, but not in the formulaic way the bros of country are doing it. Producer Jay Joyce does another strong job here, which makes me hopeful we’ll eventually hear his work with Kelly and Carrie, respectively. Here’s the link to listen to the new LBT album on Itunes Radio.

    Aircheck leads with interviews of some radio/label participants in the 4th annual No Shave November for St. Jude’s Kids on the strategies that led to their fundraising success last year. Aircheck also has a nice recap of Night 1 of Alan Jackson’s Artist In Residence show for the Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum. Alan debuted a new song at the show called “Angels & Alcohol,” which is slated for a new album he’ll release via his own imprint/EMI Nashville.

  12. CHART DATE: 10/13/2014
    LAST UPDATE: 10/14/2014 13:53:50

    LW TW artist / album label sales index % change

    7 12 MAROON 5 222/INTERSCOPE 21,097 -38% V
    28 32 NOW 51 NOW 9,991 -11% VARIOUS ARTISTS

  13. see, nothing screwy about A&S’s numbers…they’re right where they were predicted to be ;p

  14. Tessanne Chin’s album was in the Top 6 on itunes when her album came out and she sold 7k her first week….

  15. Tessanne’s album touched 6 briefly. A&S were #3 for over 48 hours. Big difference!

  16. Monitored Adds:

    Top 40:
    One Direction (Steal My Girl) – 35
    Bea Miller (Young Blood) – 7
    Ella Henderson (Ghost) – 3
    Canada Country:
    Carrie Underwood (Something In The Water) – 2
    Canada HAC:
    One Direction (Steal My Girl) – 1
    Phillip Phillips (Unpack Your Heart) – 1
    Canada Top 40:
    One Direction (Steal My Girl) – 6
    Ella Henderson (Ghost) – 3

  17. For me, I liked Jason when he was country – can’t stand him now. Hate his single

  18. Where are The Swon Brothers? Didn’t their album get released yesterday?

    YOUR EARLY READS: Next week’s retail picture is still a bit hazy, but we have a few early numbers for y’all to chaw on.

    Florida Georgia Line (Republic Nashville) 180-200k
    Bob Seger (Capitol) 50-60k
    You+Me (RCA) 40-50k
    Hoodie Allen (Hoodie Allen) 35-45k
    U2 (Interscope) 25-30k
    Jessie J (Lava/Republic) 20-25k
    Nico & Vinz (Warner Bros.) 10-15k

    We’ll have a clearer picture tomorrow morning; please take these figures with the requisite grain of salt.


  19. Country sales are getting hit with the same thing that hit other genres — people switching to streaming media and digital on demand. Not sure what to this of major new releases from proven artists selling less than 50K.

  20. I didn’t follow XFUSA. How do A&S’s sales stack up against other XFUSAers’ numbers? Not just winners; I know their winners were underwhelming (or non-existent), but I’ve heard a bit about some of their other contestants.

  21. Winners:
    –Melanie Amaro never released an album. (presumably dropped by label)
    –Tate Stevens opened at ~17k and #18 on the BB 200.(definitely dropped by label)

    –Fifth Harmony’s EP opened at 28k, #6 on BB 200 (still with label, releasing album this holiday season).
    –Emblem 3’s album opened at 46k, also #7 on BB 200 (no longer with label)

    There are probably others who’ve released music, but those are XFUSA’s successes. A&S aren’t setting the world on fire, but they aren’t way out of line with XFUSA history, either.

  22. I’d keep an eye on Bea Miller. She released an EP. It hasn’t sold much but her single got a bunch of Top 40 adds I want to say last week or the week before, and Carson Daly’s show named her as an artist to watch (or the artist of the week, I forget which), so she’s getting a bit of promo.

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