Happy Birthday Siobhan Magnus! – VIDEO

Siobhan Magnus turns 20 today. Not that she’ll have much time to celebrate it, as she rehearses her performance of “Paint it Black” for Tuesday’s Rolling Stones-themed Top 12 episode.

Happy New Year My Bestie motion pos...
Happy New Year My Bestie motion poster video

For an idea of how Siobhan might handle “Paint it Black” check out her performance of Ten Years After’s trippy “I’d Love to Change The World” after the jump. And for a completely different side of Siobhan, watch her perform in a couple of her high school musicals…

Videos after the JUMP…

I’d Love to Change the World

Siobhan at Barnstable High

Siobhan at Barnstable High

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  1. Wow! The first vid in white dress..not sure if that was Siobhan (my eyesight not so good ahora) until towards the end when she smiled at her partner. She really knows how to throw her voice out… this is like watching a Disney show. Hehe. :)

  2. The next time I hear one of these judges say something stupid like “I’m not sure what kind of an artist you’ll be” to Siobhan I feel like slapping them in the face.

    Siobhan is one of the most well rounded contestants ever on this show and she could choose multiple genres to go into if she’d like so that stupid comment they love to say when they can’t come up with anything else is really irrelevant when it comes to Siobhan.

  3. Oh wow, HB Miss Magnus!!!!People are gonna say shes screaming but we have heard that before. I love her take of Change the World. She’s awsome. I hope she can do a little of that for grouchy old Simon. My only remark is she needs to move around a little where the song will let her. She’s really trying to keep on key, and doing a good job of it. Excited for her tomorrow nite.

  4. Oh wow, HB Miss Magnus!!!!People are gonna say shes screaming but we have heard that before.

    They say that because she’s screaming.

  5. My only remark is she needs to move around a little where the song will let her.

    Definitely. Way too stiff. Maybe she was nervous. Is this a recent video?

    This girl seems mega-talented and she’s interesting. At this point, I hope Siobhan wins Season 9.

  6. Interesting vids. I thought the Ten Years After tune started out a little rough, as if she wasn’t quite sure how to sing something straight and make it interesting, but I did like her ripping it up later in the song. In the first musical vid (Pirates of Penzance?), she sounds stellar. But there she probably was singing within strict parameters; it’s not like she could just go riffing on G&S. Same deal on the Barnum vid. Hopefully her vocal self-awareness and sense of musicality have developed enough for her to take on the genre nights AI will throw her way. I’m relying on Siobhan to rescue this season of AI from being a snooze-fest.

  7. This girl is really growing on me. I have had her ILTCTW performance and House of Rising Sun on repeat all week.

  8. Geeeeez, I would never have believed she had that in her had I not just heard it for myself (the HS production). What an awesome set of pipes there! Hope she gets a chance to show her range during the show. Amazing. Siobhan FTW. (unless it’s Crystal :) because she’s my other fav)

  9. Yep, she’s got a pretty nice voice. I’m intrigued that we really haven’t heard much of the quality that comes out in her theatre performances. She should test that a little and see what kind of reaction she gets.

    That school must have some cash. I know *my* high school didn’t have sets and costumes like that even in our wildest dreams.

  10. Goodness, I am ready for this girl to BRING IT. I can’t wait to see her grow over this season.

    Save the glass blower–Save season 9!

  11. Didn’t somebody compare her to Ronstadt the other day? Funny that Siobhan has also exercised her more-a-pop-and-rocker-than-a-Gilbert-and-Sullivan-ite voice in Pirates of Penzance!

  12. The recording of I’d Love To Change The World was not very good, so it was hard for me to tell how she did, really. I thought her voice was very muffled, plus I don’t know the song, so had nothing to compare it to. Having said all that, I love Siobhan, and feel she and Crystal are Season 9’s only hope at this point. Maybe some of the others can step up their game this week, but I have my doubts.

    And since I’m here, Happy Birthday, girl!

  13. Happy Birthday, Siobhan! The girl can sing. THe sound on “I’d Love To Change The World’ wasn’t very good. Hard to hear her singing. But she was fantastic in the school musicals.

  14. She’s bad ass. Clearly all she’s capable of hasn’t come out on Idol yet.

  15. THe sound on “I’d Love To Change The World’ wasn’t very good. Hard to hear her singing. But she was fantastic in the school musicals.

    THIS. She’s got great range. She really growing on me since Wednesday. Happy birthday Siobhan! :)

  16. Happydaisy: sometimes the stage can be a bit small and you can’t really move much without knocking things over.

    Ross: It is screaming if all the person is doing is being very loud without any musicality. If you are hitting a musical note i.e. Maybel in Pirates of Penzance, then you are not screaming. Siobhan is still musical when she cuts loose.

    Keep in mind that those musicals were done when Magnus was pretty young. Possibly a sophomore or junior in high school, so I think she was still developing as a performer. What I hear is a person who connects wonderfully with her music. I’m really enjoying her performances on Idol, not sure she can win, but she definitely has earned my votes.

  17. I used to have this feeling with Melinda Doolittle, but there’s something about Siobhan that I don’t quite fall in with it. I actually think it’s kind of a Melinda like thing for me – she’s very very self conscious. I can feel her sort of feeling for the notes, as opposed to really feeling the song. This is likely a question of taste, not talent.

    Anyway, I believe she’ll eventually win, and it will be mildly interesting to see if she goes Kelly or Blake Lewis. ;)

  18. As a former choir geek/musical theatre person in HS, I get a nerdy joy from watching these videos. Siobhan is amazing. I just KNEW she was a trained vocalist. I’d love to see her win (or Crystal too – now that Lilly, Katelyn, and Alex are gone, these two are my faves).

  19. I love this girl…she woulda been my friend in high school. But, yeah, what’s up with the stiff left arm in change the world up there?? it did.not. move. loosen up girl!!! and happy birthday!! she’ll make for good interviews on leno and stuff I think.

    actually, none of the ladies really seem to be here to entertain AND sing. nope, playing a guitar is not entertaining to me. big mike is the only one who’s not frozen of all of ’em. todrick was pretty good too, at keeping me watching.

  20. My favorite contestant of the season, and this just proves why! Love this girl! Thanks for posting the vids that prove the range and style this talent is capable of (apologies for ending on a preposition)!

  21. When does Master Class Lady start her analysis? Top 12? Siobhan has a lovely trained voice. Pirates is a tough show for a high school to take on. I’m sure her voice has only matured since then.

    She’s my overall pick, I hope she chooses some interesting stuff.

    What’s interesting is she did musicals so obviously had to learn some dialog, yet her conversational speech pattern is so, um unique!

    Lol. She’s not screaming, I hear fully supported notes. Yes, they are high. But it’s no Scream On.

  22. I like Siobahn a lot. I think Simon is pimping Crystal, but I don’t connect with her. I think playing an instrument is cool but unless you can really rip it up like Orianthi or Matt G. not that impressive to me. As for those who wonder why Siobahn isn’t singing on Idol like she did in her high school musicals, anything deemed “Broadway” is the kiss of death. That being said she kind of reminds me of the lead on Glee who had huge roles on Broadway, Spring Awakening for one. At this moment my mind is drawing a blank; can’t remember her name. I think she could very well be a contender but I don’t think she will win.

  23. Happy birthday Siobhan. This girl has to win!! She has it all. The looks, voice, personality. She is adorable!

  24. Revcat – it is Lea Michele as Wendla Bergman in “Spring Awakening.”

  25. Her voice sounds operatic to me. I wonder if she has had any formal training. Her explaination of hitting the high note on “Think” was that she learned it from Kelly and first hit it in the shower……well, I don’t think I believe that now, lol. I think these notes are coming either natural to her (raw talent) or she has had tons of vocal training.

  26. ^shes come from a very poor family. has to look after her siblings because her dad has some sort of disability or something. It was in a wb documentary featured here a while ago.

    so i doubt shes had the money for lots of vocal training. no doubt raw talent. her father is also a singer and her uncle was in a band i believe.

  27. ^shes come from a very poor family. has to look after her siblings because her dad has some sort of disability or something. It was in a wb documentary featured here a while ago.

    so i doubt shes had the money for lots of vocal training. no doubt raw talent. her father is also a singer and her uncle was in a band i believe.

    Yeah I doubt she had any vocal training. It seems like her life has been pretty hard at a very young age. Wonder why the producers are not pimping her story.
    This is the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bd-7j7YY9Tg

  28. Give Siobhan a couple more weeks to let loose. She’ll do just fine and more. I ahve also picked her for the win with a Finale featuring her and Crystal.

    Lucy, thank you for mentioning Linda Ronstadt. That’s who I was thinking of. Perfect comparison.

    sr4mjc, Masterclass Lady will be filling us in with her wisdom and critique this week!

  29. Siobhan singing Gilbert & Sullivan?!? OMG!!!! That just raised my appreciation of her talent thousand-fold! Being able to sing G & S is indeed a talent.

    The “Patter” songs of Gilbert & Sullivan are INCREDIBLE! They are virtual tongue-twisters, which start out slow, and speed up as the song continues on. The role of ‘Mabel’ does not have one in “Pirates” but Mabel’s father, the Major-General does, and it is one of Gilbert & Sullivan’s most famous ones, “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-Generalhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSloW2coCDQ

  30. She is a very good singer, as well is Crystal, so I hope there is a tie, -ha, it won’t happen.

  31. Thank you so much for linking that video whatever4444. The more I hear/see of her, the more I like her as a person. I’m surprised AI hasn’t used some of her backstory also, rather than giving us the idea she’s goofy and such. Maybe AI didn’t give us that idea, but the blogs are tending to paint her that way. She appears to be a pretty smart cookie with a lot of responsibility (especially with the siblings).

  32. I love her raw, unaffected talent. Siobhan can hit the notes of a diva, but does not have a personality of a diva. She is quirky and refreshing as a person.

    I hope the finale comes down to Siobhan and Crystal at this point. I don’t care who wins.

    Crystal’s style is what I like and I know I would buy her album now and attend a concert now, but Siobhan is definitely growing on me. I believe her “House of the Rising Sun” last week was an entire moment regardless of what Simon says.

    Happy Birthday Siobhan!!!

    Also, I do wish the vocals would have been louder on “I Can Change the World”, but from what I could tell, she did goooooood! I can see her moving around the stage a lot more this week, since she already did two weeks ago.

  33. Are you kidding me? Listen to the first musical youtube vid posted here. No one sings like that without vocal training, and I mean no one. The phrasing, the control of tone, the vibrato. I’m not suggesting she’s some child of privilege, but she’s had formal vocal training all right. (And good for her, I think she’s a great singer.)

  34. Well, well,well! My instincts were bang on, Yayyyyy!!! By her second audition number, I figured this girl was going to uncoil from her chrysalis,and that she was going to take us on a journey.By the time I heard her pure vocals on HOTRS, I was sure of it.
    And who said Idol would ‘never be as exciting’ after Adam (who is
    fabulously exciting still).
    I think Simon has just been playing with us!!!!!,or he is has
    I,too, do not care if Siobhan wins, or if Crystle wins,because she
    wins just by existing within the context of everything that has
    hammered this bit of musical gold into this piece of human art.
    Happy birthday picean Siobhan Magnus!!!
    This is Your Life….Begin your journey that you have been preparing for all your life!

    Quite possible her father has partially trained her if he was trained??.
    My own Mother was trained for years, for free, as such as a small
    city can offer. She sang for a couple years, popular music, locally
    before meeting my father, who never even provided her with a piano!

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