Grace Kinstler Drops “Pray For You” Inspired by Late Father

Grace Kinstler

Grace Kinstler dropped the deeply personal new song, “Pray For You” on Friday (Aug 19). The American Idol season 19 2nd runner-up co-wrote the song with Gray Hawken, who also produced the song.

In an Instagram post, Grace shared insight in the the lyrics of the song and how they connect to her journey so far. She describes how her father’s death and her parent’s relationship shaped her approach to finding her boyfriend, Joe.

“This song was inspired by a love I grew up seeing with my parents: pure, unconditional love,” Grace wrote. “No one in life is stagnant, inevitably you will grow and change over time.” She continues, “Here in 2022, where it’s all about “convenience,” it seems challenging to find someone who will weather those storms of change with you. This song is about my realization that I’ve done just that.”

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“Even though the seasons change and feelings rearrange I’ll always run away with you. Even if we can’t explain who or what to blame I’ll still be coming home to you.”

Grace describes the impact her father’s death had on the family. “When my dad died on February 5th of 2020, many people don’t know this, but Joe bought a plane ticket that morning and flew home with me and the clothes on his back. We had only been dating for about 4 months.”

“Broken and bleeding, you gave me reason. Oh, I’ll be there by your side when the sky comes crashing down. Sky comes crashing down.”

Grace’s mom received flowers from her dad after he died

“Since my dad’s passing, I’ve seen how my parents’ love still remains. ” Grace explains. “On February 14th of 2020, 9 days after he died, my mother received two dozen roses with a note from him. No, he didn’t send them from the other side, but he did order them far in advance to make sure she’d get them like she had every year prior. She had those roses preserved and keeps them in a frame with his memory card.”

“If I’m six feet underground, I’ll still be there when you’re calling.”

“Through these events, I’ve never been 100% certain about my relationship with religion or God.” Grace confesses. “Why do the good die young? I’ve seen it time and time again beyond just my father.” However, “Despite this, I do still pray. I don’t know where it goes or what it does, but just in case, I pray. Especially for the ones I hold closest. To be happy, healthy and to live long lives- not leave not leave prematurely.”

“I don’t know if I believe in God, but I can’t deny I still pray for you.”

Grace ends her message, “I hope you can find meaning for yourself within this song too.”

Recently, the big voiced singer appeared on an American Idol special with other alums to celebrate the iconic show’s 20th anniversary. She joined season 19 runner-up Willie Spence for a duet of  Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be.” Fans can catch her singing covers and riffs on Tik Tok where she has amassed nearly half a million followers and millions of views. Grace’s social media game is A+.

Grace finished American Idol in third place in 2021 behind runner-up Willie Spence and winner Chayce Beckham.

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