Glee Song Preview! Raise Your Glass – Warblers (Plus 6 more song previews)

Check out a preview of the Darren Criss, Chris Colfer and the Dalton Warblers singing Pink’s “Raise Your Glass” from the upcoming Glee “Original Song” episode.

While Shepherds Watched their Flock...
While Shepherds Watched their Flocks | Christmas Sing-Along with Lyrics

Source: Billboard

I LOVE IT. So infectious and full of joy. I’m so downloading this when it’s available. What do you think?

UPDATE: I’ve added more songs from the episode, including two original songs (“Loser Like Me” “Get it Right), “Blackbird” sung by Chris Colfer, “Hell to the No” sung by Amber Riley, and “Misery” and “Candles” by Darren and Chris and the Warblers.

Audio after the JUMP…

Raise Your Glass

Raise Your Glass

More songs from “Original”

“Blackbird” (Kurt), “Hell to the No”, an original song sung by Mercedes,   “Misery” (Kurt and Blaine) and  “Candles” (Kurt and Blaine) can be heard HERE.

Loser Like Me – (Rachel, Finn Glee Cast, Co-written by Max Martin)

Get it Right – Rachel (co-written by Adam Anders)

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  1. All the songs for this episode are now out on various sites. I flove “Raise Your Glass” and “Misery”. “Candles” is a fail for me, it will be the only song with Darren/Warblers/Bubs singing that I *don’t* buy. I just don’t care to listen to it outside of the show. I think it just has too much Chris in it, it would probably work for me if it were just Darren singing. Chris is lovely on “Blackbird” though. How are they going to fit 7 songs into one episode?

    (Misery and Blackbird are at

  2. MJ, here are the links for the other songs from 2×16:
    Misery & Blackbird, plus ND’s original songs

    I’m loving Raise Your Glass, Misery and Blackbird so very very much. Darren’s voice is sublime on the first two, and I love Chris’ use of his lower register on the latter.
    Candles is also lovely to my ears, but I like the original song a lot less than the other three, so it’s not on the same level. Darren and Chris do sound lovely together, though.I honestly mostly care about the Warblers songs, so eh… haven’t listened to the ND songs yet. LOL

  3. Overall it sounds like it is going to be a good week for music on Glee. I really like Blackbird the best (is this a sign that Kurt is ready to leave his gilded cage and return to his old school) but Hell to the No is very funny.

  4. @soamused says:
    03/11/2011 at 12:07 pm
    So funny, I love “candles” for exactly the same reasons why you don’t like it… Missed Chris’ singing voice so much, even though I do have to acknowledge that Blaine is a better singer than Chris…

  5. Its so funny. I can’t really listen to the songs outside of the show context initially.:) I have to watch the episode first. LOL.

  6. Axxxel, Chris is an excellent singer. I think Blaine is a better *pop* singer than Chris, but I think Chris’ voice shines in solos like Blackbird and the Evita song. I just find Chris’ voice jarring in pop and in duets with a masculine voice.

  7. Everytime I listen to Raise Your Glass there’s a split second where I think it’s P!nk.

  8. I am stilll trying to figure out my fav Warbler song..
    Why are there 4 Warbler song this episode? Won’t they be back next week….? :S
    I heard that they lose during the Regionals… can someone confirm that?

    Also, MJ now that the blog looks different, what happens to the tags? Before I could go to ‘Glee’ tag to check out all the related Glee posts. Is there a way to do that now?

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