American Idol 10 Top 13 Results Recap Roundup

‘American Idol’ on the scene for Top 13 results: Adam Lambert > Diddy Dirty Money

With 10 minutes to go before last night’s American Idol results show went liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive (that’s for you, Barrett), Cory the Warm Up Comic debuted a new audience participation salsa jazzercise element to his warm up routine. With 5 minutes to go, one of my fellow Idol journo’s informed our back row press gaggle that Casey Abrams was back in the hospital again. The Idol gods giveth with one hand, and taketh with another, I suppose.



American Idol Recap: The Goodbye Girl

In case you had any worries, Ryan Seacrest’s sadistic streak is not only alive and well, but “wonderfully” reinvigorated after a 10-month hibernation period. On Thursday night’s American Idol Top 13 results show telecast, our host played Road Runner to MySpace Contestant Karen Rodriguez’s Wile E. Coyote, lulling her into a false sense of security just to dangle her back out over the precipice of possible elimination. “You are all safe!” he gleefully announced to Karen and fellow contestants Jacob Lusk and Stefano Langone at the midway point of the show, before taking a deep breath and adding this gut-kick of an addendum: “Except Karen, this evening.” Talk about dropping an anvil on top of a gal’s head!

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‘Idol’ Top 13 Results Night: Casey Goes M.I.A., Lambert Goes Acoustic, Ashthon Goes Home

The saddest thing about Thursday’s “American Idol” results show wasn’t the fact that Ashthon Jones went home, or even that she desperately sang for that elusive Judges’ Save and was tearfully turned down by Jennifer Lopez. (As if anyone other than Ashthon thought there was a snowball-in-hell’s chance that the judges would squander their sole Get Out Of Jail Free card of the season in week one. Come on.) No, the real tragedy was that standout contestant Casey Abrams wasn’t there in person to receive the good news that he’d made it through or give Ashthon a proper goodbye.

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‘American Idol’ Live: Adam Lambert and James Durbin, the next great bromance?

Remember this date, “American Idol” fans: Thursday, Mar. 10. It was the day that former contestant Adam Lambert and current contestant James Durbin came face-to-face, proving once and for all that they are not the same person.

The two singers have been compared to each other quite a bit since Durbin’s first audition thanks to their similar voices, style and “screams.” Lambert tweeted about the comparisons last week, saying, “While we both have a rock scream, I think we’re pretty different stylistically.”



Kirstin At ‘Idol:’ Aww…Adam Lambert Freaked Out When He Met Steven Tyler!

One of the perks of getting to see the live tapings of American Idol is witnessing what happens during the commercial breaks. However, tonight was even more special than usual because one of my favorite Idol alums, the one-and-only Adam Lambert, was in the house — and the energy was electrifying.

You all watched Adam, 29, sing an acoustic version of his song, “Aftermath, ” to benefit The Trevor Project, but what you DIDN’T see was his interaction with the three judges afterward. At first, Adam and Ryan Seacrest stood center stage chatting for a bit (with their mics off, unfortunately!). Randy Jackson couldn’t get up on stage fast enough to congratulate his former contestant with a big hug, while Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez stayed back at the judges’ table.

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Live at American Idol: Are Adam Lambert and James Durbin BFFs or Bitter Rivals?

We’ve heard the buzz that James Durbin is this season’s Adam Lambert, we’ve seen Glambert fans attack the comparison, and we’ve read what Adam and James have had to say about each other in the press, but what really happened when they came face-to-face on the stage of American Idol at Thursday night’s elimination show?

From our seat behind the judges table we saw the official meet-and-greet that had Lambert fans scooping their jaws up off the ground:



‘American Idol’: ‘One Voted Off’ Recap

As dramatic as ‘American Idol’ tries to be, there was really no suspense in tonight’s send off of the struggling Ashthon Jones.

Add to the lack of drama the fact that we were forced to sit through entire segments devoted to promoting ‘Red Riding Hood, ‘ (with Casey and James fighting over Gary Oldman at the premiere), P. Diddy Puffy Daddy Money’s tour and as usual, Ford, and the whole hour becomes a tiresome affair.

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‘Idol’ audience rejects judges’ wild-card pick

A week ago, the “American Idol” judges gave three wild-card spots to contestants whom the viewers didn’t consider to be among the top 10, completing the field of 13 finalists.

In the first week of voting since then, the audience gave one of them right back.

Ashthon Jones did not take advantage of her second chance, becoming the unlucky 13th-place finisher. Her Diana Ross number on Wednesday didn’t convince the skeptics that they were wrong on their initial assessment, so her exit wasn’t much of a shock, though it did cause all the fans of Lauren Turner, Kendra Chantelle and Robbie Rosen to note that their favorite runner-up couldn’t have done any worse.



‘American Idol’ 2011: …and then there were 12

It’s “American Idol” results night, in which 13 finalists will be turned into 12. In honor of the occasion, judge Steven Tyler is wearing a duster coat with fur print lining, and judge Jennifer Lopez is dressed as a jonquil. Judge Randy Jackson just got pulled out of the gym.

On tonight’s show, P Puff Diddy Daddy Dirty Money is going to sell some tickets to his upcoming concert tour, and Adam Lambert is going to sing.

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