Glee Season 6 Spoilers – “Loser Like Me” Details!

Glee Season 6 Spoilers Loser Like Me Klaine

Beginning round two of the Glee Season 6 spoilers fest! Yesterday, I posted the full list of song spoilers, plus production credits, for the Glee Season 6 premiere “Loser Like Me.”

Glee Season 6 Spoilers: Premiere Title and FULL Song List!

Now today, I bring you episode details! I tried to answer the most pressing questions fans of the show wanted answered. Once again: Don’t shoot the messenger! And, if you use my spoilers I would like a credit as AND a link bank.

Enjoy! Or maybe not.

Glee Season 6 Spoilers Loser Like Me

  • The time frame is fall. As I mentioned in my last spoiler post, there is a 6 month-ish time jump between season 5 and season 6.
  • Rachel, Blaine, Kurt, Sam, Figgins, Will, Sue, Karofsky, and some others I’ll mention in a bit, ARE in this episode.
  • Artie, Mercedes, Santana  are NOT in the episode.
  • Rachel’s pilot goes to series, but it bombs. The show is quickly cancelled. The fallout renders her Hollywood career dead in the water. Having burned her bridges on Broadway she has nowhere to go. She ends up moving back home.
  • Rachel  finds out that her dads are divorcing. Hiram has moved out. Leroy, who is in the episode, is the dad left at home.
  • Rachel , still dismayed that Principal Sue disbanded the Glee club, goes above her head to the Lima school superintendent. She convinces him to revive the McKinley glee club by offering to fund it with her remaining TV money.  He insists she be the director.
  • Blaine and Kurt are already broken up when the episode begins.
  • Backstory:  After Blaine moved back into the loft, the couple continued to argue.  Kurt decided they were too young to be engaged and broke it off. Upset after the breakup, Blaine allowed his grades to slip and was cut from NYADA.
  • In the episode, Blaine has already moved back in with his parents to regroup, and has taken a job at Dalton as the director of The Warblers.
  • After months apart, Kurt changes his mind about Blaine and heads back to Lima to try and get him back.  But too late because…
  • Blaine and Karofsky are a couple. They are dating. They even have pet names for each other. Yogi Bear and Boo Boo. And yes, I did throw up in my mouth a little when I heard that.
  •  Karofsky is a college student and totally out as a gay man.
  • Blaine tells Kurt he’s dating Karofsky.
  • After Kurt arrives in Lima, Rachel convinces him to run Glee club with her.  He remains a NYADA student, taking the job as an intern.
  • Figgins is a part-time barista at the Lima Bean
  • Sam works for Coach Beiste.  He is an assistant football coach at McKinley
  • Artie is still in film school. Mercedes is still on tour with Santana and Brittany.
  • New kids, Roderick, the nerd, and Spencer, the cocky gay football player, appear in the episode.
  • Will is the director of Vocal Adrenaline.
  • We’ll get to see Rachel’s pilot. It’s called “That’s So Rachel”
  • No Glee club tryouts yet.

A couple of NEW ITEMS

  • There is a flashback that takes place at Scandals. It explains how Blaine and Karofsky got together.  They bumped into each other at the club on “Country Bear Night.” Karofsky buys Blaine a beer.
  • The flashback occurs during a scene at the Lima Bean, Scandals where Blaine and Kurt reunite for the first time since they broke up.  After Blaine and Kurt talk initially, Karofsky appears as Blaine breaks the news to Kurt that they are dating.  The flashback is part of the reveal.  Blaine and Karofsky hope they all can be friends. Kurt keeps it together in front of them.

More New Items

  • We first see Kurt in New York, months after his break up with Blaine. Finally, he decides to speed date. One of his speed daters senses that Kurt isn’t over an old relationship and calls him out on it.  Kurt is surprised, but the experience sets him on the path to realizing that he still loves Blaine.

ETA: A fan who was present at the Scandals shoot, which took place 9/19, got a look at the call sheet.  Everything I described above happened at Scandals (including the flashback), rather than at the Lima Bean.  Also, according to the OP, the scene takes place near the end of the episode.

ETA: Details from the call sheet.  Kurofsky happens to be, line dancing.After Kurt Blaine and Karofsky reveal they are a couple and describe how they met, Kurt heads off to the men’s room where he breaks down in tears. In the flashback, it’s country bear night at Scandals. Blaine first spots Kurofsky line dancing.

ETA: Also, according to the call sheet, Rachel seeks counsel from Mr. Shue at a Vocal Adrenaline adrenaline rehearsal. This is where the group sing “Dance the Night Away.” – Source.

The Karofsky spoilers are KILLING ME. I’m happy Max Adler is returning to play the role, but pairing him up with Blaine is just a cheap way to cause controversy and create drama. Also, the idea that all of the graduates return to Lima and wind up working at respective high schools is ridiculously contrived. Glee never managed to work it’s way out of the creative hole it painted itself into when the stars of the show graduated high school at the end of season 3. I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts on this later.

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