Glee Season 6 Spoilers: Premiere Title and FULL Song List!

Glee Season 6 Song Spoilers

Glee Season 6 Song Spoilers – The premiere is titled “Loser Like Me.”  Check out the Full List of songs, including performers below…

Click to Listen to ALL the songs from Loser Like Me!

YES! I can EXCLUSIVELY reveal the Glee premiere episode title and FULL set list, including performers!

And when I say EXCLUSIVE that means we uncovered these details FIRST. Ya’ll are more than welcome to post my spoilers on your blogs, tumblrs, and huge corporate media sites *ahem*. But please credit my site, and LINK BACK. Credit where it’s due. Now that we’ve got that out of the way ON TO THE SPOILERS!

The title of the Glee Season 6 premiere is “Loser Like Me”, written by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan. Brad Buecker directs.

Song Spoilers including performers:

“Uninvited” by Alanis Morissette – sung by Rachel
“Suddenly Seymour” from Little Shop of Horrors – sung by Rachel & Blaine
“Sing” by Ed Sheeran – sung by Blaine & the Warblers
“Dance the Night Away” by Van Halen – sung by Vocal Adrenaline
“Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club – sung by Rachel – Cut
“Let it Go” from Frozen – sung by Rachel

Let the speculation begin! And most definitely…watch this blog for updates!

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  1. Is this a troll post? Almost all Rachel and Blaine feat. nobodies? Pass.

  2. I really love that song list – especially Suddenly Seymour and Let it Go (the latter was long overdue, what with the whole Idina connection to Glee!). Interesting just how few core cast members are listed. However, we do know Naya, Mark Salling and Kevin McHale have been in the studio – clearly, that’s for episode 2, then. I don’t mind the Rachel & Blaine Show, but I’m guessing this’ll bring the haters out in force! Still 5 months to go before we even get this episode though!!!

  3. Lol “the haters,” apart from the childishness of the terminology wanting more diversity out of an ensemble show is not “being a hater.”

  4. Sing by Blaine and Let it Go by Rachel???? I’m so excited, those songs are perfect for their voices. These two are my favorite singers, so I’m pumped.

  5. Glee has been unable to secure the rights for any Disney song in 5 years so I doubt they would be able to get them for a relatively new one like Let It Go

  6. “Let the speculation begin! :….By speculation do you mean bitching?

  7. Not true, they had Betta Notta, from Lady and The Tramp, in season 2’s finale. But, generally, it’s been understood that most of Disney’s back catalogue was just beyond the reaches of Glee’s budget – they’ve dropped song ideas in the past when they came up against artists/music licencers who simply wanted just too much for the song use. But Let it Go may have been enough of a zeitgeist song – and so perfect for Lea and for Rachel’s story – that perhaps they decided to hang the expense this once. I’d love to know if Disney have shifted at all with opening up their song book more readily these days though. They’re pretty damn possessive!

  8. I’m so excited to see Blaine with The Warblers again!! And a Blainchel duet! Woohoo! :D

  9. All the songs in Lady and The Tramp were written by Peggy Lee and co-writers and she sued Disney over the rights to the songs in the 80s and won a couple of million dollars damages so maybe it was her estate that gave Glee the rights to that song though?

  10. So I don’t even need to listen to the songs because it’s al blaine and rachel. Good. Countdown to glee disappearing, almost there.

  11. Lol, of course Blaine and Rachel will sing every song, it’s the blainchel show after all.

  12. I think that was about unpaid royalties, not about retention of rights. I’m pretty sure Disney still owns L&tT, but Peggy Lee (and many others) sued Disney because they were not being paid for performer/writer rights. But it’s still fascinating that a show like Glee has barely touched such a vast amount of popular musical songs, because of where they originated. Would love a Disney tribute episode – in fact, it’s pretty much the only tribute episode I’d allow in this final season!

  13. Is this a joke? I love Rachel, but I would really have liked to see a few other people singing in this episode too (and I don’t mean random show choirs). This does not in any way make me want to watch this episode. Also so not here for Blaine singing his 5,784th song.

  14. By “haters” do you mean people who would like a song distribution that is semi-even? People who would like to hear more than just two of the main characters sing in an episode?

  15. yeah a Disney tribute would have been great in earlier seasons but with only 13 episodes to go I hope they concentrate on bringing the characters stories to a fulfilling conclusion rather than just throw tribute episodes in for the sake of it as they’ve done in the past

  16. No, I just mean the people who hate Blaine, and hate Rachel. I too wouldn’t mind varied song distribution – my favourite episodes of Glee have plenty of people singing. But you also won’t hear me complaining about episodes which will also likely have a bunch of songs by newbie characters we’ve never seen before. I get that the ideal episode would have all the major characters featured – but perhaps that’s not the way Glee is structuring episodes this season. I don’t expect Blaine to get the lion’s share of the next episode, although Rachel is a different issue. She is, for sure, the central character in this show. Whatever people say, it ISN’T an ensemble show, not really, not any more. It’s Rachel’s show, supported by a varying array of different characters. Some weeks, one or two will come to the fore (this one is Blaine, it seems), other times it will be a larger bunch of the main characters, plus a host of secondary ones. BTW, I actually wouldn’t be surprised to find that a couple of those songs (Karma Chameleon and Uninvited perhaps) are Rachel + A.N Other – still being kept under wraps until further notice. Alex Anders certainly isn’t tweeting about a few ‘mystery’ people who’ve been recording this week! Those newbies gotta sing some time!

  17. I love both Blaine and Rachel, but I love diversity even more. Where is the variety here? Group numbers are so much better! The only 2 songs that excite me are Suddenly Seymour (inspired song choice!) and Sing. I HATE that Frozen song with a passion so….ugh.

  18. And since it became The Rachel show, I have tuned out more and more….I do not like her character at all,,,I wasn’t that big a fan at the beginning, but the last 2 seasons, just no. I’m sure I’m not the only watcher thats been turned off by the amount of Rachel shown. maybe she’s one of the reasons the numbers have gone down so much????
    looking at this list, I see no reason to tune into this episode.

  19. I am so tired of only Rachel and Blaine being cared about. Once again, NOTHING is enticing me to watch.

  20. Do you people really need to complain about the Blaine and Rachel show?
    If you dont like it you can keep to urself since you dont like the show either.

  21. What Rachel was establish one of the leads in the pilot episode. Why do people get bent out of shape knowing this show had leads???

  22. ONE of the leads, along with several others. Now it is just her, one secondary lead (Blaine) and a few bit characters.

  23. Not many will, rest assured. This doesn’t change the fact that it sucks.

  24. So Rachel and Blaine are Lima losers now. Lovely. Guess Blaine would HAVE to be that beaten down to even consider Dave an option. I mean, you gotta hate yourself an awful lot to date THAT steaming pile of no with their history.

  25. That’s half a season of gross chubby chasing I’m going to skip. I don’t need to gouge my eyes out or develop a drinking problem. Somebody will tell me when it’s over. Maybe. If anybody’s still watching after that.

  26. This just keeps worse and worse. I like some of these songs, yes, but really? The more I hear the more I don’t want to watch. : (
    Why are they doing this? Also – Disney songs? This is the only thing that makes me think someone is totally trolling MJ

  27. So basically they have they smallest cast of any season yet and it’s still the same two people singing everything? Why am I not surprised. Even as someone who loves Lea I’d like to hear from some of my other favorite characters once in awhile. If this premiere is setting the tone for the season you can probably count me out.

  28. This cannot be real. Why not just continue the New York series Nd do a time jump in the finale with her eventually returning to teach glee club?

  29. You developing a drinking problem would probably do the world a favor, from the sound of it.

  30. Why do you feel the need to hate? What will anyone get out of it? Pathetic. This is a show about /fictional/ characters. And then again, you don’t have to be involved with this show if you don’t like it.

  31. So the premiere is basically just one really long Rachel pity party? How about no. Also, with Suddenly Seymour it looks like a female character once again is going to need a male to swoop in and tell her to buck up… sigh, can’t the girls get any agency on this dang show?

  32. Because I’d rather they do something watchable that doesn’t make me want to hurl, so I provide feedback. I don’t have to like everything to be allowed an opinion on the show. These spoilers suck from my point of view. I won’t watch what seems to be planned. I get to say that. You can say you’re deeply into watching Dave and Blaine screw in every position on all the surfaces Dalton has to offer. If that’s your jam, this season is for you. I’d rather eat my own vomit.

  33. The only real surprise is that it’s Blaine telling her to buck up instead of Kurt. I thought that was his job.

  34. Welcome newbies!

    A couple of things: I run a super tight ship here in the comments section I don’t tolerate bickering, lecturing, name calling, sarcasm directed at fellow commenters. Please respect your fellow commenters opinions. There are guidelines posted above. If you have not read them, you might want to look them over.

  35. This is the only thing that makes me think someone is totally trolling MJ

    I can assure you that I’m not being trolled.

    Let it Go is a hit song on the radio. I’m not the least bit surprised that it was cleared for Glee.

    Doing a Disney themed episode is one thing. But a one of performance of a popular song is another.

  36. Mr Shue is coaching Vocal Adrenalin, is he singing/dancing with them?

  37. Thank you for obtaining all these Glee spoilers, MJ – it is appreciated! I love Blaine and Rachel and these songs sound like good choices for them. Do you know if the songs are in order of appearance? Also, if you are able to find out which characters will be in the episode, that would be appreciated too.

  38. Yay! Rachel singing Let It Go is gonna be great. (And also kind of meta, considering Idina Menzel plays her mother.) And I’m not complaining about only two singers begin highlighted. I guess now that I see it, Glee was kind of like American Idol behind the scenes in this respect: in the beginning, the solos were more evenly distributed, but as the producers and audience saw who was the best and who failed to deliver, they “eliminated” some of the others to give their chosen singing stars more time. I guess Lea and Darren are the Top 2. And just like on Idol, not everyone agrees with the Top 2 and are upset when their favorites are rejected. But that’s life. Now let’s see who wins LOL

  39. That’s wonderful! It can get so tiring reading insulting & disrespectful comments. Thanks for being you and bringing us spoilers! :)

  40. Except that song sales do not bear this out. Everyone pretty much sells the same and has done so for years, except whoever sings a Top 40 song will sell well because the song is at the top of the charts already. People can retire this tired argument that has been disproven over and over.

  41. I wonder what it’s like to be a cast member and knowing that, despite how hard you work, or how many people watch the show to see you, you are apparently completely irrelevant to the writers unless your name is Lea or Darren. Glee isn’t even trying to hide it anymore. These song spoilers are repulsive. In fact, everything I’ve heard about this new season…which surprise, surprise, has pretty much only been info about Rachel and Blaine, has been completely repulsive. Come back for our final season! Where we have fewer characters, but still only feature Rachel and Blaine for some bizarre reason! And the crew wonders why people get upset, or why viewership keeps dropping.

  42. Can you explain to me how everyone else “failed to deliver”? I’m interested in knowing.

  43. Way too much Rachel but I am sure that is deliberate and central to the storyline.

  44. Don’t ask me, ask Ryan Murphy. He’s the one who apparently thought they didn’t live up; that’s why he cut back their screen time. I don’t write the show.

  45. Is that sarcasm? (By the way, if I was writing the show, I would make sure everyone got equal screen time, just because I don’t like to play favorites.)

  46. Was new last year to Glee and Rachel my least favorite. Her personality is grating, and apparently not just to me.

  47. I have a problem with you placing the blame on the other actors and singers, as if it’s their problem. It’s not. The writers have shown over and over that they are terrible at their jobs – and the ratings mean people agree. Glee’s writing is terrible, and people are unhappy with the direction of the show – a show that has a habit of singling out one or two people at the expense of everyone else. Do not blame some young actors and act like they’re not doing what they’re supposed to do when they are. It’s offensive and wrong, just like what Ryan Murphy is doing here is wrong. These people all have fans and are talented just like Darren and Lea.

  48. I like her because she reminds me of myself when I was in high school. I was high-strung, super competitive, thought I deserved to be a star, and had plenty of arguments with my choir director and “co-stars.” We also have similar vocal ranges, though she can hit high notes much more easily than I can. I even share a name with the actress, which I thought was really cool.

  49. I hope that Kurt’s role hasn’t been cut back too much (unless he’s requested it). It’s disappointing that the last season is leaving NYC. I think that I enjoyed last season’s storyline more than any other from Glee. The show has run its course, and I think that it’s pretty evident that Ryan Murphy is a major fan of Lea Michelle and Darren Criss.

  50. I am not blaming the actors. I am just saying what I think is going on in the producers’ heads. I’m not saying I agree with it; I don’t. If the writers are, in fact, deliberately highlighting who they think are the better singers by revolving the plot lines around those characters, then that’s wrong. All I’m saying is, I think that’s what’s happening.

  51. Yeah, the writing on this show has sucked for years, to the point where I basically just came here to watch the videos of the musical numbers. lol

  52. Anyone who puts blame on the kids for this terrible distribution of songs is blind. They have nothing to do with how many songs they get. The bottom line is Ryan’s pets are Lea and Darren, and they happen to be the only 2 remaining of the original cast (yes darren came later but he is considered an original by means of all the new kids who failed to take off) that are still invested in this show. Most, if not all, of the original cast has no desire to be part of the show anymore, most likely due to the fact that the show has become so bad. Thats why they aren’t coming back for a full season, but rather 2-4 episodes (See: santana, mercedes, artie, tina) or for their obligated 1 episode towards the series finale (see: quinn, puck). Ryan wanted a lot of the original cast to come back, but they didn’t want to (which says something because its not like a lot of them have flourishing solo careers). I was having high hopes that because of the terribleness that was Season 5, Season 6 might be getting more attention- but apparently that is not the case.

  53. This is fantastic! And makes total sense for the upcoming plot. So 601 will be about Rachel and Blaine and WHY they are going back/are back in Lima I assume. And we know Mark and Kevin have recorded songs as well so that must be for 602, a reunion episode of sorts.

    I am really excited for this season TBH, I can’t wait to meet the new cast members and see what happens…it is a different formula than what we are used to and it will be refreshing.

    Also, big thanks to you, MJ, for your awesome spoilers. I don’t know what we would do without you!

  54. You know, I get why my first comment was deleted, because It was veering on sarcastic (although still no personal attacks), but there was nothing in my second comment worth deleting since it was completely about why someone shouldn’t say that the other kids “didn’t deliver” (which she did say, and which is a very wanky comment) when it’s not their fault but the writers’ fault. There was no name calling or personal attacks, I was not argumentative, and there was certainly nothing over the top about it. You do not have a guideline that we have to agree with each other, and I don’t. Actors should not get blamed for Glee’s blatant favoritism and poor writing.

  55. Kevin, Chris, Chord, and Amber are all still regulars on the show. They have to be a part of the show whether they want to or not, and there is no indication that they don’t want to, considering they probably could have left like other people if they really wanted. Amber, in fact, came back. They exist full time and should be treated full time. Where are you reading that Artie and Mercedes are only going back for a few episodes when we just learned Amber is a regular again, and Kevin has never indicated not being there to see Glee out? And Jenna has been screwed over by this show. She was pushed out and not because she wanted to be. The same goes for Harry, who has said multiple times he wishes he was still on the show.

  56. Good for you! Exclusive Glee spoilers! Good for us too! Thanks for the superior info. Much appreciated.

  57. LOL DId you watch the first 3 seasons? Rachel sang the majority of songs and did you bother to watch S4? S4 was the Blaine/Blam/Newbie show. Rachel was like 3rd or 4th on the singers list. With the exception of that crappy S4 Glee has ALWAYS been the Rachel show!

  58. Demi Lovato’s version is the one that would presumably be covered and thats a radio hit. I agree that even though a disney ep would be great, with only 13 episodes I think its a little late.

  59. Kidding, she had most songs in the first three seasons, which never stopped Glee becoming successful.

  60. There are too many songs for Rachel in season 6 premiere, which seems to be their way to align the storyline given what happened in the finale of season 5. Other characters will definitely sing more numbers in the following episodes. I don’t know why there are so many haters hating Rachel singing more solos? I can’t imagine another cast in Glee fits Let it Go better than Rachel Berry, especially for Idina’s version. Rachel has more numbers in first three season which doesn’t stop this show become a hit. She contributed a lot to this show. Who can say Finchel, Hummulberry, or Pezberry sucks?

  61. Blaine is getting the pimp spot now that Cory is gone. I wonder what Amber Riley and Jenna are up to this season?

  62. I’m just speculating here, but perhaps with Darren Criss’ years long connection with Disney songs and Disney theme parks, that may have been an element that allowed Disney to say OK.

  63. Ok, I love Blaine as evident by my totally awesome avatar, but why is Kurt missing? What happened to Blaine’s promising career with Mrs. whats-her-name? Is Rachel going to be the new instructor for The New Direction newbies? I read that “Pouty Mouth” (I honestly forgot his name) is going to be in every episode,. Will he be Rachel’s new love interest. (Season 5 gave us an ever so slight hint that it may be the case). Did Blaine and Kurt break up? Rachel seems to have a thing in real life and fiction for gay guys or bisexual guys…so could she and Blaine hookup if Kurt and Blaine split up? So many questions and six months to wait for an answer. :(

  64. Question has our Glee cast performed Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody? I know Vocal Adrenalin sang it with Rachel’s ex Glee boyfriend Jesse/Jonathan Croft in the lead (Quinn’s baby’s birth served as the backdrop for the performance). I just want to know if ND ever did it? I started watching from season 2.

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