Glee Season 5 – Full Songs from “Tested” Plus Photos and Spoilers

Glee Season 5 Spoilers!

Next week’s Glee will touch upon more controversial topics. In “Tested,” Artie (Kevin McHale) fancies himself as a ladies man and pays a price. When all the guys decide to get tested, Artie finds out he’s contracted an STD. At the other end of the sexual spectrum: Mercedes (Amber Riley) reveals to Sam that she’s a virgin. Plus more relationship issues for Klaine, as Blaine (Darren Criss) gains the Freshman 15, while Kurt (Chris Colfer) is in the best shape of his life.

The bad news. There are only four songs in the set list this week. The good news. It’s a fabulous 80s theme! If you got your leg warmers out for this week’s American Idol don’t put them away!

Listen to ALL four songs:

Addicted to Love, by Robert Palmer — Sung by Artie – This number was shot outdoors at night in LA, so we have some pap photos of the performance HERE. Reportedly, it’s a fantasy sequence done in the style of the iconic Robert Palmer video.  Artie wearing an STD costume in the streets of NYC HERE.


I Wanna Know What Love Is, by Foreigner — Sung by Mercedes

Let’s Wait Awhile, by Janet Jackson – Sung by Mercedes and Artie – Mercedes has never had sex. Artie has had maybe too much. They come together in song, expressing the same sentiment.

Love Is a Battlefield, by Pat Benatar — Sung by Kurt and Blaine

Total. Epic. Cheesiness.  The still I posted above is from the performance!


Official FOX Summary

Directed by: PAUL MCCRANE (Remember him from ER? He also starred in the movie, Fame!)

When the boys get tested for STDs, Artie tests positive for a disease and he’s forced to tell his sexual partners. Meanwhile, Kurt and Blaine have relationship issues when Blaine puts on his “freshman fifteen” in the all-new “Tested” episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, April 15 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GLE-516) (TV-14 D, L)


Blaine discovers his newfound love of “cronuts” has the residual side-effect of weight gain – namely, the dreaded “Freshman Fifteen.” Combined with witnessing a more physically fit and self-confident Kurt’s star rapidly rising at NYADA while his simultaneously wanes, the increasingly pudgy former dreamboat begins to suffer a crisis in confidence… leading to some uncharacteristic behavior. As “Film School Artie” enjoys a success with the ladies that “High School Artie” never could have hoped for, he is quick to avail himself of all opportunities presented him. However, he soon discovers that his Casanova’s ways come at a price, one which may preclude him from making the one special connection he truly desires. As roommates Sam and Mercedes explore being a couple, she confesses that she is still a virgin and is not sure when (or if) she will be ready for them to make love for the first time. While the smitten Sam agrees to wait as long as she wants, he nevertheless tries to do everything he can to prove his worthiness and expedite the process… while she seeks outside advice from several sources.

This photo is connected to the STD storyline, according to this video: “It feels good, doesn’t it boys? Remember to get tested for STDS.” Watch it  HERE. There are more pap photos of the shoot HERE, HERE and HERE.

tested -516-sailors

FOX Photo Stills

More photos from Artie’s “Addicted to Love” number. The boys meet for ice cream drinks after they get tested!


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