Glee Season 4 – Dynamic Duets – Song Previews and Spoilers


Lucky me. I was able to watch a screener of the upcoming Glee episode “Dynamic Duets”. Along with full streams of the episode songs, I’ll be laying some mild spoilers on you all. So get ready.

Remember when Ryan Murphy tweeted the above photo with the caption “Teen Angel”? As it turns out, it was not from the “Glease” episode. I’ll just say it’s from an extremely pivotal scene, and you may not recognize the background, because it ain’t Blaine’s bedroom. ETA: It’s Eli’s place, in a flashback. We see him, but he’s a blurry figure with a voice in the background.

It’s too bad the episode is airing on Thanksgiving when nobody will see it, because it’s a good one. It’s super hero week at McKinley, with the kids and some of the faculty creating heroic alter-egos for themselves.  In the meantime, Finn pairs up the New Directions kids who are bickering in a bid to help them bond as they get ready for sectionals.

The Warblers, whom ND will face off against in competition, steal the club’s Nationals trophy, but there is a method to their madness. It’s an attempt to lure Blaine back to Dalton to up their chances at winning. And it works…insofar as Blaine dons the jacket to sing with his old school mates. But is it for the last time? The new head warbler is absolutely hilarious as a “Dr. Evil” type and Sebastian makes an appearance too!

Blaine also confronts his “Dark Side”. The question isn’t “Will you Love Me” but can Blaine love and forgive himself for cheating on Kurt? The scenes around the issue are just heartbreaking. BFF Sam steps in to show his buddy (and convince him NOT to transfer back to Dalton) that while he may not be perfect, he is one of the “good guys.”

The New Direction frenemies, Jake and Ryder and Kitty and Marly work on reaching detente. Jake is instrumental in helping Ryder deal with his failures at school. And can I say, Blake Jenner is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE this week. His acting is as good as anything I’ve seen on Glee. Kitty helps Marly find her power, without meaning to, of course. Heh.

Finn is finding his footing in his new role as Glee club director, with the kids learning to respect and appreciate their new leader.  The super hero meme is not only adorable (look for nods to Batman and other superhero movies), but a perfect vehicle to illustrate the kids’ struggles. Essentially, Marly, Jake, Blaine, Ryder and Finn come to see their power, despite their flaws.

The love triangle between Marly, Jake and Ryder continues, with a little twist. Jake’s big brother Puck joins in the super hero fun as he offers long distance advice to his sibling via phone.

Oh yeah. Once again, NO KURT AND RACHEL. Sads. But it’s still a great episode.

Darkside – Blaine and The Warblers – OK. I was a little disappointed that Kelly Clarkson’s “Dark Side” was a freaking WARBLEERS song. This is a little to jaunty for my tastes. I was hoping for major angst directed at Kurt, but actually, the song is more universal, in that Blaine recognizes that his “Dark Side” affects all facets of his life.


Superman – Ryder and Jake – Ryder and Jake face off, hilariously, as Clark Kent/Superman types. what happens in this season convinces Finn that there’s work to be done to bring the group together.


Holding Out for a Hero – Marly and Kitty – Marly feels her power in this duet with the evil Kitty. As you can imagine, that was NOT Kitty’s aim.  Marly makes a very hot Wonder Woman-ish. Kitty is a purrrfect Kittie Woman (What else?)

Holding Out for a Hero

Heroes – Blaine and Sam – Absolutely my favorite performance of the episode. Absolutely epic.  Where Sam helps Blaine see that he is one of “the good guys”.


Some Nights – New Directions – The Glee Club comes together at the end of the episode to celebrate.

Some Nights

BONUS! Gangnam Style from next week’s “Thanksgiving”.

Gangnam Style

The songs are in episode order. And if you have ANY questions, I will entertain them in comments!

Dynamic Duets – Promo

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