Glee Season 3 Spoilers – Dance With Somebody – Episode 17 (3×17)

GLEE: Santana (Naya Rivera, L) and Brittany (Heather Morris, R) perform in the "Dance With Somebody" episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, April 24 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Beth Dubber/FOX

Writer: Ross Maxwell
Director: Paris Barclay

Glee episode 17 is a Whitney Houston tribute, set to air on April 24.

Listen to FULL SONGS from “Dance With Somebody
Watch the A Cappella version of “How Will I Know”

NEW SPOILERS from reporters who viewed the screeener:  TV Line, TV Guide, THR, EOnline, EW

  • Kurt’s fashion sense leads to serious relationship woes for Klaine | No, it’s not that Blaine doesn’t appreciate things like Kurt’s hippo-head brooch, it’s just that Porcelain’s outre accessories happen to catch the eye of a certain someone else. And that someone else happens to be pretty handy with text-message compliments. You see where this is heading, right? – TV Line
  • The biggest drama comes from relationship strain between Kurt and Blaine, due to Kurt meeting a flirty gay named Chandler at the music store. UH OH. EW
  • (Remember this: The show is looking for a new gay character named Chandler who is the opposite of Sebastian–a masculine hottie who’s full of joie de vivre. )
  • One couple suffers a bout of “Lesbian Bed Death” | Wait, two randy teenagers who haven’t had an unscheduled makeout session in a month? Sounds like a case for one of Ms. Pillsbury’s trademark pamphlets. Or, on second thought, maybe not? – TV Line
  • Mr. Hummel returns from Washington | Glee is always a little better when the fantasic Mike O’Malley is in the mix, and this week the newly elected Congressman takes time from his busy schedule for a touching one-on-one with son Kurt featuring this fabulous little zinger: “I was 9. Who knew paella was gonna be so complicated?” – TV Line
  • The sweetest throwback to Glee‘s very first episode. So as not to completely ruin the surprise, we’ll just say this: Remember that warm and fuzzy feeling you felt when you first watched Finn, Rachel, Kurt, Artie and Mercedes sing “Don’t Stop Believin'” in the auditorium, and then Mr. Schuester walked in and got all teary-eyed and choked up because he had nearly decided to ditch these kids for a more lucrative career in accounting? (Grrr, Terri!) Yessir, Mr. Schue and New Directions are a tight bunch. Graduation is not gonna be easy for anyone. – TV Guide
  •  Emma’s (Jayma Mays) pamphlets return and prompt Will (Matthew Morrison) to come up with the week’s Whitney tribute and its underlying theme: learning to let go. Turns out the New Directions gang aren’t the only ones struggling with the end of an era as Will wants to move up the wedding from Christmas to May, which may or may not go over well.  THR
  • Joe and Quinn begin to get much closer and Joe even goes to Sam for sex advice. They sing a very romantic “Saving All My Love For You.” EW
  • Frenemies make beautiful music together | Rachel and Santana team up for a spin on “So Emotional” that’s so sensational, I’m not sure why Mr. Schue doesn’t immediately add it to the set list for Nationals. Perhaps just as interesting, though, the new musical alliance leads to two out of the following three things coming true: public displays of affection; class photos hung in each others’ lockers; and eventual accusations of stalking. TV Line
  • New Directions covers my fave Whitney Houston song “My Love is Your Love” that loyal Gleek fans will love; it also might draw tears… in a good way. EW

Teasers from @KecksExclusives:

  • Biggest laugh on new #glee : we learn Brit @heather_morris thinks long dreds Joe @samuellarsen is a girl! Laughed out loud. Classic Brit-ism
  • Fave line in new #glee : Kurt @chriscolfer telling Blaine @darrencriss do u know how many times Ive had to sit on a stool & watch u perform?
  • Sweetest scenes in new #glee are between Rachel @msleamichele and Santana @NayaRivera & Kurt @chriscolfer and his dad. End is def near
  • Fave musical moment in new #glee – Rachel @msleamichele and Santana @NayaRivera KILL #whitneyhouston I Get So Emotional I will download!
  • Most underused character in new #glee : Tina @Jennaushkowitz i think she has one tiny line.
  • Most romantic musical number in new #whitneyhouston #glee – Saving All My Love with Joe @samuellarsen and Quinn
  • @StaceyHallman Kurt and Blaine have a great storyline with beginning, middle and end
  • Biggest OMG did they just do THAT moment in new #glee – somebody gets an erection and another feels it rubbed up against them – guess who
  • Waterworks from Kurt and Blaine. Kurt makes Blaine cry
  • No Sue Sylvester @janemarielynch in new #glee but Terri Schuester is referenced in Wemma scene
  • @glitter1231 kurt Blaine will emma Quinn Joe take spotlight this week
  • @LuiseAmington we see Blaine @darrencriss demonstrating he can act RAGE
  • @GleekLove91 many wonderful Klaine moments

Song Spoilers

  • I Wanna Dance with Somebody – Brittany and Santana
  • “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay” – Blaine (Photo of Blaine in the Gallery is from this performance)
  • How Will I Know – Rachel, Santana, Kurt and Mercedes (a’capella)
  • Saving All My Love – Joe and Quinn
  • My Love is Your Love
  • So Emotional – Rachel and Santana
  • I Have Nothing – Kurt

NEWPromos:  Kurt and Blaine go for couples counseling with Emma. Rachel says to Kurt “I guess it’s not that innocent”.  Will will be rapping, but not if Mercedes can help it. See promos at the bottom of the page.

NEW: Promo – Rachel, Santana, Kurt and Mercedes  sing an a’capella version of “How Will I Know”,  Joe helps Quinn with her rehabilitation, Burt tells Kurt he doesn’t want him to go, Will tells Emma he wants to move the wedding up to May. See the promo at the bottom of the page.

NEW: Glee Zone Summary – The glee club pays homage to a true icon when they cover Whitney Houston’s greatest hits. Meanwhile, Emma and Will are one step closer to their dream wedding. As the end of the Gleeks’ senior year grows near, Will and his students struggle to come to terms with the imminent disbanding of their Glee Club family. To help the kids deal with their feelings of impending loss, Will assigns New Directions the emotionally charged music of pop icon Whitney Houston. While some use the assignment to help ease the pain of saying goodbye, others use it to revitalize old relationships and cement new ones. Meanwhile, Kurt’s questionable behavior threatens his relationship with Blaine, Will scrambles to meet a self-imposed deadline, and a despondent Quinn’s spirits are lifted by a kindred soul. GleeZone Burt is in the episode.

Fox Official Summary – The glee club pays homage to a true icon when they cover Whitney Houston’s greatest hits. Meanwhile, Emma and Will are one step closer to their dream wedding in the all-new “Dance with Somebody” episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, April 24 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GLE-317) (TV-14 D, L)

When the tribute  was announced it was described as more than just a show built around a collection of songs a la the Madonna and Michael tributes.  The episode would serve as  a “character piece” that would focus on Glee‘s graduating seniors having a “real hard time letting go.”

The episode features 8 songs by the late Whitney Houston, and as soon as I have song spoilers, I’ll post them here.  What we know so far is mostly from cast tweets (which you can read at the bottom of the post):

  • NeNe Leakes makes a return as Coach Roz
  • There is a scene with a box of adorable kittens
  • Rachel and Santana sing a duet
  • Kurt sings a huge love song to Blaine. (Fellow cast mates tweeted compliments to Chris, so it must be epic!) 
  • Chris Colfer talked about singing a very big song in this interview on the “8” red carpet.  He also said that Kurt’s going to go through some stuff he didn’t think everyone was going to like.
  • Rachel sings lead on a song with Kurt, Mercedes and Santana. Lea tweeted that they all looked “very glamorous and grown up.”
  • Dianna Agron (Quinn) and Samuel Larsen (Joe) recorded vocals, maybe for a duet
  • Lea tweeted that she recorded a really “tough” song.
  • Darren Criss (Blaine) performed a song in the choir room
  • Brittany and Santana performed a song and dance number.
  • Artie and Mercedes sang a duet
  • Mark Salling (Puck) recorded some vocals (Probably for episode 18)
  • Sebastian may be back, according to a tweet from Grant Gustin

Guest Cast: Chord Overstreet as Sam Evans; Mike O’Malley as Burt Hummel.

On Blaine singing “It’s Not Alright But It’s Ok” Is there reason for Kurt and Blaine fans to be worried?  The only worry we should really have is that Kurt is leaving soon, and that yields a bit of contention. When there’s a pending departure of someone in a relationship, there’s tension and worry on a basest level. So there’s certainly that. (Darren Criss Interview from Billboard)

NEW PHOTOS!  I think Santana and Brittany want to Dance with Somebody. Also, photo of Santana and Rachel’s big duet!

Photos tweeted from the set:

ETA: The Kitten Photo must be for “Choke” I’m going to move it there

Kevin McHale tweeted, ““The Snix & Nini Show!”

Photo: Chris Colfer and Darren Criss in a scene – taken on the Paramount set on 3/5. (Tumblr) Chris on set HERE and HERE. (With Jayma Mays)

GENERAL SPOILERS (Not Specific to the Whitney Tribute

Thomas Calabro has been cast to play Puck’s estranged and troubled dad, beginning in Episode 18

A trio of characters described as over-achievers who wear lots of tweet and plaid are being cast for Episode 19.  One is described as a cross between “Rachel Berry and Patty Simcox from Grease.”  Maybe something to do with NYADA? (EOnline)

Hmmm. Gloria Estefan was supposed to guest star as Naya’s mom in an episode. Did the last minute inclusion of the Whitney tribute put off her appearance?

New Promo 20s – Rapping – I Guess It’s Not That Innocent

New Promo – Rapping – Klaine Counseling

Full Promo 30s – How Will I Know


  • Darren Criss tweets, “I absolutely love watching scenes with @chriscolfer & Mike O’Malley. Both wonderful actors. Such a joy to watch them work in person. (3/3)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Yeah! @NayaRivera and I have a great duet coming up! :) RT @StephieYap: @msleamichele are you going to sing in this episode? (3/5)
  • Harry Shum Jr. tweets, “Just got done with a bro-scene with @DarrenCriss @CoryMonteith @chordoverstreet @Mark_Salling. So much bro-bos-terone. #brotweet” (3/5)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Starting a new episode today. A very special tribute to one of the worlds most amazing singers. Very excited about this one..” (3/8)
  • Lea Michele tweets “Singing a really great version of one of my favorite songs today with @MsAmberPRiley @NayaRivera and @chriscolfer :)” (3/8)
  • Grant Gustin tweets, “Completely clean shaven for the first time in weeks. Looking 17. #dutycalls”  (3/8)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Filming something right now that’s going to be really special.. Can’t wait for you all to see it…” (3/8)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “@chriscolfer @NayaRivera @MsAmberPRiley and myself are all dressed up for this song looking very glamourous and grown up:)” (3/8)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “I’m doing something today that many people could only dream of.. all day with @NayaRivera :)” (3/9)
  • Lea Michele tweets “First up hallway scene w/ Santana & Rachel, then dance rehearsal & pre-record for what’s going be the most epic Santana & Rachel duet ever!!” (3/9)
  • Naya Rivera tweets, “@msleamichele Whooo!!! Going to be a good Friday my dear. #neneday” (3/9)
  • Alex Anders tweets “A crazy day of cast vocals. Started off with a couple of early sessions with @DiannaAgron and @SamuelLarsen” (3/9)
  • Samuel Larsen tweets, “Best studio session ever, awesome song, great producer, and the best texts I could receive while I sing, now off to do some acting!” (3/9)
  • Lea Michele tweets, ” At the recording studio with @alxanders… This song is reeeaaallly hard!!! It feeling like climbing over a mountain!!!” (3/9)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Thanks @alxanders for a great session today! I had so much fun! Not easy singing songs by such an amazing icon! But we did it!!!” (3/9)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Back at work now..shooting two different episodes today!” (3/12)
  • Naya Rivera tweets, “Just finished a dance rehearsal for an awesome Brit Santana duet!” (3/12)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Another big day of work today. First: must drink coffee.. Second: cant wait to watch @DarrenCriss sing in a few minutes!” (3/13)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “@DarrenCriss is still killing it right now in the choir room… Up next me and @NayaRivera!!!! (3/13)
  • Kevin McHate tweets, “The Snix & Nini Show! @nayarivera @msleamichele” (3/13)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Having the best time doing this duet with @NayaRivera right now!!!!” (3/13)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “3 musical numbers in one day! But so much fun! Headed home now for takeout and TV!!!” (3/13)
  • Harry Shum tweets, “Full day of musical numbers!” (3/14)
  • Alex Anders tweets, “Was rock’n with @MarkSalling this afternoon. Great job bro! You worked it out. (Episode 18?) (3/14)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Hemo and @NayaRivera are killin it right now with an amazing dance number!!!” (3/14)
  • John Lock tweets, “HeMo is killing this song. She goes hard with dancing!” (3/14)
  • Samuel Larsen tweets, “Shooting another song here on set…. I absolutely love this song I could sing it all day… How are all of you lovelies out there?” (3/14)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “So excited for work today! Finishing episode 17 today.. Five more to go!” (3/15)
  • Lea Michele tweets, “It would only be fitting for Kurt to be singing a love song to Blaine today:) @chriscolfer @DarrenCriss congrats! #1yearofKlaine” (3/15)
  • Kevin McHale tweets, “late night at McKinley, wouldn’t haven’t any other way! Got to sing a fav w/ @MsAmberPRiley & co!! @chriscolfer u did an amazing job today!” (3/15)
  • Harry Shum tweets, “Man, @chriscolfer voice went there today! Was blown away along with @druidDUDE and @MsAmberPRiley smooth R&B vocals. Finally zzzzz NIGHT!” (3/15)
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