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Sue Sylvester is back! Hooray! This week’s episode is a Jane Lynch tour de force, with too many delicious lines to even repeat here. Let me pull some of your favorites from comments:

“Santana! Wheels! Gay Kid! Asian! Other Asian! Aretha! Shaft!. See Will, I don’t want to participate in a group that ignores the needs of minority students…bigotry is no laughing matter!”

‘Yes, it’s true that I have been trying to destroy your club with a commitment that can only be described as religious. And I’ll tell you why, I don’t trust a man with curly hair’ ¦I can’t stop imagining small birds laying sulfurous eggs in there and it makes me sick.’ 

Jane Lynch is a genius.

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Sue and Will are at each other’s throats.   The trouble began when Principal Figgins made Sue the co-director of Glee after Will’s wife got the kids hopped up on nasal decongestant.

Cut-throat Sue seems as if she’d be the victor in this battle, and she almost is, until Will throws down a few underhanded moves of his own. After Sue manipulates the minority kids into siding with her, Will flunks all the Cheerios from Spanish class. The battle escalates until they’re left screaming at each other at a Glee rehearsal. The kids step in, walking out of rehearsal in disgust.

After, Sue decides to step down from Glee club and she seems almost human. That, until her nastiest act of all. When she inadvertently finds out that Quinn is pregnant, she feeds her to the school nerd, who runs a gossip blog. (His attempts to bribe Rachel are hilarious). Sue is truly evil.

Quinn and Rachel have a big showdown after Finn asks Quinn why she can’t be more like Rachel (Finn thinks Drizzle is the perfect baby name, Quinn calls him a moron).

Rachel knows Quinn is feeding info to Sue. But, it isn’t until Sue throws Quinn under the bus that she sees that Rachel is right about Sue’s snakey nature. Quinn realizes that her Glee pals are the ones who will see her through. The episode ends with the kids singing “Keep Holding On”.

Lots of music in this week’s episode. Mercedes belts out a fabulous “Hate On Me” with the other “minorities” backing her up. After Sue splits the group up, the kids get together anyway to do a fun jam of Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me”. Finn and Rachel sing a duet of “No Air” filled with so much bittersweet ache and longing, you could cut it with a knife.

Will takes Finn and Quinn to the OBGYN. Quinn finds out she’s having a little girl. Now that Quinn’s pregnancy is no longer a secret, I wonder how long it will take for the truth–that Puck is actually the father–to come out.

Meanwhile, Terri and her sister Kendra continue to plot and scheme. Will wants to be at Terri’s next OB appointment, so they pay a visit to the sister’s baby doctor, whom Kendra successfully blackmails into faking a sonogram.   Will cries when he finds out their having a girl (well, not really) and Terri remains clueless (“I didn’t know having a boy meant so much to you.”)

The pregnancy plot is on my last nerve, but Jennifer Aspen, who plays Kendra is awesome. I say keep Kendra (somehow) and ditch Terri…

And where was Emma? Tonight’s episode was 100% Emma Pillsbury free, which is NOT a good thing…

Hate On Me

Ride Wit Me

No Air

Keep Holding On

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