Fritz Hager Got “Faceless Old White Dudes” to Release ‘Caroline’

American Idol Fritz Hager
ABC/Eric McCandless) FRITZ HAGER

After a two month campaign to gather pre-saves for his unreleased song “Caroline” Fritz Hager has finally announced a drop date. “CAROLINE DROPS JANUARY 12!!!” The American Idol season 20 fourth place finisher wrote on Instagram. “I’m so excited to be able to share this song with you guys, remember to keep pre-saving, let’s make this song take over the world!”

A mere three days ago, the singer songwriter complained about “faceless old white dudes in suits” telling him he’s not good enough.

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“There are a bunch of faceless old white dudes in suits telling me that I’m not good enough.”

“This song you’re listening to has nearly 13k pre-saves but doesn’t have a release date,” Fritz wrote on November 14. “I don’t want to get too emotional, but it still blows my mind. Right now there are a bunch of faceless old white dudes in suits telling me that I’m not good enough. That I’m a risky investment.”

The singer continued, “But there’s 13 thousand of YOU that say otherwise. I need that more than you can know. Keep sharing, keep pre-saving, and one way or another, this song will be out.” Fritz then boldly declares, “It’ll be a hit, and those same faceless old white guys in suits will wish they saw what you did. Thank you for believing in me, and for letting me believe in myself.”

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Fritz’s saga to convince The Powers That Be to release the song began on September 29. Fritz promised to allow his fans to help choose a design for his next tattoo if they could bump “Caroline” pre-saves from 3K to 15K. 

Fritz needed 15K pre-saves to release the song

“Once I get to 15,000,” said Fritz, “I’m gonna go through the comments and randomly select a tattoo to get,” adding, “If it pops off, every 15,000 pre-saves is a new tattoo.“My body is your canvas. “I’m selling my soul here. Do what you gotta do.” 

Fritz was HOPING to release “Caroline” before Thanksgiving. But he’s yet to reach the 15K threshold the “faceless old white dudes in suits” are demanding. It’s worth noting that Fritz is never specific about the gatekeepers. But it’s not a stretch to assume 19 Recordings, American Idol’s recording arm, is working with him. 19Recordings has released songs from Francisco Martin, Grace Leer, Casey Bishop, Chayce Beckham, HunterGirl and more.

A few weeks later, after garnering 10K pre-saves, Fritz claimed he was shooting a music video for a “song that does not have a release date!”  

Fritz is out on tour with Francisco Martin, Jonny West and Allegra Miles

Meanwhile, Fritz is is out on the “Don’t Blink Tour” alongside fellow American Idol alums Jonny West (S18), Francisco Martin (S18) and Allegra Miles (S20). The 13 date tour kicked off on October 16, and will end in San Francisco on December 14. 

Congrats on that release date, Fritz. 

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  1. Creative! I hope his song does well. Also, it’s great to see the way so many Idols are touring together or otherwise supporting each other.

  2. Ugh! Record execs are the worse. Poor Fritz. Hope this release actually happens. Maybe he should just be true indie. Doesn’t seem the 19 “development” plan is working for anyone. Maybe for Casey?

  3. I’m honestly convinced this is just a total PR marketing strategy to get his riled up.

  4. I question 19’s “development plan.” I understand developing artists, but they can’t be making much money off these artists. Many of them aren’t releasing music that makes much “noise” and many don’t tour that well to be making money for 19. There doesn’t seem to be much of a push either when these 19 artists do release music (Ex. Chayce, Casey Bishop, etc.). Maybe I’m being pessimistic, but I wonder if some of these 19 affiliated artists wouldn’t have been better off self-releasing or staying indie. Then they could release on their own timetable, make the music they want, etc. Yes, they would have to “drum up buzz themselves,” but these days with social media it’s easier to lead to a better opportunity & there’s less headaches with labels, execs, etc.

  5. I agree. The last time 19 had much success was with P2. But that was a different time and different structure. Not Fritz related but Idols who have done the best didn’t spend a lot to time whining and looking for sympathy. But they keep trying to find ways to get or keep their career going without complaining constantly. I can’t think of any Idols who had their career’s takeoff based on pity or blaming Idol for their problems. It was never going to be easy and there will be roadblocks or hard times for most. But I think you have to have a strong personality and ability to fight to make it in the entertainment industry. And some who started as teens even have done just that.

  6. Maybe development means to create opportunities. Fritz, Allegra and Francisco are touring now albeit not to crowds as big as Hunter and Noah, but still. I think there might be a touch of exaggeration to drum up interest but there is likely some truth too. His best bet is for the song to go viral on its own.

    To be honest a guy like him would do better independently, where he can guide his own career.

  7. This isn’t true for all successful Idol alums. But in general it seems the one’s that have success were alums who had strong personalities & “fought.” Sometimes that was evident even behind the scenes on Idol for song choices, with producers, knowing what music direction to go in, etc. Again it’s not true for all Idol alums, but it is a tough industry. Also, considering how many alums that had success were affiliated with 19 at some point I think the alum needed to have some “toughness” to navigate the 19 situation, too. Its been documented how many Idols have had some problems with 19 over the years.

  8. That’s what JLH did. He said in his documentary he didn’t take a deal from “the show ” for a “one or two single contract ” as he wanted to work with his producer friend who he had worked with on his pre-Idol EP and had already started working on what wound up becoming his 1st album( he now has 4 out!)

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