Fifth Harmony Pushes Album “Reflection” to January


Fifth Harmony member, Camila Cabello, tweeted some bad news for fans. The  highly anticipated debut album, Reflection, from the X Factor season 2 alums, has been pushed back to January.


— camEEla cabeYo (@camilacabello97) November 7, 2014

Back in August, Reflection was originally announced with a Nov. 17 release date, which was then postponed to December.

A rep for Epic Records confirmed to Billboard that the album has been pushed back, and that the new release date is actually, Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015.

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Last week, Fifth Harmony released “Sledgehammer,” the second single from Reflection, which was written by “All About That Bass” star Meghan Trainor. The album’s lead single, “Bo$$,” spent 15 weeks on the Hot 100, peaking at No. 43.

Hm. The girls’ debut has been delayed twice and ultimately pushed to the album sales dead zone of January.

Hopefully, the suits at Epic haven’t lost faith in them.

Via Billboard

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  1. Would’ve been great to have them out by Christmas when the sales are strong. Too bad..

  2. the next few weeks are so crammed full of album releases… with lots of big players… that to me it makes more sense for an emerging artist to wait until the new year… less competition… less likely to slip under the radar… more chance of getting press, media interest and therefore ultimately sales…

  3. I tend to think the push back was more promotion related, than the album being ready. The girls haven’t been booked into many radio station Christmas concerts, thus limiting the exposure for a November/December release. With a late January release, there will be radio stations lining up to do events with them in February, when very little else is happening.

  4. This could be bad news, but I hope not. Seems like they may lose their window of opportunity if they don’t strike soon.

  5. This sounds like a promo-timing and -budget issue. If you don’t have top-notch promo going into the holiday season, a holiday release just gets you buried (especially since one label head mentioned a year or two ago that it’s really ideal for Black Friday sales to have been a big summer album, too). 5H has done well on promo, but they’re not “everywhere” at the level they’d really need to be, to make an impact.

    Now that sales year-round look like January, I’m not as pessimistic about January releases making up sales ground compared to mid-year ones. A December release date would probably have been worse, as that misses the Black Friday excitement and falls in the promo hole as media/press/radio shift to a holiday focus.

    Obvs, there’s no guarantee they’ll get great January/February promo, but they’ll face less competition for it, and at least that’s still an unknown that could go really well.

  6. They just released a new single & have been dong the radio rounds. MTV was gearing up for a major launch special for their release. So I don’t really get the promo-timing/budget issues. They have never shown to be a big album/ep seller anyway.

  7. I’m wondering if they pushed it back to get it to chart higher. If it sells, say, 25K its 1st week, that would not chart very high if it was released Black Friday week, for example. But in late January, 25K would probably guarantee a Top 10, if not a Top 5 BB Top 200 rank. (I’m just throwing out 25K as a random example; I have no idea what it will sell in the 1st week)

    MTV had talked about how it was going to do this big live promotional event around the album release date. I wonder if that is still going to happen now that the date has been pushed back.

    There’s always the possibility that the album isn’t done, which would be a reason why the date got pushed back. But it seems more like a promo/timing thing.

  8. “They just released a new single” explains the promo-timing issues. A brand-new single doesn’t have time enough to rise far before a December release, even if we assume CHR has no holiday freeze and every PD stays at his/her post instead of getting snockered on eggnog and heading to Florida.

  9. They are really gunning for that BB #1, so they are really doing whatever it takes to get it.

  10. I don’t like it either. I prefer seeing a colorful and live Fifth Harmony.

  11. I agree girly girl….

    They push it back after they got first week sales for “sledgehammer” coincidentally enough. Billboard reported 15k. There is some talk billboard may have changed instant grat rules. So, maybe it’s preorders are much higher. But if it really was just 15k…..

    In reality, it’s probably everything that’s been mentioned.

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