Emmy Awards 2014 Winners List – Live Blog

Emmy Awards 2014 Winners List and Live Blog

We’re live blogging the primetime Emmy awards right here! Most of the statues were handed out last weekend at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards (See the full list HERE) but there are 24 more awards to go!

See who wins best actor and actress in the comedy, drama and mini-series/movie categories. Plus, which TV shows will come out on top?

Will The Voice win Outstanding Reality Series two years in a row? Find out right here!

Late Night host and SNL alum Seth Meyers is set to host.

We begin with a countdown and montage of moments from the past year. Tick Tick Tick. Here comes Seth. “The Emmys are about to get cancelled” says Seth because the Emmys are in August on a Monday. He jokes about the Emmys getting bumped off Sunday. Music (which MTV is not about at all) and football jokes ensue. “Basically you voted for the policeman’s hat you liked best.” That’s back in 1976, the last time the Emmys were held on a Monday. Seth snarks about dramas being submitted as comedies (looking at you OITNB).  “Tonight we are all Crazy Eyes” he says. And on that terrible series finale of “How I Met Your Mother”: How all the baddies survived their series ending–but sorry kids! Your mother died. “Duck Dynasty was the most VCR taped,” regarding DVR play ratings. The jokes are low key but pretty sharp and coming fast. (IN OTHER WORDS WATCH FOR THE VIDEO).

Seth Meyers Opening Monologue

Seth Meyers – Monologue – Emmy’s 2014 by IdolxMuzic

The first presenter wrote her own introduction! Seth introduces Amy Poehler as “Beyonce.” She gives Seth a high five as she passes. She presents Best Onscreen Orgasm in a Civil War Re-enactment. Whoops. That would actually be Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy and that would go to Ty Burrell of Modern Family. It’s the actor’s 2nd win and 5th nomination.  He reads a speech by the kids from Modern Family, off of an actual piece of notebook paper,  like a grade school essay. The kids give themselves lots of props. Cute.

Zooey Deschanel and Allison Williams are up. They present Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series to Louis CK.  Allison is really really really excited.  He thanks Conan O’Brien and some others.

Jimmy Kimmel is next! He immediately begins goofing on Matthew McConaughey.  You got so fat since the Oscars!  How many of those speeches are we supposed to sit through? Alright Alright Alright already. ! He can’t understand what he’s doing at the Emmys. He doesn’t have a Television face! Ricky Gervais has a TV face. Actually, a Netflix face! But  NOT  MATTHEW. This is hilarious.   He presents Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series to Allison Janey for Mom.  “This is an amazing honor…number six let’s go!”  Yes, she has won a boatload of Emmys already in her long career.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Hilarious Supporting Actress Intro

Jimmy Kimmel – Intro Supporting Actress In A… by IdolxMuzic

Hayden Panettierre is next! She’s here to recognize the Guest Comedy Actors who were nominated and won awards at last week’s  Creative Arts Emmys.  Hayden spilled on the Red Carpet earlier that she’s having a baby girl! Uzo Abudo, who won Best Guest Actress joins Hayden on stage. They present Best Director for a Comedy Series to  Gale Mancuso for Modern Family.  This is her second consecutive win. Gale namchecks all of her producers. She asks Matthew McConaughey if it’s OK if she stares at him, to keep her distracted, or she might cry.  Clips of actors sharing thoughts about their directors accompany the announcement of the nominees.  Lea Michele talks about working with Paris Barclay, who is nominated for Glee.

Next is a bit with Billy Eichner.  Billy and Seth head to the streets of New York City to accost people with questions about pop culture. The enticement is one dollar.  This is manic and fun.    One guy mistook Seth for Seth MacFarlane. They ambush one dude who is a mixture of confused and playing along.  They take up a collection for the cast of The Big Bang Theory. Billy begins screaming at people.  “THE GOOD WIFE WAS SNUBBED”  “Who cares?” answers one old guy.

Billy Eichner And Seth Myers Hit the Streets of New York

Bryan Cranston and Julia Louis-Dreyfus present Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series.  Julia can’t get over HOW MUCH Bryan looks LIKE THE DENTIST IN SEINFELD. Ha ha because Bryan WAS the dentist on Seinfeld. Julia’s character even dated him.  Once they settle down, it’s time to give the Emmy to Jim Parsons for Big Bang! He addresses his fellow nominees with love and compliments. He thanks his father, Mickey, who recently passed away.

Seth introduces the man who usually introduces himJimmy Fallon. He gives a very sober speech about the one common truth. No one will make as much money as Kim Kardashian did for her iPhone game. He presents Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series to Julia Louis-Dreyfuss for Veep. It’s her 3rd consecutive win for the role. She’s one 5 Emmys altogether!  As she takes the stage, Bryan Cranston grabs her and gives her a big kiss! “Yeah…he was on Seinfeld!” she admits afterward. She waxes poetic about HBO and calls the show a huge labor of love.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Kissed by Bryan Cranston

Mindy Kaling and John Mulaney are next. They present Outstanding Reality Program! And….the Emmy goes to… Actually BACK to The Amazing Race. The program has won 6 this year. This is AR’s TENTH in this category.

Seth takes questions from the audience. John Hamm wants to know when the show will be televised.   Melissa McCarthy has a parking problem. Julianna Margulies wants to know if she can have the Emmy if Maggie Smith doesn’t claim it. Seth announces a genre change!

Questions from the Audience!

Seth Meyers – Q & A – Emmy’s 2014 by IdolxMuzic

Allison Janey and Octavia Spencer are next.  They announce Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries or Movie. OOOHHHH Steven Moffat wins for Sherlock: The Last Vow. I LOVE ME SOME SHERLOCK. Now it’s Supporting Actress in a Mini Series or MovieKathy Bates wins for American Horror Story: Coven.  She didn’t think she’d win because the accounting guys looked at her funny before she came out.

Stephen Colbert is in the house! Seth calls his upcoming move to network television a “demotion.” He’s presenting Outstanding Supporting Actor for a Miniseries or Movie.  He’s really upset his imaginary friend Roscoe has not been nominated.  He has an onstage meltdown with himself, basically. The award goes to Martin Freeman for Sherlock. WHOA.  The Normal Heart actors looked really…surprised.  That was an upset. Martin isn’t available to accept his award.

MAJOR Surprise Face from Normal Heart Actors After Martin Freeman Upset

Outstanding Director for a Mini-Series or Movie goes to Colin Bucksey for Fargo!  Did you see Fargo? It was fantastic. Highly recommend.  Martin Freeman was really terrific in that production  too and is up in the lead actor category.

Amy Poehler is back onstage with Seth.  They read through a bunch of introductions they are considering for Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey. “The only actors not being considered for True Detective 2”.  Woody does a DEAD ON IMPRESSION of Matthew ALRIGHT ALRIGHT. These two are hilarious and have so much chemistry. They present Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie to Benedict Cumberbatch for Sherlock!  Of course, he’s not there either. NORMAL HEART ACTORS GETTING SMOKED.  I’m all about Sherlock and the actors who star in it. I’m OK with this outcome.

Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey Present Lead Actor

McConaughey & Harrelson – Present Lead Actor… by IdolxMuzic

Liev Schreiber and Kerry Washington present Outstanding Lead Actress in a Mini Series and Movie, and the Emmy goes to Jessica Lange for American Horror Story. It’s her 3rd Emmy win and 6th nomination. She’s very nervous. Ryan Murphy is pleased as punch in the audience.

Andy Samberg is singing TV themes with Seth. Brady Bunch! Weird Al Yankovic joins them to parody many of your favorite themes including Mad Men, Scandal, Homeland, Modern Family, Game of Thrones. Andy joins in and this is just EVERYTHING.  He hands George R. R. Martin, who is sitting in the audience,  a manual typewriter. FINISH THOSE BOOKS GEORGE. SO random.

Weird Al Yankovic and Andy Samberg Parody TV Themes.

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Theme Song – Emmy’s 2014 by IdolxMuzic

It’s a perfect introduction for Thrones‘  Lena Headey. “Mother I think I have been poisoned!” cries Andy. This is the best. She presents Outstanding Mini Series to Fargo.  Yay.

“The only one from ER to ever amount to anything…Julianna Margulies!” is how Seth introduces the actress. Ha. She presents Outstanding Movie to The Normal Heart.  OK not a total shut out. Producer and director, Ryan Murphy accepts the award and gives a very moving speech. Wow. Playwright, Larry Kramer is on stage and he looks VERY ill. Thank God the movie was finally made before he passed on.

Ryan Murphy Accepts Award Outstanding Television Movie for Normal Heart

“Let’s give our best Ricky Gervais impression by giving a huge round of applause for Ricky Gervais.” Ricky says he’s lost the Emmy 19 times. “Well done to Jim Parsons! I would have preferred to win it…Four years in a row seems unfair!” Ricky decides to read his acceptance speech. “HA HA I WON. I’m better than those other actors…Joey from Friends. Look at their stupid faces.”  LOVE RICKY.  He presents Outstanding Writing for a Variety or Comedy Special to Sarah Silverman for her HBO special,  We Are Miracles.  “This didn’t even occur to me! Thanks to my Jews at CCA Larry Moe and Curley..Can we call him (her boyfriend Michael Sheen) Mr. Fancy Pants Sheen now?”

Key and Peele – Two things that can happen to your paint job! They introduce the accountants in a very intricate and clever bit that involves both speaking in unison and interrupting each other.

Chris Hardwicke is next. He wants to thank internet trolls FOR TELLING THE TRUTH. Anonymously. He wants the trolls to listen carefully as he describes the difference between Your and You’re. That is funny and so true. He presents Outstanding Direction for a Variety Series to Glenn Weiss of the Tony Awards. He accepts from the control booth where he is…directing the Emmys.

Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine are next!  They present Outstanding Variety Series to The Colbert Report.  Gwen proceeds to TOTALLY botch the name. Adam corrects her. She bops him on the head with the card. “She said it wrong…it must be a mistake,” says Jimmy Fallon, who yoinks the award for himself.  Steven whispers stuff into his ear, which Jimmy repeats.  “Don’t make me swear!” says Jimmy. Colbert eventually takes over the mic for some proper thank yous, that include Jon Stewart.  The show won last year too, taking over a long, long streak from The Daily Show.

Gwen Stefani Pulls a John Travolta

Sofia Vergara introduces the President of the Television Academy. He asks her to stand on a revolving platform. It slowly turns as he blah blah blahs the usual stuff we would typically ignore. Sophia vamps it up, basically saving the day.

Sofia Vergara Gives Us The Pageant Wave

Sofía Vergara – Impromptu Modeling – Emmy’s 2014 by IdolxMuzic

Lucy Liu is next. She presents Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama to Erin Paul for Breaking Bad. It’s his 3rd Emmy win and the very last time he will be eligible, as the series has ended its run. He feels like he’s going to throw up. He asks for applause for the other nominees. Breaking Bad changed his life, he says. He thanks producer Vince Gilligan. He misses working with the cast, including Bryan Cranston. A shout out to his beautiful wife who runs the “Kind Campaign.”

Sara Bareilles performs a beautiful rendition of Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile.”  It’s the In Memoriam montage where we see all of the TV luminaries who have passed on this year.

In Memoriam

In Memoriam – Emmy’s 2014 by IdolxMuzic

After, Billy Crystal offers a special, separate tribute to Robin Williams. He mentions his brilliance and huge huge heart. Very moving.  He had several great stories about Robin that illustrated what a great and funny friend he was. “For almost 40 years, he was one of the brightest stars in the comedy galaxy…” It ends with Robin’s first Tonight Show appearance and his shawl bit on the Actor’s studio and some other really hilarious bits.

Billy Crystal’s Tribute to Robin Williams

Billy Crystal Tribute To Robin Williams – Emmy… by IdolxMuzic

Debra Messing and Jim Parsons are next.  The present the Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Drama to Cary Joji Fukunaga for True Detective.  Next, they present Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama to Anna Gunn for Breaking Bad.

Katherine Heigl honors the Guest Drama Actors who were nominated and won awards handed out at the Creative Arts Emmys last week.

Winning Actor, Dylan Baker, presents  Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series to  Moira Walley-Beckett for Breaking Bad. The series is having a huge last hurrah tonight.

Viola Davis is next. She presents Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series to Julianna Margulies for The Good Wife. This is her 3rd Emmy win. Her first was for ER.  “What a wonderful time for women on television,” she says.

Seth introduces Julia Roberts as that actress who was in Mystic Pizza 25 years ago, and then was never heard from again. Heh. “This is a HORRIBLE category!” she jokes. She presents Outstanding Actor in Drama Series to Bryan Cranston. He’s won 4 Emmys for playing Walter White and one for being a producer on the show. “Even I thought about voting for Matthew,” he quips. He tells the story of how his family called him “Sneaky Pete” because he was always looking for  shortcuts.

Oh Look. Jay Leno will present Outstanding Comedy Series! Got to give him something to do.  The winners are Modern Family. Boo again? It’s the 5th consecutive win for the series.

And Hallie Berry is last, to present Outstanding Drama Series to Breaking Bad.  The series swept nearly every drama category.

Emmy Awards 2014 Winners List

Outstanding Reality Series – Competition

Amazing Race – WINNER
Dancing with the Stars
Project Runway
So You Think You Can Dance
Top Chef
The Voice

Outstanding Variety Series

The Colbert Report – Comedy Central – WINNER
The Daily Show – Comedy Central
Jimmy Kimmel Live – ABC
Real Time with Bill Maher – HBO
Saturday Night Live – NBC
The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon – NBC

Outstanding Comedy Series

The Big Bang Theory
Modern Family – WINNER
Orange is the New Black
Silicon Valley

Outstanding Drama Series

Breaking Bad – WINNER
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
House of Cards
Mad Men
True Detective

Outstanding Miniseries

American Horror Story – FX
Bonnie & Clyde – Lifetime
Fargo – FX – WINNER
Luther – BBC America
Treme – HBO
The White Queen – Starz

Outstanding Television Movie

Killing Kennedy – National Geo Channel
Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight – HBO
The Normal Heart – HBO – WINNER
Sherlock: His Last Vow – PBS
The Trip to Bountiful – Lifetime

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Michelle Dockery – Downton Abbey
Claire Danes – Homeland
Robin Wright – House of Cards
Lizzy Caplan – Masters of Sex
Kerry Washington – Scandal
Julianna Margulies – The Good Wife – WINNER

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Bryan Cranston – Breaking Bad – WINNER
Kevin Spacey – House of Cards
Jon Hamm – Mad Men
Jeff Daniels – The Newsroom
Woody Harrelson – True Detective
Matthew McConaughey – True Detective

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Anna Gunn – Breaking Bad – WINNER
Maggie Smith Downton Abbey
Joanne Froggatt – Downton Abbey
Lena Headey – Game of Thrones
Christina Hendricks – Mad Men
Christine Baranski – Diane Lockhart

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Aaron Paul – Breaking Bad – WINNER
Jim Carter – Downton Abbey
Peter Dinklage – Game of Thrones
Mandy Patinkin – Homeland
Jon Voight – Ray Donovan
Josh Charles – The Good Wife

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

Lena Dunham – Girls
Melissa McCarthy – Mike & Molly
Edie Falco – Nurse Jackie
Taylor Schilling – Orange is the New Black
Amy Poehler – Parks and Recreation
Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Veep – WINNER

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

Ricky Gervais – Derek
Matt LeBlank – Episodes
Don Cheadle – House of Lies
Louis C.K. – Louie
William H. Macy – Shameless
Jim Parsons – The Big Bang Theory – WINNER

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Julie Bowen – Modern Family
Allison Janney – Mom – WINNER
Kate Mulgrew – Orange is the New Black
Kate McKinnon – Saturday Night Live
Mayim Bialik – The Big Bang Theory
Anna Chlumsky – Veep

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Andre Braugher – Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Adam Driver – Girls
Ty Burrell – Modern Family – WINNER
Jesse Tyler Ferguson – Modern Family
Fred Armisen – Portlandia
Tony Hale – Veep

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie

Jessica Lange – American Horror Story – Coven – WINNER
Sarah Paulson – American Horror Story – Coven
Helena Bonham Carter – Burton and Taylor
Minnie Driver – Return to Zero
Kristen Wiig – The Spoils of Babylon
Cicely Tyson – The Trip to Bountiful

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie

Chiwetel Ejiofor – Dancing on the Edge
Martin Freeman – Fargo
Billy Bob Thornton – Fargo
Idris Elba – Luther
Benedict Cumberbatch – Sherlock – WINNER
Mark Ruffalo – The Normal Heart

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie

Frances Conroy – American Horror Story – Coven
Kathy Bates – American Horror Story – Coven – WINNER
Angela Bassett – American Horror Story – Coven
Allison Tolman – Fargo
Ellen Burstyn – Flowers in the Attick
Julia Roberts – The Normal Heart

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie

Colin Hanks – Fargo
Martin Freeman – Sherlock – WINNER
Jim Parsons – The Normal Heart
Joe Mantello – The Normal Heart
Alfred Molina – The Normal Heart
Matt Bomer – The Normal Heart

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series

Breaking Bad — “Ozymandias” (Moira Walley-Beckett) – WINNER
Breaking Bad — Felina” (Vince Gilligan)
Game of Thrones — “The Children” (David Benioff and D.B. Weiss)
House of Cards — “Chapter 14″ (Beau Willimon)
True Detective” — “The Secret Fate of All Life” (Nic Pizzolatto)

Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series

Boardwalk Empire — Farewell Daddy Blues” (Tim Van Patten)
Breaking Bad — “Felina” (Vince Gilligan)
Downton Abbey — “Episode 1” (David Evans)
Game Of Thrones — “The Watchers on the Wall” (Neil Marshall)
House Of Cards — “Chapter 14” (Carl Franklin)
True Detective — “Who Goes There” (Cary Joji Fukunaga) – WINNER

Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series

Episodes — “Episode 305” (David Crane)
Louie — “So Did The Fat Lady” (Louis C.K.) – WINNER
Orange Is the New Black — “I Wasn’t Ready” (Jenji Kohan and Liz Friedman)
Silicon Valley — “Optimal Tip-To-Tip Efficiency” (Alec Berg)
Veep — “Special Relationship” (Simon Blackwell, Tony Roche and Armando Iannucci)

Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series

Iain B. MacDonald – Episodes
Paris Barclay – Glee
Louis C.K. – Louie
Gail Mancuso – Modern Family – WINNER
Jodie Foster – Orange is the New Black
Mike Judge – Silicon Valley

Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special

American Horror Story: Coven – Bitchcraft – FX Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk
Fargo: The Crocodile’s Dilemma – FX – Noah Hawley
Luther – BBC America – Neil Cross
The Normal Heart – HBO – Larry Kramer
Sherlock: His Last Vow – PBS – Steven Moffat – WINNER
Treme – To Miss New Orleans – HBO – David Simon and Eric Overmyer

Outstanding Directing For a Miniseries Movie or a Dramatic Special

American Horror Story: Coven – Bitchcraft – FX – Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Fargo – The Crocodile’s Dilemma – FX – Adam Bernstein
Fargo – Buridan’s Ass – FX – Colin Bucksey – WINNER
Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight – HBO – Stephen Frears
The Normal Heart – HBO – Ryan Murphy

Directing for a Variety Special

Gregg Gelfand – “The Beatles: A Night That Changed America”
Louis J. Horvitz – “The Kennedy Center Honors”
Hamish Hamilton – “The Oscars”
James Lapine – “Six By Sondheim”
Beth McCartyhy Miller – “The Sound of Music Live!”
Glenn Weiss – “67th Annual Tony Awards” – WINNER

Outstanding Variety Special

“AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute To Mel Brooks”
“The Beatles: The Night That Changed America”
“Best Of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Primetime Special”
“Billy Crystal: 700 Sundays”
“The Kennedy Center Honors”
“Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles” – WINNER

Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special

“The Beatles: The Night That Changed America”
“Billy Crystal: 700 Sundays”
“The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards”
“Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles” – WINNER
“67th Annual Tony Awards”

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