Concert Schedule – 8/26/14 – Adam Lambert, Daughtry

Adam Lambert + Queen begin a two day stint in Sydney Australia. Plus, Daughtry, Fifth Harmony and The Swon Brothers perform tonight.

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Take That & More Perform at the...
Take That & More Perform at the Opening of New Musical THE BAND

Tuesday, August 26 2014 Concert Schedule

Daughtry – Klipsch Music Center – Noblesville IN
Fifth Harmony – Stage AE – Pittsburgh PA
Adam Lambert + Queen – Allphones Arena – Sydney AUSTRALIA
The Swon Brothers – Carrington Pavilion – Danville VA

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  2. From all accounts the first Queen + Adam show in Sydney was a rousing success!

    I particularly love this tweet:

    @MrsG_: @adamlambert you sexy bitch…you were amazing tonight. Sydney loves you!! #Queen I danced my ass off and im 37 weeks pregnant!!

  3. The Queen + Adam Lambert concert tonight (Sydney) was taped. Brian announced it during the concert. Looks like the odds have increased on getting a Q+AL Live DVD :)

    Concert is getting get reviews from all who were there and it was packs to the rafters.

  4. Although to be fair, Queen tape all their shows, on several cameras, but don’t always release dvds…….keeping everything crossed that they do for this tour though…..and rather than 1 show on the dvd, I’d like the best of each song, so we get all the songs performed throughout the tour……I

  5. So, I heard the person reviewing QAL concert today tweeted that Adam did some lip syncing. Most people know Adam never does that, even when he is dancing.

  6. Another reviewer said the same thing about an earlier show, and Dr.Bri shot him down. ‘m sure he’ll do it again. The vocals are so amazing that some people can’t believe he’s actually singing live. They’ll learn. LOL!

  7. This is actually sad. Lip syncing become a norm in today’s music. JLo went even further with her butt-syncing. Lol.

  8. But there’s nothing to lip sync to, no backing or click tracks. Brian and Roger were very emphatic about that, both at the first press conference and replying to the NYTimes review. Only thing that can happen is Adam stops singing but remaining band members continue. They ALL sing the group parts and harmonies, not just Adam.

  9. Yes, Queen routinely tapes their shows, but Brian May doesn’t mention that during his concert banter. If he did this time, I find it very interesting! I just can’t believe that Brian and Roger won’t want these concerts immortalized on a DVD, given their critical and popular success – and how damn happy they clearly are on a personal level when it comes to performing these shows.

  10. Harmonies were “suspiciously perfect” think “critic” from NYT said – May’s retort actually was perfect.

  11. The best part of the review for me “Is he Freddie? No he’s not. He doesn’t have to be and he didn’t try to be. He is Adam Lambert and he’s a perfect fit. He’s flamboyant, charismatic, deliciously sexy and funny.” Quite the compliment from a metal reviewer.

  12. Looking forward to seeing what comes through for Syndney show. I would be very surprised ifvAdam lip synched, in fact amazed. His voice is an instrument and he uses it to,perfection. Besides I think they are all such stand up,guys we would hear if this happened.

  13. Adam doesn’t lip sync and the guy deleted his tweet. He was talking about Killer Queen where Adam is laying on a couch and felt that the chorus was too perfect.

  14. lol – that “too perfect” meme again – he’ll learn –

  15. I can understand how someone might think Adam was lip-synching that part, because he sometimes sings in a half-sit-up position. Which seems impossible, if you aren’t doing Pilates on a regular basis.

  16. Good for Kris. Personally, not a fan of his laid back music style but definitely a fan of his friendship with Adam. Not Kris’ “fault” that he won AI; and if others tampered with it, then they hurt Kris more. I wish some Glamberts would let it go. Just look at the joy for Kris on Adam’s face when it was announced. Good enough for me. Happy for Kris and his family that he is well again and still working out a career in music for himself in his own choice of style and music. A fine man doing his own thing.

  17. It is Kris’ fault that he won. It was his direct actions that lead people to vote for him.

    As stupid as it is that that is still an issue, I do wish that Kris had some realization of the fact that five years he caught people’s attention, despite the fact that going into the semi final round he didn’t receive a lot of buildup or screentime.

    And going along with your comment about the mellow music, I wish that Kris would realize that he caught people’s attention with a semi final round performance that contained a lot of passion and energy.

  18. “I wish some Glamberts would let it go.”

    I don’t get what you mean. I’ve read a few articles about Kris where just a couple of the same people say that Kris didn’t win fairly. The huge majority have moved on. As a matter of fact many Adam fans have supported Kris by buying his albums and attending his concerts.

  19. NOPE. The next person to bring up voting conspiracy theories ANYWHERE on the blog will be banned permanently. I consider it trolling.

    Please STAY ON TOPIC. Concert talk and concert talk only in this thread.

  20. Today 8/26 Kris Allen – The New Vintage Louisville, KY

    Should be an interesting concert. Early reports from soundcheck Desperodo, Kris on electric guitar for Paul Simon, Keyboardist Andrew playing Sax on AWM & backing strings used on PITY. There was also a report from someone they heard Kris playing the viola.

  21. Should be fun! He has played it on occasion since he came off Idol, though he generally sticks to acoustic guitar or keyboards/piano. On the AI tour he played electric guitar on the very last part of “Bright Lights” (from around 3:15 on in vid)

    (here’s vid of one of the AI tour perfs of that song)

    Bummer about no viola yet. Oh well :)

  22. It was pretty funny because he was so sure that it was just fans who did not know what they were talking about.

    Turns out he had a seat where he could only see Adam on the Q screen and not on the B Stage — and there is a delay between the video and the real audio — so it does not sync.

    Also he messed up on his comment about Brian and Roger singing harmonies on KQ when they do not. But “no one” can see the main stage when the lights are on Adam on the B stage.

    I can see how confusing it would be.

  23. They’ve got another tight turnaround because they are performing at this Cleveland State Welcome Back Students thing at 11 a.m. tomorrow. Luckily that’s not a long drive, but still…

  24. New mash-up from Kris tonight Monster mashed up with Magic!’s Rude.

    ETA: Hopefully we get a video.

  25. Word from the show that Kris stated he is about to shoot a music video for Prove It To You.

  26. He is deliciously sexy! Yep! And he is not Freddie. No one could be Freddie and no one can be Adam. I really liked how they paid tribute to Freddie during the concert. Adam just does the things he is good at and he fits in well. :)

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