DWTS 27 Week 6 Recap – Live Blog and Performance Videos

Hey Dancing Fans,

Welcome to week six of season twenty-seven of Dancing with the Stars. Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews returned as hosts, while Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli returned as judges. Check out all the song and dance style spoilers HERE.

Tonight is Halloween night! It is sure to be spooktacular.

The night kicks off with an opening number featuring the remaining nine celebrities and their pros dancing to a twist on the Halloween classic “Purple People Eater.” 


Up first tonight are Milo and Witney dancing a contemporary number. That was creepy and good all in one.

Len– not a big fan of jazz and contemporary but he thought this was spellbinding. Acting skills were perfect, and everything on point. Bruno– mind-bending and insanely good. IT was like watching American Horror Story: Asylum. Superb. CAI– beautifully mature, nuanced performance. We take for granted how well you two work together.

Scores: CAI: 10    Len: 10   Bruno:  10   Total: 30 out of 30

I’m pretty sure that is their first perfect score

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Dancing second is John and Emma– pasodoble – Cool concept, he is getting better each week. Was a little stiff though. Loved that he couldn’t say pasodoble. 

Bruno– so many mistakes. Went on the wrong foot. Nearly dropped Emma in end. Lost refinement and timing. CAI– I see how much effort you put in this. It like you almost didn’t find your balance. Len– Everything you did in hold was terrific. It went a bit cranky when you went apart. I thought it was good but whatever.

Scores: CAI: Len: 7   Bruno: 6   Total: 19 out of 30 

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Gleb and Hayley are dancing while live singers perform.

DeMarcus and Lindsay are up next with a salsa! That was pretty good. He moved his hips better than during practice.

CAI– very clear. A Few little misses on the hands. Lifts are out of this world. Len– Full of interesting choreography. Kept up with the pros. Had a breakthrough tonight. Bruno– looked like you were part of the troupe.

Scores: CAI: 8    Len: 9    Bruno: 9   Total: 26 out of 30 

Their voting number is 1-800-868-3404

Dancing fourth tonight is Evanna and Keo with a tango. She danced for herself and man did she do THAT! So proud of her.

Len– plenty of tango content. I liked the flexed knees. Sharp, crisp as a Pringle. You sold the whole dance. Keep your chin up. Bruno– tame pussycat to a wild panther. So strong, sexy, in control, slinky. Lines were absolutely beautiful. Never felt like you tried to keep up with Keo. CAIEVANNAS ON FIRE! So fierce tonight. You deserve 10s tonight.

Scores: CAI– 10   Len: 9   Bruno: 9    Total: 29 out of 30

Has Keo ever gotten a 10? THEY DESERVED A 30!!

1-800-868-3405 is the number to call to keep them safe

The  Jabbawockeez are performing


Up next is Bobby  and Sharna with an Argentine tango. To me, the AT is the definition of Halloween. If it wasn’t for Sharna there wouldn’t have been much content in that. He seemed sleep deprived because of his busy schedule.

Bruno– The storytelling was chilling. There was some AT but it was presented as a contemporary. CAI– that was your best dance so far. You were so authentically in the moment. A very simple AT. You mesmerized me and drew me into the performance. Len– it had mood and atmosphere. I would have liked more AT. I liked it and the feel of it. Well done.

Scores: CAI:   Len: 7   Bruno: 7 Total: 22 out of 30

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Tom is saying some of Len’s comments aren’t matching the scores and I agree.


tWitch and Allison Holker are performing an EPIC routine for Freeform’s 31 nights of Halloween. What a powerful couple. So good to see Allison back in the ballroom.

Mary Lou and Sasha are doing the tango next. That was pretty cool. She’s done better but this wasn’t bad.

CAI– I want to thank you for your courage and vulnerability. The dance got a little away from you. Lacked a bit of elegance. Len– slightly cleaner feet. Lost your neck on occasion. The saving grace was it was full of tango content. Bruno– You delivered a tango.

Scores: CAI: 8   Len: 8    Bruno: 8   Total: 24 out of 30 

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Jazzing their way to the floor next is Alexis and Alan. All I could watch was Hayley dressed as the mirrorball but that was a really cute and fun routine

Len– candy is dandy and so was that performance. A lot of content and fun. Bruno– a Halloween treat. enough sugar to last a lifetime. Placement is very good. An all-American dancing beauty. CAI– Everytime you come out you light up the dance floor. Your partnership is love and trust. Everything is all there. Great performance.

Scores: CAI: 9    Len: 9    Bruno: 9   Total: 27 out of 30

1-800-868-3401 is their number.

Now, a special performance from Dancing with the Stars: Live!, featuring the tour cast – Witney Carson, Emma Slater, Jenna Johnson, Gleb Savchenko, Artem Chigvintsev, Alan Bersten, Sasha Farber, Brandon Armstrong, Hayley Erbert and Britt Stewart and Val Chmerkovskiy is joining the on tour. 


With another Argentine Tango, Joe and Jenna are next. He almost dropped her. I still don’t understand how he is here.

Brunotangos scare me. For once it looked like an AT. I was counting the entire time and your timing was the best ever. CAI– I am blown away that you learned how to dance from Halloween horror night. You followed through on every move. Len– sometimes on the darkest days, a ray of sunshine breaks through. Best dance.

Scores: CAI: 8   Len: 7    Bruno: 7   Total: 22 out of 30 

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Thought he was overscored but whatever

Last but not least is Juan Pablo and Cheryl dancing a jive. Again, he looked like the pro out there. Incredible!

CAI– that was sheer perfection. Len– you got the balance right between the theme and the dance. I saw nothing
I didn’t like. Bruno– I bow to thee. That was a triumph. The jive was spot on. Every detail you put in never distracted from the dance.

Scores: CAI: 10   Len: 10   Bruno: 10    Total: 30 out of 30

Their phone number is 1-800-868-3408

Couples in jeopardy are Mary Lou and Sasha and Alexis and Alan.

The couple leaving tonight is Mary Lou and Sasha. They will surely be missed. She was improving so much. :(

Can I just ask how is Joe still here?

At a two way tie at the top are Milo and Witney and Juan Pablo and Cheryl with 30 points and at the bottom are John and Emma with 19 points.

Make sure to vote for your favorite(s) by going to abc.com/dwts

Get voting if you want your favorites to stay in the competition.

Get your cowboy/girl boots on and saddle up. Next week is country night/ team night. See you back here on Monday. Remember this week is only one show.

Have a happy Halloween and a good week!

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