DWTS 27 Week 3 Results – Live Blog and Performance Videos

Hey Dancing Fans,

Welcome to week three of season twenty-seven of Dancing with the Stars. Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews returned as hosts, while Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli returned as judges. Check out all the song and dance style spoilers HERE.

Get ready for the most emotional night of the season- it’s Most Memorable Year Night! The troupe is opening the night with One Direction’s “Story of my Life!”

Don’t forget there is an elimination tonight


Up first tonight are Mary Lou and Sasha. They are dancing the Viennese Waltz to “We Are the Champions.”-1984 – Mary Lou keeps impressing up every week! I’m already teary-eyed.

Len: has an athlete’s fighting spirit. So much determination. Lovely fluidity and the movement. Loved her hands. Bruno: Nobody takes Mary Lou down. She fixed her shoulders. Moved so well. CAI is crying. So was so moved. She has a heart of determination. CAI saw a struggle, but she pulled t back together. Saw an improvement.

Their number is 1-800-868-3409

Scores: CAI:  8    Len:   8   Bruno:    8  Total:  24 out of 30


Dancing second tonight are Milo and Witney with a jive-2018 – Milo is dancing with an injured hamstring tonight. Umm, who was the pro in that? Incredible.

Bruno: graduated with honor. Such strength and elasticity. Fantastic. CAI: really clean. tight. energetic. Said he had “zombie arms.” Len: Plenty of content. Terrific jive.

To vote for them call 1-800-868-3410

Scores: CAI: 9    Len:  9  Bruno: 9    Total: 27 out of 30


Next are Nancy and Val dancing to a rumba (Sung tonight by Lucas Graham)- 2006

Ok. I’m crying. That was beautiful. Everyone does so well this week.

CAI: Nancy has a love-based joy. She extended the movements and squeezed out every emotion. Len agrees. It had a charm and naturalness but needed more hip action. Applauded Val on a great job judging Jrs. Bruno: portrayed dance with warmth and tenderness. Turns are improved. Neckline improved. More hips. Conservative rumba.

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Scores: CAI: 8   Len:  Bruno: 7     Total: 22 out of 30


A contemporary from Alexis and Alan is next!- 2014 – Maddie Ziegler will dance with them next week for trios week. I couldn’t see that dance because I am sobbing. But from what I saw it was beautiful.

Len: your dancing never disappoints. Love the lifts. A little bit too sharp. Bruno: True feeling. deep emotion. beautiful motion. CAI: elegant, a poetic memory of her mom.

1-800-868-3401 is the number to dial for this pair

Scores: CAI:   Len: 8   Bruno:  9    Total: 26 out of 30


Magically dancing to a Viennese waltz to “Hedwig’s Theme” are Evanna and Keo-2006 – I was waiting for this! I’m crying just because I love Harry Potter.

Bruno: Your magic is stronger than ever. She was so fast like trying to catch the golden snitch. Wonderful nuance. She was in command. CAI: performance has grown so much.well-rounded performance. Len: powerful, full of gusto. Elegance and quality a magic performance.

I suspect the nargles were behind it

1-800-868-3405 is the number to call if you were most impressed by Team Kevanna

Scores: CAI: 9   Len:  Bruno:  9  Total: 27 out of 30


Up next with another Viennese waltz are Grocery Store Joe and Jenna- 2018 (sung by Calum Scott and Leona Lewis) – This was his best week, but not by much. Love Jenna‘s dress.

CAI said it’s so hard to judge him. He opened up. Didn’t miss the beat. He’s still growing. Len: he is a work in progress. More confident Joe. Didn’t think it was a lot of VW. Bruno: He was moving, but needs to work on the quality of his movement.

1-800-868-3406 is their number

Scores: CAI: 6   Len:6     Bruno: 6   Total: 18 out of 30


Lukas Graham will perform next while Jenna and Val dance.

Then Juan Pablo and Cheryl are sambaing.-1999 – Who was the pro in that? Oh. My. God. Hot, hot, hot.

Len had no words, just applause. Bruno is still basking in the afterglow. One of the best sambas ever. CAI said the samba was off the charts.

Dial 1-800-868-3408 to vote for them

Scores: CAI: 10    Len: 10   Bruno: 10   Total: 30 out of 30, the first tens and perfect scores of the season. Well deserved!


John and Emma are waltzing next-2016 – Again, I can’t see cause tears are filling my eyes, but great job John. Your mom would be proud.

Bruno: charming and heartfelt. Every emotion was in it. Be careful with your holds. CAI was so touched. He expressed all of his love. Work a little bit more on his posture. Len liked the sentiment of the whole thing. He needs to polish it up a bit.

Call 1-800-868-3407 to put them through to next week

Scores: CAI: 7    Len: 7   Bruno: 7  Total: 21 out of 30 (they deserved better than that but what do I know?)


Bobby and Sharna are dancing a contemporary next-1998 – We saw a different side of Bobby tonight. That was beautiful.

CAI: We get to see real moments of authentic magic. It took him miles ahead. Len said it was his best dance. Bruno: keep inner child alive.

1-800-868-3402 is their number

Scores: CAI:  8   Len:  7   Bruno:    Total: 23 out of 30


A rumba is next for Tinashe and Brandon- 2014 – Tinashe just keeps getting better every week! That was beautiful.

Len: recognizable moves with a modern age. Best dance. Bruno: sensuous and elegant. Liquid fluidity. beautiful. CAI: She is unstoppable. Grounded, elegant.

If they were your favorite, vote for them at 1-800-868-3413

Scores: CAI:  Len:  Bruno:   Total: 27 out of 30


Last up tonight, DeMarcus and Lindsay are doing the Argentine tango- 2016 – Wow. Those lifts were amazing. Don’t know how that related to his MMY though….

Bruno called him a titan. A superhuman display of strength. Mind Blowing. Stalks the floor like a panther. CAI said it wasn’t the typical Argentine tango. Intensity, passion, power. Len said the lifts were typical AT but they were great. Great dancing.

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Scores: CAI:  9   Len:   8  Bruno:   9 Total: 26 out of 30


Results time: 

Nancy and Val are in jeopardy with Tinashe and Brandon. Everyone else is safe.

Nancy and Val have been eliminated. We are sad to see them go.

Juan Pablo and Cheryl are at the top with 30 points.  At the bottom are Joe and Jenna with 18 points

Make sure to vote for your favorite(s) by going to abc.com/dwts and by phone. You get 11 votes through each method. Next week is trios week

Get voting if you want your favorites to stay in the competition.

Have a great week everyone and see you on Monday. Remember this week is only one show.

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