The Voice Season 15 Recap – Blind Auditions 5 Live Blog and Videos

THE VOICE -- ?Blind Auditions? Episode 1505 -- Pictured: Kirk Jay -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice season 15 continues tonight with coaches Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton. Carson Daly returns as host. We’re live blogging all the performances here. Watch the coaches build their teams.

Watch the Final Rehearsals for THE ...
Watch the Final Rehearsals for THE LITTLE MERMAID LIVE!

One Up (Adam 35 Jerome 35) – Manhattan NY – Could it Be I’m Falling in Love by the Spinners – It’s a duo! We previewed this performance HERE. They are not only a musical duo, but a romantic couple as well. They met on a music video. There are scenes of the two strolling in Central Park where they first met. Adam describes struggling with his sexuality. He threw himself into religion before finally coming to terms with himself. Their families are all accepting and coming together for the first time on the show. The two perform old school Motown complete with choreography. Adam is the better singer, to be honest. He’s got a Daryl Hall vibe going. Jerome does the high parts, but he’s off key. Kelly, Jennifer and Blake turn at the last minute, when they hit some big notes.  After the entire family join them on stage, Kelly becomes emotional, “love is limitless” she says. Jennifer takes the stage to give hugs. Blake can’t get a word in. He points out he’s had great success with duos. The Motown thing is fun, but really not relevant in any way shape of form. After consulting with the fam, Adam and Jerome Choose Kelly. Not a surprise.

There’s a whole GIRL POWER theme going on in between performances. Kelly and Jennifer promise to have each other’s backs…

Natalie Brady – 33 – Nashville TN – Barracuda by Heart – She’s a mother of two kids, 8 and 5 and plays music for a living in Nashville. It’s tough for a single mom. Schedule wise, it’s a gruelling demanding job. But she wants to be a good example for her kids. She left the kiddos at home. They send along a video wishing her good luck, which makes her very emotional. She’s got a great big rock voice. So of course, Adam hits his button first. She reminds me a little of Idol alum Carly Smithson. Her vocal isn’t as strong, but the tone is similar. Jennifer turns at the last minute. Adam calls her a “four chair turn,” he adds, “Shame on you!” Hm. Adam says if the Wilson sisters hated each other, Natalie could take Ann’s place. Uh. THE WILSON SISTERS DO HATE EACH OTHER (Proof). Adam says the rock community needs her. JHud compares her voice to an oncoming train. Blake chastises Kelly for not turning. But then Natalie mentions her range spans genres. So there. Unsurprisingly, Natalie Chooses Adam. Rock dude!

Hannah Blaylock – 31 – Nimrod AK –  Baby Now That I’ve Found You by The Foundations – Her immediate family are also musicians. She was the lead singer in a band at 19 with a major label. She toured with a bunch of country acts, including Blake (he was a supporting act too!). At one point, she had to step away. Rascal Flatts skype in to wish her good luck. She flips the classic 60’s pop hit into something acoustic and a bit country. She has a very pretty delicate tone. Classic country. Blake and Kelly ALMOST turn. But alas…they don’t. Blake recognizes her right away. Blake says he has similar artists on his team. Kelly compares her to Alison Krauss, Dolly and some others. I’d chalk that one up to song choice. She needed a performance with more dynamics to garner attention. Is Hannah’s journey over? Hm. Maybe not. Carson teases that we’ll find out later. – No Turns

Mike Parker – 23 – Gainesville VA – So Sick by Ne-Yo – In high school, football was his life. In his junior year, he was the No 5 athlete in the nation. But his grades were so bad, he lost all of his scholarships. He followed his dad’s footsteps into the construction business. Now, he’s found a new passion. He’s a decent singer, but nothing special. Oops. Pitch problems. Jennifer turns at the very last minute. Eh. Hannah deserved a turn. This dude not so much. When she turns, Mike goes absolutely nuts.  Kelly notes that his singing voice is very different than his speaking voice. Only Jennifer Turns

Joey Green – 35 – Crowley TX –  Baba O’Riley by The Who – He runs a t printing shirt business out of his kitchen. He also performs in clubs. He calls his genre “post Americana” He likes 90s pop rock like Goo Goo Dolls. His sister died of a heart attack in her 40s. He’s got a pleasant rock tenor. He’s a little pitchy, but decent. Good song choice. Jennifer is waving at Adam. But finally she and Blake hit their buttons. Yeah, he deserved a turn. “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, Jennifer yells at Adam. Then it turns out Kelly and Joey attended rival high schools at about the same time. “That voice deserves to be on the Voice stage,” Jennifer declares. Blake insists he’s in his lane. Joey is a country songwriter, actually. Joey Chooses Blake. Which makes perfect sense. Adam didn’t turn because he felt there were too many iffy spots.

Zaxai – 29 – Brooklyn NY – Come and Get Your Love by Redbone – He’s first generation Haitian American. His parents came here for a better life. His dad is a pastor. He works in a Russian club–singing in six languages. He also works at Radio City Music Hall. And once, Kelly kicked him in the head by accident. Oops. Ohhhh. Jennifer blocks Kelly. His voice is super smooth like butter, sweet tenor. Not crazy about his phrasing, though. Love this song. It’s a gem. Zaxai tells Kelly the story about how she kicked him in the head. She gives him a hug and apologizes. He shows off his dance moves for Jennifer. I can see the chemistry already. It’s a good matchup.

Erika Zade – 20 – Miami FL – New Rules by Dua Lipa – Her dad is a classical guitarist. She grew up in a Cuban household. She’s a “dark pop” R&B singer. She calls herself “sassy” before demonstrating her Shakira impression. Currently, she’s a student at Berklee College of Music. She’s a good singer. A lovely tone and her phrasing is intricate and soulful while staying perfectly on pitch. This gal could be on the radio. Kelly hits her button and is, surprisingly, the only turn. But she’s the best fit, so no worries. Adam calls her voice incredible and modern. Jennifer appreciates her attitude, but she was waiting for “something else.” Adam suggests that maybe it was “too perfect.” Kelly will teach her a lot about emotion. Oh. Erika has a Blake story. She handed him a demo CD. He signed it, and handed it to another fan. Kelly looses her sh*t at that. It is pretty funny. Blake did not know that song, he admits. As Kelly talks, Adam blows an air horn…which promptly breaks. Nice try, Adam. – Only Kelly Turns

Jarred Matthew – 31 – San Diego CA – Tired of Being Alone by Al Green – Jarred is an astrophysicist. He works on NASA telescopes. He’s hunting down neutrinos. He’s married–he’s known his wife since middle school. They played in a band together. Music makes him happy. That’s why he’s auditioning for The Voice. Adam hits his button right away. He’s a soulful singer, but his range is limited. Al Green is beyond his grasp. Blake hits his button, though. Jarred is very hype by the time he finishes. Blake says a fun guy like him belongs on Team Blake. Adam notes his falsetto needs work (to say the least). Adam says he can help him with that. And of course, Jared Chooses Adam

Sam Robbins – 21 – Portsmouth NH – Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce – He started a punk band at 12. But slowly he began playing acoustic guitar. He learned to love his dad’s fav 70’s singer songwriters. He’s in college currently, and performing on the side. This is too boring to earn a turn, plus there are some pitchy moments. And he’s a bit nasally. Adam notes he has a gorgeous voice. “It’s so mellow,” he says. TOO MELLOW. Jennifer was waiting for a “level change.” CONTESTANTS YOU NEED A MOMENT.   No Turns

And….Sam is the 5th artist to join Kelsea Ballerini’s Comeback Stage. Sorry Hannah. Didn’t think she’d get picked at her age and level of experience, to be honest.

Colton Smith – 21 – Albertville AL – Alive by Sia – Growing up gay in Alabama was tough, says Colton. But his friends and family support him. He would love to work with diva queen Jennifer Hudson. And Jennifer hits her button. He’s a little nervous but, has potential. Adam calls Colton a “bad ass.” Jennifer could sense his presence, even before she turned around. She wants to bring out all that character. Only Jennifer Turned

Kaley Hill – 29 – Nashville TN – Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac – She’s been hitting Nashville “hard” with her original songs. She has a pleasant, dusky voice. Blake hits his button. Kelly ALMOST hits her button, but nope. She’s good and deserved more turns. Blake heard some Dolly in her voice. “You came ready,” says Jennifer. Kelly regrets not turning.  Only Blake Turned

It just dawned on me–there have been no montaged performances so far. Colton and Kaley were edited down, but we got to hear good chunks of their performances. Good deal. 

Kirk Jay – 22 – Bay Minette AL – God Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts – We see the trailer in Alabama where Kirk grew up. No food, no lights, no water. They had to use the bathroom outside. But currently, he’s earning a living as a country musician and he’s doing fine. He’s got an interesting voice. It cuts through, for sure. He’s got a little Al Green in there, but with a country twist. Blake hits his button first. Adam is next. And at the last minute, Kelly and Jennifer. Adam says it’s as if Cee Lo Green and Blake made a country baby. Adam says “If you don’t pick me, pick Blake.” Blake gives him two big wet kisses for that. Kirk declares that he wants to make country music “til the day I die.” Kelly delivers her “Blake is not the only country artist here” spiel. He picked the song, because it was the first country song he ever heard. And of course Kirk Chooses Blake. Smart choice.

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