DWTS 24 – Cast Reveal On GMA – Live Blog! (VIDEO)

Hey Everyone!

It’s Franky, back for another season of live blogging Dancing with the Stars. I hope you all had a great winter. I’m really looking forward to catching up with our regular posters and to meet a whole bunch of new viewers who might be reading these blogs for the first time. As usual, we begin with the official cast reveal this morning, live on Good Morning America.

Also as usual, the cast has pretty much leaked prior to this announcement, so today is really about confirming the stars, seeing who their professional partners are, and getting a first look at everyone together. The season twenty-four premiere of Dancing with the Stars is nineteen days away and before we turn around, it will be time to get back into the swing of voting, polling, and all the crazy fun that this show brings.

From the leaked list of stars, it seems like this season could be the most competitive ever. In fact, quite a few cast members have a decent amount of experience in the world of dance. One, in fact, is an actual legit professional dancer (though not in ballroom dancing). So, I expect that we are going to see some really high caliber performances this season. Whether you think it is fair to have folks on who have experience (I am torn on the issue to be honest), it does make for an exciting season.

It looks like we will have our usual combination of older, younger, sports figures, entertainers, and a few “in the news buzz” contestants thrown in for good measure. But which pros are back? Which are sitting out this season? And who is paired with who? Let the speculation end once and for all and let’s get this live reveal started…
Throughout this two hour GMA episode, we get to see many of our pros and members of the DWTS troupe putting on little performances, especially at the start of the 8AM hour. Even Ginger Zee (yes, from season twenty-two) is in on the dancing action. Everyone looks pumped, excited, and ready to go!

Tom Bergeron in the house! He gets to sit in and do a little pop news since Lara Spencer is not on hand for her regular duties. LOL @ Tom. He is so good with quick humor and would actually make a really solid news anchor.

The reveal is now less than 10 minutes away!

And here we go!

Nancy Kerrigan, partnered with Artem.
Chris Kattan, partnered with Witney.
Bonner Bolton, partnered with Sharna.
Charo, partnered with Keo.
Rashad Jennings, partnered with Emma.
Heather Morris, partnered with Maks.
David Ross, partnered with Lindsay.
Erika Jayne, partnered with Gleb.
Mr. T, partnered with Kym.
Normani Kordei, partnered with Val.
Simone Biles, partnered with Sasha.

* They haven’t announced it yet, but Peta is definitely back and partnered with Nick Viall.

Simone is excited and might come up with her own moves via her gymnastics.

Mr. T, who used to be a bouncer, says he might not be a good dancer. LOL.

Chris Kattan gets to talk about his SNL days.

Rashad gets up to show his pre-game warmup, which looks very much like a dance routine.

Heather feels a little confident but she is iffy about ballroom dancing. Val doesn’t think there is any family tension since he, Maks, and Peta are all on the show.

Bonner broke his neck a year ago bull riding, so he is a little nervous.

David is the first major league baseball player to appear on the show. He says this show will keep him in shape and help him get outside his comfort zone. He gets a special video message from a teammate.

Nancy’s kids are excited that she is on the show.

Normani is excited and will make all her responsibilities work.

Erika says she is going to give it all she has. Kyle Richards (from the housewives) sends a video message for Erika.

Charo loves the show. She gets up to do her little cuchi-cuchi dance. Lord, she is going to be hysterical. Charo is now teaching Ginger some moves. I don’t how this show plans on reeling in Charo but this is going to be something to see.

Peta is live from LA. She has a surprise. Her partner is Nick, the bachelor. DUH! LOL. They congratulate her on the baby.

Laurie Hernandez (last season’s champion) arrives to surprise Simone. She gives Simone some good luck sneakers.

Of course, it is time for a game. Because GMA is nothing else if not fluff. This is some odd create a dance game with Laurie as the judge. I have no clue what’s going on. At least the cast seems to have chemistry and everyone looks like they are having a blast. There was really nothing about that game that made any sense but for the record, the guys won the competition.

I’ll be back in a few with our very first poll as well as the exclusive cast photos of the celebs and their partners. Do you have a pre-season favorite already? If so, get ready to vote in the poll.

And remember, season twenty-four of DWTS will premiere on Monday, March 20th, 2017 @8 Eastern.

Watch the GMA Reveal if you Missed It!