And now, the fun times come to an end as we head into elimination. Ugh. This is going to suck.

Hayes & Emma
Tamar & Val (she looks pissed)
Alexa & Mark

Everyone else is safe.

Moving along… the eliminated couple this week is…

Hayes Grier & Emma Slater

DWTS 21 Week 7 Live Blog and Performance VIDEOS

Hayes loves everyone is this show has meant so much to him. Aww. You could tell he is upset. Well, this answers yet again the age old question of whether or not a massive online fan base can translate to votes on a reality show. It really doesn’t. Hayes was a decent dancer and I actually thought he had the potential to make the finale. But a few below average (for him) weeks and perhaps his fans not really rallying to vote did him in. It is funny because last week, he and Emma were trending on twitter all night long after the show for people to vote. But it seems that trend did not actually correlate to people voting. I will miss Hayes. Every elimination from here on out will really hurt.