Andy is excited people see him as a contender now. He is happy that he gets to show a completely different side from last week. Allison is a little frustrated in rehearsals. She wants to show things from Andy he hasn’t yet. Allison is going for a more contemporary paso here. I’m not mad about that. It is nice to see some flavors being expressed in a classic dance. However, I’m not sure if the line between adding a bit more and adding too much has been crossed. This is cutting it close for me. I love how much Andy is giving this routine and I still think he has turned the corner into being a solid performer on the show. I just hope Allison’s tendency to go all out in choreography doesn’t mess him up. But a good paso here. It was just… the oddest paso I have seen. It is Halloween night though, so I guess things are par for the course on that one.

DWTS 21 Week 7 Live Blog and Performance VIDEOS

Bruno says Andy lost the shaping on the paso. The shoulders went up and Andy lost it. The spanish flavor needs to be maintained. Carrie Ann thought it worked. She agrees with Bruno but does think it worked. Julianne is extremely turned on. OKAY. She agrees with Bruno about the top half (and bottom) but she felt it was awesome.
Carrie Ann- 9
Julianne- 9
Bruno- 8
Total: 26/30
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