Gary is from Tulsa Oklahoma. His sister talks about his love of football. Okay. This is better than last week. Gary is actually doing actual foxtrot steps. Is it perfect? No. Is it even close to being perfect? No. Does he still have that awkward way in which you aren’t sure if he is going to totally change the dance and do his own thing? Yes. But I have to give the guy props for improving on last week. And even more props to Anna for choreographing something that one, Gary could do and two, for being able to make him actually resemble a proper dancer. He should feel good about that.

Bruno called it a pleasant surprise. He says it looks like a foxtrot. Bruno calls Anna a miracle worker. Carrie Ann says Gary was right on the edge but he didn’t miss a step. Julianne loves that Gary exudes the energy of a twelve year old. She calls him charming and handsome and says the dance was well done.
Carrie Ann- 6
Julianne- 6
Bruno- 6
Total: 18/30