DWTS 21 – Gary and Anna – Jazz – Week 4 – VIDEO

Gary picked 1979. It was the year Gary was nominated for an Oscar. Gary discusses his motorcycle accident. It was hard but he fought his way through it. Oy. I’m finding it difficult to judge Gary now that we are in week four. I get that he is entertaining and I appreciate his determination to honor his time playing Buddy Holly but this is getting tiring to give him a pass on the dancing. This is a jazz routine, which allows for liberty a bit, but Gary is not doing very much. He is singing with the track more than he is dancing. Whoops. He almost dropped Anna. Yeah, the bloom is clearly off the rose. My compliments to Anna for trying to put together something that Gary could do and being generally awesome about dancing with him.

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Bruno loved the passion. He wants Gary to nail execution though. Carrie Ann feels Gary spirit but she feels like now in week four, everyone is improving and she doesn’t see it with Gary. Julianne feels Gary has persistence in the competition.
Carrie Ann- 5
Julianne- 6
Bruno- 5
Total: 16/30