Duets – First Live Show – America Votes! – VIDEOS and Recap

We’re LIVE TONIGHT! America will get to vote for their favorite duet couples for the first time. Voting Faq

Please America! Do the job the judges wouldn’t do! Eliminate Olivia Chisholm.  Tonight she sang underpitch through the entire song. And if I’m being perfectly honest…Robin Thicke wasn’t much better. I remember him performing on Idol a couple of years ago. His live vocals aren’t nearly as sultry and smooth as what he lays down on record.

John Legend’s partner, Bridget Carrington,  is my favorite vocalist right now. Unfortunately, I think the live situation affected her nerves a little bit. She didn’t seem as confident as in past performances.  But she found her groove by the end of the song. If she lasts (and she better!) I expect she’ll have improved by next week.

The funny thing is–although I love Bridget, I probably will throw some votes to Jason, because this show, for me, is all about the judges. I want Kelly Clarkson on my TV screen for as long as possible. It’s not a wasted vote, however, Jason really stepped it up this week, revealing that he can handle modern R&B. Tonight’s performance was maybe his best yet.  America will vote for Jason.  I don’t think he’s going home.

Also benefiting from America’s vote, will be John Glosson who knows how to turn out a big, weepy ballad.  He and Jennifer have some chemistry, and do a great job playing off of each other’s strengths.  John Legend called it syrupy. John G. said he considered that  a compliment. The schmaltz is what will get America to pick up the phone and vote. And to be honest, I think he’s going to outlast favorite son, J. Rome.

The judges obviously LOVED J. Rome, scoring him into 1st place every week. But I think America will have other ideas.  Between her two partners, Jennifer is a much better match for John. Tonight, J. Rome was off in spots, with his vocals sounding thin on the high notes. Like Bridget I think he was really nervous performing live. “Without You” was a good song choice, but it didn’t work entirely.


The show opens with Robin Thicke, Jennifer Nettles, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend perform George Michael’s “Freedom”.

KELLY CLARKSON IS TOTALLY HOT in a strappy red dress! Oo la la!

The contestants will take on the biggest songs from the last decade.

Jennifer Nettles and John Glosson – “When You Say You Love Me” by Josh Groban – He owns a wedding shop by day. BIG ballads are John’s forte. It’s smart for John and Jennifer to play it safe tonight. It’s the first week of voting, and John wisely chooses a song he’s performed many times.  Kelly: I’m not shocked that you did amazing. Robin: Legally, that’s not a duet anymore, that’s a trio! I call you the Georgia Boccelli. John: Your voice sounds magnificent. It sounded a little syrupy to me. – 1-855-962-5004

Olivia Chisholm and Robin Thicke – “I Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum – What the heck is this chick still doing here? She has no power in her voice. What’s more, she has very little emotional affect. Not a good combo. Olivia and Robin try to play off their sexual chemistry, but it isn’t enough.  They don’t sound good harmonizing together, not helped by Olivia singing just under pitch throughout the song. Quddus tells Olivia that she “looks lovely.”  Well, there’s that. John: It was cool to have you guys sing some country tonight. Kelly: You were pretty pitchy throughout the song. I love your tone.  I loved the song choice. Jennifer: I thought you did a wonderful job. 1-855-962-5005

Kelly Clarkson and Jason Farol – “Mercy” by Duffy – Jason is REALLY excited that America is voting now, because the superstars don’t’ seem that crazy about him.  He better hope the little girls are watching with their phones at the ready. He’s totally going for the sex appeal, swiveling his hips and breaking out the swagger. SMART. Although, Jason doesn’t seem entirely comfortable with some of the stage moves. But he sounds pretty good, and his confidence grows throughout the song. It’s the first time I didn’t’ feel Kelly stomped all over him vocally. He’s a soulful dude. My suggestion? If he lasts another week? Stick with the R&B.  Kelly sounded and looked awesome as always. Jennifer: If teenage girls are voting. Please. You are so cute and so fun. Robin: I could not take my eyes off of Kelly in that little red dress! John: I loved how much fun you were having up there. The dancing wasn’t completely natural. – 1-855-962-5003

Bridget Carrington and John Legend – “Halo” by Beyonce – She had to go back to her office job during the break! I’m not going to lie–Bridget is my favorite of the singers left. She’s not only soulful, but she’s got a fresh, current sound.  Bridget seems a little off initially–can’t quite put my finger on it…some pitch things. But she recovers and finishes nicely. Pitch problems aside, I really like her phrasing and swagger. Robin: I thought it was very nice. I liked the choice of song. Jennifer: I thought it was wonderful. A little pitch articulation on “Halo”. Kelly: I loved it. Such a great choice of song. The little break in your voice between your head voice–let’s not overthink that. It was amazing. – 1-855-962-5001

J. Rome and Jennifer Nettles – “Without You” by David Guetta and Usher – It’s time for J. Rome, the over-pimped and of course he’s got the last spot! Jennifer calls the song “super fun.” Uhm. Really?  Another good vocal from J. Rome, although I agree with John, he was a little spotty in the lower register. J. Rome tells Quddus after he performs, that he wants his album to be a “little bit of everything.” WRONG ANSWER. John: You look like you belong up there, but one of your weaker performances. Robin: My fav part was watching Jennifer dropping it like it’s hot. Kelly:  She throws a shoe at him! I can’t wait to come to your concerts some day. – 1-855-962-5002

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