Drunk Tweeting the Idols!

In his latest Tweet Beat for MTV News, Jim Cantiello drunk tweeted Kris Allen and Allison Iraheta after he had a few too many drinky-poos at an MTV staff party last night.

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Oops! Embarrassing!

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. I could have done without the throw-up….may be a nurse but don’t like seeing it if i don’t have to

  2. It was fake toss up, but yeah. I love me some Jim C. I hope his wife forgave him, and yes, there needs to be a tech breathalizer. Brillz. He left out that tweet.

  3. Allison shouldn’t be drinking, period. You have to be at least 18 in most states. I hope her parents see this.

  4. TFLS, Allison wasn’t drinking. It was Jim C. I think MJ will need to reword it. Jim C was drinking and tweeting @ them.

  5. the wording confused me as well, forcing me to watch and clarify. Not that I dislike Jim.. but he’s no Michael Slezak.

  6. I think it might have been a balloon boy reference (along w/the drunk twittering hangover) — I heard the poor kid puked on TWO morning shows today, lol.

    Poor Jim, I watched this all unfold last night and it was hilarious :) Very cute and self-deprecating of him to put his own embarrassing twittering into the Tweet Beat. Beak. Beat.

  7. From what I understand, one of fake Kris Allens on twitter (there are 2 fake Krises on twitter that I know of) was tweeting Jim C last night and somehow fooled Jim C into sending the real Kris a direct message?! Or he was supposed to DM the fake Kris but ended up DM’ing the real one instead? Something like that anyway.

  8. There were also some tweets that indicated that Kris had too much of the Kool Aid punch after the concert. ;) His tweets were random, to say the least. I can’t get the sound to work on Cantiello’s video, so I will watch it at work tomorrow. He has spent a LOT of time on Twitter lately. Maybe for work, or maybe he’s just bored and addicted to Twitter. I get that.

    Hrrm. Maybe it was the fake Kris? It was definitely the real Jim who told Kris to DM him about some stuff he wasn’t sure he should post. I was confused and apparently still am.

  9. Wow. I actually found the person doing the voice over on that tweet video totally annoying lol.

  10. Thanks PJ – I was totally confused. I’m glad it wasn’t Allison doing the drinking. Bad habits developed early tend to stick around in later life. I’d hate to see her talent sidelined in any way.

  11. This was hilarious! I never for a moment thought anyone but Jim was drunk twittering.

    The person who did Jason C. was almost spot on, imo. Did Jason really tweet that entire story? LOL!

  12. There was one sort of random and silly twitter (okay, more so than usual) from Kris, but considering he had the presence of mind to self-censor, probably not at the point Jim was :)

  13. Jim C. on crack FTW!!! Oh wait, that’s how he normally is? Ok then, Jim C. who’s not on crack but acts like he is FTW!!!

  14. Very cute and self-deprecating of him to put his own embarrassing twittering into the Tweet Beat.

    When I saw Regrets for the heading of this segment I was wondering if he was going to include his “interesting” tweets.
    I saw his twitter messages last night – funny :)

  15. Wow-
    I would be worried by now if I were Jim’s wife, this man-crush seems to have gotten out of hand if Kris Allen is what occupies Jim’s mind when he’s drunk…

  16. Yes, that intro to the video does sound like Kris and Allison were both at the MTV party and tweeting drunk.

    I don’t like the voice overs on these.

  17. It’s not the embarassing tweeting of Allison and Kris, more like TO Allison and Kris. Allison usually tweets like she’s high on 5hour Energy drink or Kool-Aid but not drunk.

  18. I love the voice overs of the celebs. They’re my favorite part, next to Jim’s crazy self.

  19. Exactly how old is this guy? It seems kind of creepy for him to be professing his love for Allison and Kris all the time.

  20. I liked this Tweet Beat, not as good as last weeks, but well there isn’t any Miley mocking or rocking out on the Casio, so that’s to be expected.

    But yeah, cool of Jim to mock his very mock-worthy drunk Tweeting. And dude, it’s not even drunk dialing, because at least that is to people one knows, but this is to AI people he doesn’t really know. Or maybe that’s just me. Not that it’s bad or wrong of Jim, just very different to me than me. Anyhew he was funny in that bit, except for the fake throwing up, hate that, usually nauseates me in turn.

    Oh and I think we can lay to rest the idea that Jim likes everyone equally and only covers them because they are news, because in vino veritas and who does he drunk Twitter at or about? Allison and Kris. Which is fine and cool, I’m just saying.

  21. Jim C—-seems kind of ‘hyper’ to me and just plaIn ‘weird’! I can’t take much of him.

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