Donald Trump Republican Debate “Highlights” (VIDEO)


Here are the highlights–if you want to call it that–of Donald Trump’s shenanigans at Thursday night’s Republican debate. Trump is turning the race into a bonafide circus. If so much wasn’t at stake–this is the race to determine the next US president–I’d be happy to break out the popcorn and pull up a lawn chair. This is really good TV, but really terrible politics.

Trump refused to pledge that he wouldn’t run on a 3rd party ticket, so he’ll clown his way through the primaries, until it becomes clear he can’t win. He’ll split the conservative vote, which could be bad news for republicans come next November.

The hubris is strong here, as Trump brags that he’s topping meaningless polls, and will therefore, win the race. FOX News host, Megyn Kelly, calls him out on his ugly rhetoric–particularly aimed at women–and he took a tasteless pot shot at Rosie O’Donnel, in response. The crowd cheered at that. Ugh. His response to Megyn was to criticize “politically correct” culture, which is the excuse of bullies, everywhere.

More gems: Trump admitted to giving politicians money for favors in return, and then turned around and called the system “broken.” He also described his many bankruptcies as “using the laws of the country” to his advantage.

Other candidates participating included Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie and John Kasich 

Watch Trump and the Republican candidates debate right here.

UPDATE: Here’s Trump on FOX’s Morning Joe whining about the moderators not being “fair” to him. Here he is bitching about the moderators on twitter. A tweet he returned called Kelly a “bimbo.”

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