Dfeeel2’s American Idol Tour 2009 Philadelphia, PA Recap

Before we get into the show, a little bit about myself; I’m in my mid-twenties and though my girlfriend is a bigger idol enthusiast than I am, I won’t lie and say she dragged me into this, I was excited about the show. Being an avid follower of Mjsbigblog and topidol, I’ll try and make this as exciting and detailed for the readers as possible.

There was no chance of me leaving work earlier than I should have to get to the pre-show mumbo-jumbo.

*No pictures, girlfriend took some but they aren’t uploading to my laptop for some reason, sorry =[

On with the show, friends:

Michael Sarver- Michael never really did it for me on the show, and the fact that he outlasted Alexis still itches at me, whether or not she is malnourished (lawlz, topidol). And contrary to all the other reviews, he still didn’t really do a whole lot for me. Granted, he was much better live and his set was fun I suppose and energetic, but not nation-wide tour worthy, it all felt slightly underwhelming?

Megan Joy- is smokin’. Yeah that’s a cheesy little line, but seriously, I don’t think even my girlfriend cared how I couldn’t take my eyes off the stage or the big screen. And I like her voice, but as much as I thought or wanted to love her set, I think Put Your Records On was akward and odd and Tears Dry on Their Own was an improvement, but not by much. I tried to cheer and be loud for her as much as possible seeing as the Philly crowd couldn’t care less.

Scott MacIntyre- Was never funny on the show, nor was he funny last night. And his voice sounds like s***. Always. Live. On Tv. Live. On Tv. I thought Bend & Break could have been replaced with a song more fitting for his terribly dated style, and A Thousand Miles was just him thinking inside his stupid piano-minded box. Next person please- Scott, you suck and I wish I took a bathroom break’ ¦ all over the stage while you performed.

Lil Rounds- To say Lil had a fun, entertaining, nice, set is right on the mark. But that’s all it was, nice. Like on the show, she took on the big powerhouses, and sort-of failed, sort-of succeeded. She thinks she’s equal or just as great as Mary J., Alicia, and Beyonce who are three of the most current and popular artists out there. I enjoyed her take on Mary J, though it was note-for-note Lil’ Copycat Infringement. No One was pleasant, but again, sort of screechy and pitchy and off. But pleasant in that sort-of gross way. Single Ladies was atrocious, people writing other reviews are trying to be nice when saying what she did to that already horrendous song was ‘great, ‘  it blew.

Anoop Desai- Anoop was so bland and boring this season. Every week it was a ballad, and a little whiney defense about the artist he wants to be, he was in every was as annoying as Lil was. But I think he helped in changing my perspective of him slightly live. His first song Always on My Mind was actually a very good vocal, and it was more interesting than when he first did it. I enjoyed Mad a lot, just because I like the song and it’s not really a song that would sound terrible if any of the other contestants did it. And My Prerogative was uh energetic but stupid and cheesy and he shouted most of it and danced around like he couldn’t tell whether he was black or Indian. I’m not racist, just sayin’.

Matt Giraud- When Matt was on the big screen I found it disheartening to not find Quatto the beloved mole. I liked Matt on the shows some weeks, but found him sorta arrogant and terrible other weeks. The air of arrogance disappeared from his Idolatry interview, and that terrible-ness he brought some times, was nowhere to be found when he took the stage. Hard to Handle was actually a very crazy performance while Georgia was nicely done. I was indifferent about You Found Me, but his set was easily the best of the night thus far. He made me a fan, but until he explains the disappearance of Quatto I refuse to join his frauen.

Intermission- Bathroom. Bathroom. Bathroom. Bathroom. The core of the idol line-up is next. Lawlz lawlz lawlz.

Allison Iraheta. Without being biased or anything :) Allison truly has the most moving, passionate, soaring voice out of all the top 10. Don’t attack me, followers of the church of flamboyant flamebert, will get to his mighty voice in a few, but in the end, oversinging just doesn’t match that passionate and gravelly powerful voice Allison has. I was more entertained by the look of So What, rather than the vocals, for she looked awesome during it. Crybaby was in-freakin’-credible. Seriously, I wasn’t even a big fan of her Crybaby performance on the show, but the song live is ground-shaking. I wasn’t too excited for Barracuda because I had already seen it on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien ( I love me some Late night talk shows), and it is such an incredibly hard song to sing, but she pulled it off better than anyone since Ann Wilson herself.

Danny Gokey is a douchebag. Don’t tell me you little annoying kids that I wasn’t giving him a fair open-mind because I dislike him so much because I was. P.Y.T was fun sure, Maria Maria brought the amazingly annoying pompous side of Danny that thinks he can tackle freaking latin sounding music then transitioning to country music and making it sound good. Cause it doesn’t. He screamed through his Rascals Flatts part, and some b**ch next to me was screaming for him and honest to god I explained to her how much this guy blows. How he ever.ever.ever outlasted Allison will piss me of until the day I die. He
is a douche, he will not sell records with his f***in’ latin-soul record. Because no label in the right mind can find him marketable.

Da Glambert- Was I an Adam fan? Eh. Did I dislike him? Nah. I found Adam sick some weeks like rock week, which pleased me when I began to hear Whole Lotta Love. Other weeks I found him to highly overrated- Top 3, Michael Jackson, Disco. Like previously mentioned, his first song was the Led Zeppelin classic, and it was very well done. Next was that Muse which name escapes me, one second while I surf the interweb. Here we are- Starlight was the name and honestly I found it to be my favorite of his set, it felt right. Mad World was show-stopping I suppose, but not jaw-dropping. He got a standing ovation for it the first time because the shit-for-brains idiots behind Idol had the top 8 episode going over by 8 minutes. Then Allison came out for a, to put it mildly, extremely satisfying funny and entertaining duet of Slow Ride, a song that will suck when they’re not singing it. Then the Bowie Medley which I felt, honestly, like he was shoving the whole I’m gay, I’m a glam-rocker thing right down my throat. Other than that, the volcanic screams he got tell the tale of how great he was.

Kris Allen- I like Kris, I like his style, personality, he’s just a cool likable guy really. First he hit it off with one of the undeniable highs of the season, his rendition of Heartless. That beginning is off the chain yo. Then with the Killers song, which stands to be one of my favorite songs ever recorded, Kris did it nicely, it’s a very live-oriented song anyway. Then
another hit of his, Ain’t No Sunshine was up and it was actually quite brief. Then onto the best of his set, Bright Lights where he become very active and fun, while closing his set off with the other idols, a cheesy Hey Jude. I wanted to get home and catch Conan and Letterman so I left before the finale, which I’ve seen countless videos of. And hey, don’t yell at me- Renee Zellweger was on, I love me some Renee Zellweger.

All in all, a great show. In honor of Michael Slezaks next day recaps, let’s grade the idols.

Michael Sarver- C+
Megan Joy- C
Scott MacIntyre- C-
Lil Rounds- B
Anoop Desai- B+
Matt Giraud- A
Allison Iraheta- A+
Danny Gokey- D
Adam Lambert- A
Kris Allen- A+

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