David Archuleta to Launch a New Online Game

David Archuleta is about to launch a new online game, and you can help name it.   Here are the deets, from his MySpace.

Hey everyone! David is about to launch an awesome online game but needs your help – it doesn’t have a name yet! The game will basically be a board game and by finding codes on websites and other places you’ll be able to move through the board. Along the way you’ll get to hear from David himself and if you make it to the end you’ll be eligible to win a grand prize. What should it be called? Email davidarchuletagame@gmail.com with the subject “Game Title Submission”. If we pick your suggestion you’ll get a major shout-out on davidarchuleta.com. Deadline for all title entries is Friday, February 6th.

Also, in his newest blog update, David talks about attending the Adele/James Morrison concert in Murray, Utah, attending the Senior Ball at his high school, and looping some dialog (that’s what it sounds like they were doing) with Miranda Cosgrove for the iCarly episode that will be airing on Nickelodeon on February 7.

Check it out, after the JUMP…

Hi all. David here with another blog. So this week I got to go to the Adele concert!! Adele is amazing amazing amazing amazing, and she sounds so good live! James Morrison opened up for her, and he sings with so much soul. It’s so weird to see him perform because white people usually don’t sing like that haha. But anyway, I loved how Adele didn’t move around a whole lot when she performed. She was all about the voice, and didn’t try to change that. What’s also cool is that it was at the Murray Theater in Murray, my home town! A few of my friends came with me too, so good times haha.

This Saturday was another extremely exciting day, because I got to go to Senior Ball at my high school!! I didn’t think I’d ever get another chance to go to a school dance, but I asked management and they gave the ok and made time in the schedule for me to go. I had soooo much fun! For our day activity, we had breakfast and then played games. We fit in a lot of them too. We played dodge ball, basketball, musical chairs, apples to apples, and crab soccer. I got a good work out from the crab soccer too haha. We rocked out at the dance too, and even though I sweat so bad it was worth it.
The girl I got to go with was awesome too. After the dance we all watched Mall Cop, but I kept falling asleep lol. I was so tired.

And I had to wake up early in the morning anyway for a flight.

So yesterday, we flew back down to LA, and I did some things for Nickelodeon with Miranda Cosgrove. It was something that involved more lines to say, haha. So I was really nervous before we started, but once we got going I had so much fun! It felt like Miranda and I just hung out all day long, and she’s such a nice girl. But yeah, the lines were for Crush Night that’s coming up on February 7th! The day of my acting debut.. when the episode of iCarly I’m on airs. It really is so much fun working with all of them on that show. I wasn’t sure if I’d get to work with them anytime soon, so when I heard I was going to be working with Miranda Sunday, I was pumped! haha. But yeah, I’ll stop talking about that and save it for the week it comes on. But keep that on your calendars! It’s a big day haha. Well for me anyway. But yeah I wrote an awfully lot in this blog. But it was a big weekend! Adele, the school dance, and Miranda all in 3 days. But I will post some pictures for you guys. Bye bye.

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