David Archuleta Sings “Elevator” and “Falling Stars” – Live With Regis and Kelly

David Archuleta dropped by Live with Regis and Kelly this morning to promote his new album, The Other Side of Down. He performed two songs–“Elevator” and “Falling Stars” and had a little sit down with the hosts.

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He chatted about the crazy dream that inspired “Elevator”, coming in 2nd on American Idol and what he thinks of the new judges’ panel.

See the videos, after the jump.  Unfortunately, “Falling Stars” was cut off by my local affiliate before he finished. Alas.

Videos after the JUMP…



“Falling Stars”

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  1. Yay, that was awesome! Enjoyed everything about his visit to Regis and Kelly!

  2. He did really good. Falling Stars is a pretty song. Interview was most adorable.

  3. The interview was nice…Elevator, though juvenile, was nicely sung, but I didn’t like Falling Stars at all. I don’t understand all the falsetto David is adding to his songs. It sounds forced to me..and, for me, if someone is going to sing in that range I like it to be more drawn out and significant and not just a short phrase.

    I’m not overly impressed with this album and don’t feel as though it is highlighting David’s wonderful rich voice. I know David likes “quirky” but his voice seems so much more melodic than the material offers him a chance to be.

    But the important thing is that his fans like it and purchase it…but I have my doubts as to whether this type of music for David will bring in new fans and move him up the ladder.

  4. Wow! Two songs! Funny interview.. too bad Falling Stars cut off, it was just getting the gusto of the song. Very pretty song! I like how David was interactive with the camera.. very cute!

  5. David did great, I just watched! He did great on Elevator and Falling Stars is just so pretty and he did well with that too. He was funny and confident during the interview, too! I’m so happy for him.

    Bonus for me: I’ve loved Diane Lane for a long time. Gonna have to go see the Secretariat movie.

  6. David you looked and sounded amazing on R&K today!
    gosh the interview was wonderful…
    LOL leather???!! woah… LOVED IT!
    dang he near killed me with that and also loved the shoutout to Cook saying he did not win…
    boy has he come a long way! more please!

  7. So proud of David. Liked both songs and his performance was Fantastic. He seems so much more comfortable in interviews and they love him @ Regis and Kelly. …..and Regis’ advice GET OFF ON THE TOP FLOOR lOVE IT!!!!

  8. David sang beautifully and was funny and charming in the interview and i just love him to pieces.

  9. Wow…that was fast! Thanks MJ!

    David looked and sounded great. Also, loved that he got a chance to sing “Falling Stars”…beautiful song, beautiful vocals!

  10. That darn Elevator song, at least for me, is a total earworm. Heh.

    Archie’s precious :)

  11. For me, everything he did this morning was just perfect!!! His outfit was fabulous, his looks soooo handsome and his voice, im speechless!!!
    And the album, omg!!! I love it from start to finish! If you read tweets on twitter, david gained more fans bec of his new album….the non fans are loving the songs sooooo life is good in archuletaville!!!
    Congrats david archuletaaaaaa!

    Thanks mj!

  12. P.S.

    David Is still gaining more and more and more fans along the way….i am TRUSTING THE ARCHULETA! :)

  13. David’s vocals were fabulous today on Regis and Kelly…falsetto and all! I love that he was able to sing two songs (Elevator and Falling Stars) which show the diversity of the songs on his new CD! There is no doubt in my mind that David’s new music will bring in lots of new fans! The Other Side of Down is an awesome album!

  14. He’s such a cutie. And it’s nice to see that Regis & Kelly like him and give him so much time on their show.

  15. I love Falling Stars, definitely more than Elevator. Hes too cute! Hope the album has great first week numbers.

  16. David did a great job on R&K! I was very pleasantly surprised that they gave David two songs and a sit down interview. I was thinking he would sing one song and then they would interview him right there.

    I do wonder if FS will be the next pop single. I think it was originally being considered for the lead single. When asked about the lead single, David had mentioned that there was a song that he and the label liked that was written by Eman, Jess Cates, and Claude Kelly.

  17. Thanks for posting the videos here MJ. That was a good interview and I’m glad he got to explain Elevator. Too bad Falling Stars got cut off, but glad he got to sing two songs.

  18. I’m too old for this type of music, but I will say it’s 5,000 times more palatable than most of the teen-pop dreck out there today.

  19. Did Regis just day “David Archuleta, very very popular winner”? LOL I do like the song though, and I’ll be darned if he isn’t starting to look older.

    Watching the interviews and stuff I feel like I’m in some 2008 time warp. It’s so much fun to finally be able to follow one of the Davids again. Whoot!

    ETA: Regis also forgot it’s his third studio album, not second.

  20. “Falling Stars” has jumped to #123 in the iTunes chart. Only song of his in the Top 200, and it’s not even his single. And it’s #55 on the Pop Chart!

    In fact, on the Pop Chart, after FS, SBL is #113, OSOD is #120, and MKOP is #126. No Elevator.

  21. ETA: Regis also forgot it’s his third studio album, not second.

    Regis forgets everything–lol! I don’t follow David, but I LOVED the interview. David was very charming! Liked Falling Stars better than Elevator. Good luck to him and this album!

    Oh, just curious…are the guys playing with David part of his band? Does he have a permanent band?

  22. I don’t think the fans know which of the band members will stay on. He doesn’t have a permanent band but he often does employ musicians that he’s used before.

    David (or whoever) did correct Regis in the mixup about winning, and they spoke a bit about David Cook.

  23. I heard that Eman, the writer of Falling Stars, asked him to sing differently with less vibratos. David listened to what Eman had to say. Although he can hit the highest notes with his chest voice, he combines falsetto and chest voice for the dynamics of the song. Probably, it will be the next single.
    Elevator grows on me. On a first listen, it was very different from any songs on the radio and my ears needed to adjust to the new type of song, but now head bopping and singing along… He takes advantage of own penned song to change up freely and anything he throws makes sense.

  24. David is getting so much more comfortable with interviews and tv performances! He was just adorable on Regis & Kelly, so charming. He’s looking more mature and is becoming quite a handsome young man! His performance was perfect imo. Too bad FS got cut off, but enough was heard to get the gist. Hope he can appear on some of the night shows soon. He’s got a good album there, so I hope he can get some good exposure this week to showcase it! LOL to Regis’ suggestion of getting off on the TOP floor!

  25. Loved the interview and always appreciate how David always gives kuddos and love to Cookie! He loves and looks up to his big brother and will forever be grateful for his friendship and his unconditional acceptance of him! I have to say that other artists should take a page from Cookie’s book!

  26. I dont think thats a permanent band. Mike, well he’s been in the band for a while, toad is actually one the AAR bandmates, the rest, i dont know much about.

    boooooooo about cutting off falling stars. it was jsut getting to the good parts.

  27. David did great this morning, even Elevator falsetto sounded great :) and Falling Stars was a pleasant surprise :

    BTW David is a solo singer; his band going to change everytime; but i really like the young feeling of this one :)

  28. David did well on the show this morning. I just love Falling Stars. That one should be the next single.

  29. Every time I watch David, I just have to smile. He is darling and has that gorgeous voice. What can I say? I hope he gets many new fans and his old fans find out that he put out an album.

  30. David sounded great. Really. Incredible voice. I hope he gets on more tv to remind people enough about why they voted their fingers off for him to cough up $10!

    I do wonder if FS will be the next pop single. I think it was originally being considered for the lead single.

    Yeah–at all these shows he’s doing, no matter how long or short his set is, he seems to always get in Something Bout Love, Elevator, Falling Stars and Stomping the Roses, so I think that’s the order of the singles that they’ll try out.

    Geez, I hope he gets a strong single off the album. My favorites, The Other Side of Down and Good Place, don’t seem to be the label’s.

  31. He’s looking and sounding fantastic. The interview was enjoyable and I have no doubts David is headed for the “top floor” as Regis said!

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