David Archuleta Previews ‘The Other Side of Down’ Part 2

It’s part 2 of David Archuleta’s stroll through Central Park!  As he walks, he talks about the creative process behind two of the songs on his upcoming album, The Other Side of Down.

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Soundclips of “Something ‘Bout Love” and  “Stomping the Roses”  are featured for your  listening pleasure!

Watch Part 1 HERE.  Stay tuned for Part 3!

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. He talks about Something Bout Love and Stomping The Roses.

    I am still mid chop chop after sbl :| I despise brightcove. Should not take this long to view a vid.

  2. Wow “Stomping the Roses” sounds really good! Wish they didn’t cut out right as the chorus started but it gives me something to look forward to. I like what I’m hearing on TOSOD! Can’t wait for the other parts!

  3. Uggg i know! lol Just heard a mp3 clip of it… why does it cut at the chorus!!! ahhhhh. lol *narrows eyes* I want the album like yesterday!

    Sounds really good! So looks like he co-wrote it with Bryce Avary.

    here is the clip on youtube thanks to @nataliesmithh:

  4. i’m digging the attitude of ”stomping the roses’… i can’t wait to hear this cd from start to finish… hard to judge from snippets and samples, but i have not been disappointed in anything heard so far. what we are hearing, imo, is a budding young artist, not just a pop star, beginning to take flight. the path of an artist is fraught with twists, turns, progressions of varying degrees, and i am heartened to see david be given a platform to express himself at this juncture in his life, and career. pretty ballsy i say, when many have their expectations about who he is, what he should or shouldn’t be singing fixed, and sometimes inflexibly fixed, lol… this cd is a huge step forward for him in his artistic progression. the debut cd was rushed, the majority of the songs written for him, this time he has been given the green light to write 10 of the 12 songs on the cd. that in itself is a wonderful step in the right direction. and he can only get better as he matures. still pretty chill, and excited at the same time for this cd, and everything around it. david is laying the foundation here for some pretty great things, and i can’t wait to hear the other side of down, in its entirety – bring it on david! :)

  5. I really like the Stomping the Roses clip! It shows a different more edgy side to his voice. Interested in hearing the whole thing. Wow, what an eclectic mix of songs we’re hearing so far from the album…really liking them.

  6. The little bit of Stomping the Roses sounds 1000x better than SBL or Elevator.

  7. Wasting time just
    Going mindless
    Watching your charades
    When you were younger
    Did it occur to you
    Ten years from then
    You’d act the same age?

    I cannot carry on this way,
    Although I’ve carried all your every little thing
    Carry me away
    Did you feel like stomping the roses?

  8. I am liking all these new songs. Elevator is not my favorite song for David but I do like it better now after hearing it several times. I can not wait to hear the album and the full versions of all these songs. I think the album will have something for everyone. The video does take a long time to view.

  9. jammasta:
    09/14/2010 at 6:38 pm

    Holy sh*t @ Stomping The Roses, I just had a Davidgasm.


    I for one have found all the songs so far to be great! They are all infused with David’s personality and I’m loving it. Can’t wait for the album to drop.

  10. I like all the songs and clips I’ve heard so far. Stomping the Roses is quite an interesting phrase and loved the way David explained it. I’m impressed with the creativity and storytelling I’m hearing from David and his co writers. I can just picture David on the rooftop chasing pigeons while creating music in New York City.(something bout love was born on that roof) David is blossoming as we speak and fans have noticed this in recent appearances./performances. Getting more excited all the time for the album and more shows including a Christmas PBS show.

  11. I have to admit, I was most curious about Stomping the Roses. I love the title and I’m loving the snippet! I can’t wait until the cd releases!!

    I laughed at how David referred to it as a snooty song. lol

  12. I’m liking these preview videos. Interesting to hear his take on the songs. I think this is going to be a really good album! I like the positive message he puts in his songs, very much so.

  13. Stomping The Roses – really like it; the clip leaves you wanting more, not tuning it out.

    Based on what we have heard so far, for his first pretty much “self-made” album, I think he has done an admirable job. Finding myself really looking forward to hearing the entire CD.

  14. I’m just loving all of the songs so far on TOSOD that we’ve heard. David has put so much of himself into this CD…I love hearing how all these songs came about. I’m really excited to hear the whole thing.

    I also love the “snooty” comment…and the little chuckle when he mentioned one of the writers on SBL…Sluggo! LOL

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