David Archuleta on the ALMAS: “I’m definitely planning on doing more in Spanish”

David Archuleta blogs about performing at the ALMA awards Thursday night. He sang in Spanish for the first time, and although it was nerve-wracking, he plans to do more. A Spanish-language album perhaps? Read more HERE. An excerpt below:

Buenos dias! I got to perform at some pretty cool events last week, but I think my favorite thing was that I got to spend the week with my mom. The beginning of the week, I was in New York as you probably know. I got to sing at the Tennis US Open, and sang America the Beautiful. It was awesome having the marines unfurl the flag and seeing them! Just think it’s awesome to have all those men and women serving our country, and doing what they do. It was my first time going to watch a pro tennis match, and it was actually way cool! I went to a men’s semifinal and that was pretty exciting to watch.

Our next stop was in LA for the ALMA Awards! It was my first performance on an awards ceremony, and my first time performing on TV in Spanish! I have to say I was pretty stinkin’ nervous lol. It’s interesting actually because I was pretty nervous for both the US Open and the ALMA Awards. I think it’s good though because it gives you a little extra push sometimes. They make you want to do better, and also make it more memorable. So if you ever get nerves, don’t think that it’s a bad thing. They help you to keep working hard and improving yourself. I feel like when there are absolutely no feelings of being nervous, or I guess I should say there isn’t a desire to do well, you don’t motivate yourself to do your best and improve! You need to have some kind of motivation. But anyway, I had plenty of nerves over those performances lol. I sang Contigo en la Distancia, which is one of my favorite songs to sing so I’m really glad I got to sing it. I was so happy to be able to do it for all the Latin people too! I owe so much to the Hispanic culture since my mom and all of her family are Hispanic, and it’s definitely had a huge impact on the way I am. So I’m definitely planning on doing more in Spanish, and I hope this will allow more opportunities. So I need to thank the ALMA Awards for having come and perform, and it was really exciting to receive an award for new artist too!

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  1. I think he should do more in Spanish. David is so versatile, I think he could be the genre king, lol. Spanish language cd, xmas cd, pop cd, standards cd, etc. His ‘Contigo’ was beautiful and he definitely has the knack for it. He had alot of latinas swooning, heck, he had alot of young ladies swooning!

  2. Well I am torn on this, on one hand he sounded beautiful on the Alma awards and even though I did not understand him (because I don’t know Spanish) his emotions and phasing of the song was spectacular, on the other hand, that is great for an individual performance but if he comes out with a whole album in Spanish I won’t know what he is singing. Guess I got to start taking Spanish. :-)

  3. Yes, start taking spanish lessons… lol I dont know any either. lol

    I love that he’s so happy about spending time with his mom :)

  4. Someone is frustrated with himself…

    “I hate lacking creativity! Work brain! Work!!!”

  5. I really hope David does release a Spanish album or EP someday.

    So I wonder who he’ll be writing with in Nashville. I know he said not country but he did express an interest in collaborating on a song with Taylor Swift last year because he likes her songwriting skills. Other than that, hopefully he’s teaming up with some prolific songwriters there.

    Crossing my fingers his creative juices start flowing. John Mayer was writing for his upcoming album most of the summer and he had his writers’ block moments too which he also tweeted about quite a bit. It happens to all writers at some point. Just gotta work through it.

  6. I watched that performance and was really impressed. I haven’t followed David’s career so when I heard him on the ALMA’s I was really surprised. I will look for other songs by him. It would be nice to have a Spanish record out.

  7. I hope he does do more songs in Spanish. David will probably work with the writers he worked with in Nashville while he was on the Demi tour along with other writers. I am glad he is going to be working on his second pop album soon because I’m really excited about it. I am really interested in what direction it is going to go in. It would be nice if he got a chance to work with Natasha since he is such a big fan and she mentioned that she would like to work with him. It would be awesome if he could work with John Mayer and Jason Mraz even though I know that isn’t going to happen.

  8. Is he a native speaker of Spanish? Does he speak it fluently? I couldn’t really tell from his performance. I’m wondering because if it the answer is no, then he’d have to learn the music to his Spanish album phonetically, and that’s far more troublesome.

  9. I’m hoping beyond hope that some of David’s own songs will be on that second album ~ some of those that did not make the first album (for some unknown reason), including “Somebody Out There” which is gorgeous and the fan favorite, “Zero Gravity.”

  10. Forgot to mention that I absolutely LOVED listening to that very beautiful Spanish song that David sang on the Alma Awards Show, though I don’t speak Spanish. I am Portuguese, which is very similar, so I do understand somewhat ~ but I still enjoyed it immensely! But then, David could sing ANY language, and I’d be glued to my TV set! Furthermore, I’ll be buying a ton of that Christmas album for Christmas gifts for friends and relatives! I CANNOT WAIT for October 13th! BRING IT ON!!!

  11. I think David is a much better speaker of Spanish than he lets on. Like with everything else, he tends to be very self-deprecating with this. Given that his mother is from Honduras and the grandparents on that side speak only Spanish, I’d say he definitely understands it when spoken and picks up very quickly what he doesn’t already know.

    I seriously doubt he’d have much trouble learning Spanish-language lyrics. He’s known this particular song probably since he was a child. As someone whose observed his career pretty closely, I’ve always felt a Spanish-language album is a no-brainer. He not only understands it lyrically but intuitively and emotionally, as evidenced by many of the comments I’ve read from native Spanish speakers who saw the performance.

    In time, I guess all his fans will get what they want. LOL.

  12. He not only understands it lyrically but intuitively and emotionally, as evidenced by many of the comments I’ve read from native Spanish speakers who saw the performance.

    That’s great. I hope he does make a Spanish language album then, because I really liked what I heard in this performance. His vocal tone is absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t really get into his first album, but now that he’s older, perhaps they’ll give him some more mature material for his Spanish language album. I would buy that.

  13. He’s fluent enough. It was his first language and then abandoned. He’s just self-conscious about it. He says he speaks broken Spanish. The only B he got during Idol was in college Spanish. Both parents are fluent. His maternal grandparents don’t speak English so he communicates in Spanish with them. He says that he still makes mistakes in his Spanish but his grandmother knows what he means. lol.

    I think he’s more fluent than he thinks, but because he still makes mistakes he thinks he speaks broken Spanish. Gotta think like David there. haha!

  14. Other than the statement that Archie intends to do more Spanish songs….Jive tweeted too about David’s “AMAZING” (their word)..performance at the ALMA’s and is encouraging its followers to view the performance video………..hmmm…………could this be early signs of things to come?…Im hoping!

  15. Other than the statement that Archie intends to do more Spanish songs’ ¦.Jive tweeted too about David’s ‘AMAZING’  (their word)..performance at the ALMA’s and is encouraging its followers to view the performance video’ ¦’ ¦’ ¦..hmmm’ ¦’ ¦’ ¦’ ¦could this be early signs of things to come?’ ¦Im hoping!

    Gotta hand it to Jive — always on the ball in promoting their artists. NOT. The video was up on MJ’s, Perez and dozens of other sites shortly after the Friday broadcast. Note to Jive — twitter is a REAL TIME messaging service. Learn to use it rather than depending on fans and blogs and Perez to promote your artists — unless that is expecting too much.

  16. Yea! David felt good about singing Spanish and we loved it too. He did record a Spanish christmas song too! Won’t be long Oct.13th. Can pre-order it from Amazon.
    His blogs and tweets are the best.
    Glad Jive posted the Alma performance on Twitter. Let’s hope this is a sign of more promotion.

  17. I was blown away by David’s ALMA performance….clearly the best performance of his career thus far, even though he’s had many stellar moments on the stage. His confidence and maturity took center stage that night…he was the most calm I’ve ever seen him, even though he claims to have been nervous. I literally was not able to take my eyes off him and still am mesmerized every time I watch it back on my big screen or the videos out there. Each time I watch, I pick up on another stunning aspect of the performance that I didn’t see before…the most outstanding being how he connects with the audience. At times, they were so moved, they were unable to remain quiet, and I know the feeling! I would love to hear more from David in Spanish. It would be my great pleasure.
    Way to go, David…SHINE ON!

  18. Thanks mj for posting.

    His performances of America the Beautiful at the US Open and Contigo-en-la-distancia at the ALMA on national TV were the big one, two punch for us. His voice really stands out when he sings big songs like that. I am glad he opens up more about possibilities of Spanish songs. I don’t worry about not knowing Spanish language because good music has no boundaries in languages. When I hear Josh Groban’s songs in Italian from his first album, I feel peace and comfort although I don’t have a clue what he is saying.

    BTW, I chuckled when he tweeted before his ALMA performance despite nervousness.

    “Wish I could tivo the DIvas show tonight! Adele will be on!! ”

    He is such a fanboy of Adele and respects her music and talent so much. I just can’t keep up with his eclectic musical taste. LOL. Oh, on this blog, he introduced another song that I have never heard of. Always learning from him.

  19. having diversified musical offerings for the us and the latin markets is a good thing… he has many gifts musically, and i’ve always felt his depth and versatility were his strongest…

    there is a dearth of real singers, especially in the current crop of top 40 media darlings and the ”flavors of the month” who’ve clogged up our airwaves for too long. david amazes us because it’s been so long since we’ve seen a new pop artist who has the vocal chops, musical intelligence and versatility to be able to sell a song, and do so convincingly with just an acoustic guitar as accompaniment. no autotune. no flashing lights and smoke. no half naked dancers, etc. used to distract the listener from the lack of true artistry and talent. david amazes us, and disconcerts some, for being ”real”, in a pop listening audience long fed a diet of superficiality and mediocrity… and to do so in a language out of your comfort zone… pretty impressive, indeed.

    david reminds me, and us, that singing is not a lost art in the music business, there is an audience out here starved for it. Jive Records needs to step up their game ‘“ david is a winner, and deserves the best team of songwriters, songs, producers and promotion at his disposal, going forward, for the 2nd pop cd, and any future offering. he’s made his ”bones” with ”contigo en la distancia”.

  20. David Archuleta is endowed with an incredible singing voice that all singers dream of. He is an adept in singing and he can sing everything.

  21. I would love for him to do an album in Spanish. He sounds so romantic singing in that language. I bet he sounds equally romantic singing in French. He sings the French song “Pat a Pan” on his Christmas album. Did he take French in high school as well?

  22. Hmm… it seems like David is performing a heck of a lot better lately and this is also why it is a killer performance? I think any ballad, for instance when he did WYSYLM at the AI tour last year where he was able to sing full out whether it is in Spanish, English, French what have you, will be just as spectacular?!
    An example I guess would be that I am dying to hear him sing Ave Maria (well all of them) on his upcoming Christmas CD. Wonder how he will approach it as there are so many ways he can go. Hoping for a mix between the classic like Pavarotti and perhaps Beyonce? I guess one can dream….
    I just think he has matured in so many ways and this is just the beginning and we will have many great performances in the years to come and it seems in a variety of languages and styles. Lucky us!

  23. Oh gosh,i hope he will make a spanish album.i will definitely buy it…can’t wait for his christmas album…so excited to hear ave maria and the french song….just so proud of david!!!

  24. OMG David’s ALMA performance was EPIC! He can sing anything! He should release as many different albums as he can–I’ll buy em all–just to listen to his voice:)

  25. Time to dust off my Rosetta Stone Spanish lessens and get crack a lack in with the lesson’s lol. Squeeeeeeeee!!! I am looking forward to hearing his gorgeous voice in his Christmas Album, “Christmas From The Heart.” It will include a Spanish song…Gracias David “-) and a French song….Talk about Romantique. Swoonnnnnnnn!!! We are doomed….ha,ha,

  26. I agree with the comment posted by GG – Jive Records needs to step up their game ‘“ For having very little radio play, or any kind of promotion, David has gained various and numerous fans from his live tours. Listening to him sing live is incredible. Not too many have the ability to sing live and do it beautifully! Jive needs to shape up and start promting or they’re going to lose a gold mine! I’m hoping they will do better than just a last minute tweet that was four days too late.

    Can’t wait for your Christmas album in October!

  27. I’m a bad fan – I just got around to watching the ALMA performance a minute ago. But that was absolutely gorgeous. It was practically a capella, but it felt like there was this huge orchrestra behind him, his voice is so amazing. (Not to sound over-obsessed or anything…) That being said, I do prefer when I can actually understand the lyrics… French might be good, though. I could probably make out some of that, since I take French in school.

  28. Aaaagh! I know we’re not supposed to spaz, but that was….breathtaking. I’m just so proud to be his fan! Seriously, he did AMAZING! My mother just watched it, and said, “Wow. That was really good. The best he’s ever done, the best he’s ever looked.” I gotta agree.

  29. Oops. I’m still stuck on the performance. About David’s blog…(ha)….he’s such a natural at Spanish songs, and I’m super excited to hear him do more. I’m glad he enjoyed it, and that he wants to explore it a little more. It’d definitely open up more opportunities for him in the Latino world, especially since there are alot of folks out there who’ve never of anyone from AI.

  30. WOW, such an amazing week for David, we are just absolutely thrilled for him! We’re so incredibly proud of David and we look to the future with great excitement and anticipation for all that is yet to come! We’ll be there supporting David all the way! Don’t forget his “Christmas from the Heart” CD to be released on 10/13/09, available to preorder now online at Amazon & Walmart!

  31. I have got my Spanish teacher-Ms. Cruz.

    Yes I ´m here… if anyone else wants to learn spanish I ´m happy to teach…

  32. I watched David’s ALMA performance , and wow that one is out of this world, epic, amazing, perfect in every sense of the word. I have watched the U tube more than a hundred times, and every time it seems like it is my first time to see it, I am still in awe. It is unbeleivably beautiful. David looked so gorgeous in every way. I am bursting with pride to be his fan.

  33. I loved David’s Alma performance. After that I went and watched the rest of his videos on Youtube and remembered how much I loved Archie.

  34. Late to the game but thanks MJ for posting this! David will be doing at least one song in Spanish on his Christmas album. I can’t wait for more.

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