David Archuleta: On ‘Christmas From the Heart’, Songwriting, And His Upcoming Pop Album

David Archuleta had a busy day in New York City on Wednesday.   Not only was he Christmas caroling the MTV studios with Jim Cantiello (seriously, that vid is coming)   but he managed to squeeze in an in-depth interview with ABC News Radio.

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David discussed his new holiday album, Christmas from the Heart, and reminisced about his own family holiday traditions. Plus, he spoke excitedly about his recent songwriting sessions in Nashville for his next pop album, set to be released next year.

The interview is a two-parter. Check it out after the jump.

BONUS! David vlogs about his new album, recent Nashville songwriting sessions and upcoming Christmas tour. He could not be more excited!

Videos after the JUMP…

Part 1

Part 2

Archie VLOG:

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  1. That screencap at the top of this item–maybe it’s the lighting–but David looks so much older, maybe mid-30s. there are so many shots of him looking younger than his age; kinda cool to see him looking older.

    Re: the ABC newsradio interview–David just does not speak in sentences.

    Re: the Vlog–lighting is perfect for Halloween. Nice.

  2. So I really like David and think he is very talented, but man does he fumble through interviews…do you think that is something that he will grow out of since he is so young?

  3. So I really like David and think he is very talented, but man does he fumble through interviews’ ¦do you think that is something that he will grow out of since he is so young?

    David may not be the best public speaker, but he’s come a long way. A very long way. I thought the interview was thoughtful and substantive, he comes across as a very astute young man, and serious about his craft. So while he may not be eloquent, he is a breath of fresh air from the studied, autobot young stars who really don’t say much, but say it well.

    I think he seems so happy and that make me happy.

  4. I don’t particularly like the way he interprets songs, but I do have a fondness for the dude. I hope he keeps doing well. I think he’s a good egg.

  5. Really loved Part 2 of the AOL radio interview and the vlog. Part 1 was cute but a little listless.

    David is really piquing my curiosity about his second Pop album. It sounds like his baby, if that makes any sense. He was excited about his first album and the Christmas album but it was a bit different. From reading the Brian Mansfield interview and watching the AOL interview + the vlog, it seems like he’s finally getting the chance to put a lot more of himself into it and he’s thrilled and motivated by that. He seems more confident about it and freer. Can’t wait to see what he’s able to come up with as he continues to co-write with people who understand him and bring the best out of him. His sessions with the Nashville writers seemed especially productive for him. Hope that positive vibe continues with the other co-writes. It’s going to be another few months before us fans get to hear any of it. I will try to be patient. :)

    Oh and I loved his Spanish accent on “Iraheta” when he spoke about Allison. Heh. Nice shout outs to Adam and Kris as well. Good to know he’s listening to their stuff. I know he was looking for where to listen to Allison’s single the other day and I guess he found it.

  6. He’s much more eloquent when discussing music. It’s what he is passionate about. And yes, he’s come a very long way.

    And I love the way he interprets songs. He does it exquisitely IMO.

    And yes, I agree, he’s a good egg. (:

    ETA: I was shocked to see that he retweeted Joy’s tweet that linked the Brian Mansfield article. He NEVER links to things like that. He’ll mention things about his CD or other things he’s done, usually after it’s happened. But I’ve never seen him link to an article about himself.

    He said, “That was a fun interview! He did a great job at capturing me in it.”

    Good job Brian.

  7. ETA: I was shocked to see that he retweeted Joy’s tweet that linked the Brian Mansfield article. He NEVER links to things like that. He’ll mention things about his CD or other things he’s done, usually after it’s happened. But I’ve never seen him link to an article about himself.

    I think it’s cause he’s following Joy (she’s now part of the elite few he follows hee) and she linked it without saying what it was. Once he clicked, he had to read it and he saw that Brian M. did a great job quoting him and passing on his thoughts. Hope Brian Mansfield sees his retweet and compliment. It was an excellent interview.

  8. Christmas From the Heart is wonderful. I just love David and plan on gifting this album for the holidays.

  9. I just love David’s christmas album. Been listening to it for a couple of days now. I can’t wait for his next pop album. Love David’s voice , and yes, love him for the way he is. Hope him success for many years to come.

  10. David always put a smile to my face. He is a ray of sunshine to me. Such a posituve and sweet guy. On his vlog, he looks like he is having a blast and enjoying life. So kappy for you David.

  11. I can’t wait for the pop album. I love the Christmas album, but I want more songs I can play the whole year round, and more originals of course! =)

  12. I really like this interview and I cant help but lol at the fact he chooses the weirdest lighted places for his vlogs… lol

    Im excited to hear some of the stuff he was working on in nashville. He seems the most excited about that session

  13. Love the interviews and vlogs. Really love David’s excitement as he talks about writing for the upcoming pop album. Can’t wait for all that is upcoming for David and his fans.

    David is not an eloquent speaker and I believe he would be (and usually is) the first to say so. Sometimes, however, he does better than at other times. Makes me think that his comfort level affects how he does. I’m that way — very nervous speaker and fumble with the spoken word because of nerves. I have grown out of that fear somewhat, but it has taken a while. Then again, I never had the amount of practice that David does.

    Or, if he could just begin to sing the answers I’m sure he’d do quite well. ;)

  14. Eloquent…..not really, but do we care? I think his ability to respond completely depends on how comfortable he is with his interviewer. One of the best interviews was with Michael Slezak about a year ago,…it may still be on youtube, and another was during the AI tour, the interview where he talks about a ‘little kid’ who told him he was going to sing in a competition, and was singing a ‘David song.’ Do we all remember the Idol days, where he could not put three words together……he is a remarkable young man, and his public speaking is coming along ‘just fine.’ I enjoy seeing/listening simply because he is so REAL….and look forward to every interview, blog or whatever anytime he graces us with one!

  15. I also really do not like some ways he interprets his songs then always thought Daivd A could sing and he was adorable..The picture above does make him look older. I like David A in interviews well at least he doesn’t look like he is reading cu-cards…


    DavidArchie Eating a banana for breakfast.14 minutes ago from txt

  17. I enjoyed the interview that he gave with ABC News and loved the fact the questions and answers were not the usual teenie bopper variety and the vlog was quite enjoyable…
    ha I think he did it in a bathroom?
    and I got motion sickness.
    David has such a zest for life and is always so positive
    and I can’t wait for this new CD!
    I love the Christmas one by the way and can’t wait to hear him sing Pat a Pan… hoping….
    The gentleman I think he said on the vlog he was writing with may be Seal’s brother?!
    Gosh what direction will this CD go in…


  18. David is just so real. There is no pretending with him. :)

    I love the way he talks and starts a sentence then all of a sudden he doesn’t finish. It makes me smile reallyyyyy big. :) :)

  19. I don’t think he “fumbled” his way through this interview at all. There are many singers twice his age who are way more inarticulate.

    But boy, it was long! Did ABC News Radio really take time out of the schedule to broadcast a 20-minute Archie interview? Must have been a really slow news day.

  20. Little David is so adorable! (paraphrasing) “Allison and I are still teenagers and Adam and Kris aren’t THAT old” haha that had me laughing!

    I got a little sad when he was talking about not knowing if he will get to go home for Thanksgiving, and hopes to at least see some of his family. I guess even if he makes it home, this is the first Thanksgiving since his family has officially split up :(

    Anyway, adorable interview from an adorable guy. I can picture the Archuleta kids caroling around the neighborhood when they were younger :)

  21. I think David does better depending on the interviewer, topic, day, ha!! I love all his interviews, but I have noticed this. Ironically, he was interviewed by this same interviewer last year and he was remarkably poised and eloquent–even contemplative. I remember thinking at the time that I had never heard him give such a good interview. The second part of this one is better. Whatever he says, I’m always delighted by his enthusiasm and sincerity.

    The vlog is classic David. Weird lighting and random tour of the studio booth. He does so much for the fans. He’s just such a good kid.

    VERY excited to hear him so pumped about the next pop album. I’ve never heard him speak this way about writing. I think Nashville may be a really good second home for him creatively.

  22. I really like David’s voice and can’t wait to hear his new album if it reflects the person that David says he wants to be. And, as an aside, I wish peeps would treat him as an adult (he’s almost 19) instead of patting him on the head and using terms like sweet and adorable and good kid. I, personally, think David would get a lot more respect if his fandom didn’t insist on making such a big issue of his “cuteness and his goodness”, for those outside the bubble it just reinforces their issues.

    I’m just hoping that David can survive the “tweeny bopper years” and will emerge into being relevant for an adult audience….I’d love to see more performances like he did on the Almas…that was awesome.

  23. He does ramble, that’s for sure. But you just can’t help but love the kid. He is very real. I have two absolute favorites from Idol (for voice alone) and David is one of them.

    I wish I could push a button on my stereo and knock back the band on some of his Christmas songs. His voice is so pure and heavenly, the music seemed too loud in spots and too complicated at times. A voice like that needs to be savored with as little interference as possible.

  24. I don’t think he ‘fumbled’  his way through this interview at all. There are many singers twice his age who are way more inarticulate.

    Really? Like who?

    David does decently with his blogs, probably because he thinks about what he’s going to say before he says it, but in live interviews he just doesn’t formulate his thought before talking.

    The second part of the interview, about his upcoming pop cd, was much better, but the first part? It took him 5 minutes to say “we had talent shows at family gatherings and it was fun.”

  25. I distinctly remember a certain someone saying the following about Allison. David is only a year older than her. Why the double standard?

    September 30, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    I absolutely love the fact that Allison is 17 and isn’t afraid to act like it’ ¦that is until she starts to belt out a song. So many girls thrown into the entertainment industry either act like total imbeciles or try and act and dress like they are 30 and being a teen isn’t part of their image.

    A note to Allison: you only get to be a teen once and you spend the better part of the rest of your life wishing you could go back and be silly and foolish like a teen should be. Growing up happens way to fast’ ¦enjoy every friggin moment and don’t let any horrible adult tell you that you should act more mature’ ¦maturity is absolutely over-rated.

  26. Well, any time I call anyone a “good kid” it says more about me, not that person. But point taken. I tend to think of myself as “old”. ha! So anyone below a certain age at this point seems like a kid. Heck, all the idols seem like kids to me.

    And David is just a singer among many singers out there. Anyone who has issues with his “goodness” or whatever can surely find another singer that fits the bill for them. I don’t think he’ll lose any sleep over it.

  27. Really? Like who?

    Like him.

    Okay, that’s an extreme example, but it serves its purpose.

  28. I think you hit the nail on the head Suzanne. He is doing a lot of filtering. So mindful of saying something wrong.

    On stage or talking about music, his safe place, he is pretty free…talk about his personal life, his family…the filter gets thicker. I don’t blame him. The media is just waiting for a tasty tidbit so they can drag this nice kid down. And yes, I am calling him a kid. Cause he is one to this old bird, lol. And gosh, golly darn, he is cute as a button and I may not want to pat him on the head but I would love to bottle up some of that sunshine that radiates from him.

  29. I distinctly remember a certain someone saying the following about Allison. David is only a year older than her. Why the double standard?

    Allison is 17 and still a high schooler, David is 18 10/12 and has been in the biz for a year and a half now. My argument isn’t how David conducts himself, if he wants to be a kid so be it. My heartbreak is that the fans treat him like a 12 year old and describe him in context to his waifish personality and not to the instrument that he has. Allison’s fans are almost always talking about her great voice and how she sings and her persona is just touched on in passing.

    And, to be fair, I did use the term “tweeny bopper years” and I should have better defined it’s use. I wasn’t referring to David the person, I was referring to the audience that TPTB have determined is his audience. And that, as many know, is my concern about David. His voice, to me, isn’t tweeny material and I would like to see his instrument being treated with more respect.

    And, taking my quotes out of context and within the framework of a thread is highly suspect. With Allison I was defending her right to be OTT on her twitter and pulling some teen pranks.

    ETA…and as much as I love David’s music and like the guy my days commenting on him are done. I read all the negativism about my favorite idol and I know it hurts so I’ll spare the Archie fandom from hearing from me. Good Luck, Archie, I’m rooting for you.

  30. Well, David isn’t singing in these clips. I can assure you the single most beloved thing about David among his fans is his voice. And I saw several posters here also mention his songwriting, something else his fans are excited about.

  31. Easy Will, lol. I was just listening to Prince yesterday… old stuff.. ahhh, good music… good music.

    He and David are on the same page regarding making quality music instead of being “hit” driven.

    He (Prince) did seem a bit tired? stoned? arrogant? I like what he finally said about music today… a lot of crap. Ahh, 70’s.. yes!

  32. I love David ~ he’s so real! Love his voice, his weekly Vlogs, and all that he does for his fans ~ one of which is this beautiful Christmas album that he recorded for us in between his 1st and 2nd Pop albums! I could listen to and watch him in interviews from now until eternity and never get tired of it. I’m usually smiling from one ear to the other, as most fans do. I think he is so amazing as a singer, and really growing as an all-around great artist. Some may not know that he’s also a walking jukebox and knows so much about music, who wrote what and when! He attends many concerts in what little free time he has while touring, and he’s been asked up on stage many times in the middle of concerts! Everybody who meets him loves him ~ he’s just that kind of person. I mean, what’s there not to love! Really can’t wait for this next album!

  33. OMG David u r awesome! LUV the Christmas album–gonna see u on ur tour in Dec! Can’t wait 4 the next album!! YAY!!

  34. Personally, I don’t like him being called “bb” for baby and all that silly stuff, but I think that’s just mainly done on his fansites. He is cute, young, and all, but geez, it’s not like he’s 12 years old!! I could care less about his interview skills. They are what they are. He’s had a very productive first year in the biz, very, and frankly, I’m pretty happy that people still want to interview him!

  35. Great interview by David. Charming, real and thoughtful. In his sincerity, positive attitude, and focus on what he has decided is important in his life, he is so much more mature than most 18-year-olds I encounter — or many 50-year-olds for that matter. Particularly impressed by his thoughts about continuing to define himself as a person and as an artist.

  36. My heartbreak is that the fans treat him like a 12 year old and describe him in context to his waifish personality and not to the instrument that he has.

    i’ve seen more of that from non fans – i think the fans, for the most part, are moving away from that…… it’s non fans i’ve seen who still refer to him as ”archie”, and throw the ”teenybopper, cute, adorable, elf” thing out there time after time… i think it’s done a lot of times in snark, but also by some as a way to diminish, or attempt to invalidate him because of his youth… there are some non fans who negate anything he’s done or doing because of his age, or think that because of it that it automatically means he’s a ”teenybopper” type artist… whatever, hahah… call it what you want to, his talent will win out every time…

    Really? Like who?

    have you ever heard beyonce speak, or give a full length interview… you don’t, and probably haven’t because her handlers grant them few and far between… girlfriend can sing, but she is not the most articulate speaker out there… same for britney spears, and even whitney houston in her early career – some of her interviews were painful, to say the least… there are plenty other big name entertainers whose interviews don’t reflect their performing personas… i don’t fret about that too much, none of these people, david included, should be expected to be as eloquent as a maya angelou or obama when they speak… their singing voices get the job done for me…

  37. I think he comes off as inarticulate due to the DELIVERY (umm, and, but, hand gesturing) rather than his actual words. This boy has something to say…he just can’t. get. it. out. But, as he says “I’m 18, I still have a lot of defining to do”. Ahh, when I was 18, I thought I was already grown up and wise beyond my years..it’s nice to hear someone admitting that they have a lot to learn.

  38. With Allison I was defending her right to be OTT on her twitter and pulling some teen pranks.

    all teenagers don’t act in the same manner, or mature at the same pace… i know plenty of teenagers like both allison and david – some are more outgoing and self assured and extroverted, some are quieter, more shy and unassuming in their demeanor… no one manner is better, or more ”normal” than the other, but it does seem david has taken more stick for not living up to some folks’ expectations of what they consider to be ”normal” teenage actions and behaviors… like someone above mentioned, i don’t think he loses any sleep over it… he continues to put himself out there, in all his sometimes awkward, inarticulate glory, and it works for him… i think he’s pretty self aware, and knows what his weaknesses may be in this area, but it also signals to me that he’s confident enough to just be ”himself”, he’s not trying to be slick, cool, or present himself in a way that isn’t true to who he perceives himself to be…

  39. I have no problem with people calling David A. “adorable or cute”. He is a very young 18 and I think these terms can still apply. On the other hand, while Adam, Kris and David C. are not “that old”, I do get creeped out when people refer to them as “adorable or cute”. They are too old to be referred to in this way — in my opinion.

  40. ggdoorsfan ~ so well said ~ thank you!

    Another thing I love about David is that in all the time I’ve been a fan, I have never heard him say one derogatory thing about ANYONE, including what most people think were his “competitors.” David never thought of Idol as a “competition” ~ only as a stage to share the music that is his LIFE and, yes, a launching pad. He was always amazed when he made it to the next level. Even the other 9 of Season 7’s Top 10 thought he was the most talented and humble person they’d ever met! Just ask David Cook, who David adored and never tried to compete with.

    David Archuleta is one-of-a-kind, and I’m so proud to be his fan. I’ve watched Idol from the beginning, and I’ve never loved anyone more ~ and for good reason. He’s the real thing! David is “out there” for all to see ~ blemishes and all. Can’t say that about too many people!

  41. Kimk – I think you are right. He did that vLog in the men’s room. ROFL!!!

  42. I have a teen boy, believe me when I say he is more articulate than some other teens *-* BTW, he has come along way since AI, he is proving to be alot more confident in his interviews. His album? Stunning, and looking forward to the new pop album, I hope he is able to take his time this time around though. His interviews and Vlogs always make me smile, he is staying true to himself and I love his enthusiasm for music and life :D Go Big D!!!

  43. In his sincerity, positive attitude, and focus on what he has decided is important in his life, he is so much more mature than most 18-year-olds I encounter ‘” or many 50-year-olds for that matter.

    So true.

    David’s sincerity is refreshing. Unlike many celebrities and emerging stars, he’s not trying to be anything or anyone other than himself.

    I admire his persona and his talent.

    Have not heard any talk/news about work toward getting his high school diploma. If I could, I would urge him to follow through on that asap — above all, for himself and, secondly, as a positive example to the many youth who hold him on a pedestal.

  44. Dear David, I am so proud to be your fan. You have the voice of an angel. I love your humbleness, positive attitude , caring ,etc. I fell in love with you when I saw you on AI7. I love your singing. That’s how I fell in love with you. I never expect you to be a real good public speaker or very articulate. I can understand you very well when you talk. Actaully , I enjoy it when you talk. It is so refreshing. It always put a smile on my face. I know your singing and speaking will only get better as you get older, I’m sure of that cause you are always working to be better. So, good luck David.
    By the way, I enjoyed your interview with ABC.

  45. on and off again fan here. the child needs to take some public speaking lessons. he’s got the dough to do it. he looks the part though, and I like his enthusiasm. happy to a fault, that boy.

  46. I’m sure my post will get buried beneath today’s headlines and such, but I wanted to comment on a couple of things people have posted:

    Pam05, I was thinking something similar. I always hear parents of boys say their sons don’t talk. May be the nature of the beast.

    Then again, ggdoorsfan points out that some people just aren’t public speakers, celebrities included. On my long list of ‘people I admire’ — very few are gifted speakers. And that’s just of the people whose speech-making abilities are known to me. When I look at my iPod music list, I couldn’t tell you whether 95% of them could talk or not.

    And finally — I’m such a fan of David’s person. He doesn’t badmouth anyone and he maintains a positive spirit even at times when he has reason to throw a Kanye-level fit. When I became a fan, way back in Idol season 7, I never thought I’d actually learn things from the young contestant with the big voice. But I have. And I’m still impressed.

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