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David Archuleta spoke to the Press on Friday, you can read the excerpts below. He defends his Dad, says he doesn’t have time for a girlfriend, and thinks the songs he sang on the show were a little too mature. He’s looking forward to making a pop album after the tour.

Sources: MTV, USA Today

  • About his Dad, “I hadn’t really heard much of it until later on. I tried to stay away from the press. I didn’t like to hear anything going on in the news about me, good or bad, just because I didn’t want it to distract me or let it go to my head. I just wanted to stay myself and how I was at the beginning of the competition. … In interviews, it started coming up, and it was just kind of strange, because they’re really weird things, like that he refused to give me water. That’s the weirdest thing. I’m 17, and if I want water I’m pretty sure I would just go get it! [Laughs.] And then another thing was that he made me cry during one of the recording [sessions]. He’s a great guy. There isn’t really anything he’s done that’s bad like the things that have been spoken about him. My family has just been such a great support, and they’re the ones who’ve kept me grounded and allowed me to be who I am today. No one understands what I’m here for more than they do. They get what I love about music and how it’s changed my life.”
  • Playing piano on the Tour? “I might. I’ve thought about a few songs I would enjoy playing the piano with. It’s just a matter of finding time to practice an instrument. I didn’t really consider myself the greatest pianist in the world, so it was a risk I took in the show. Because when you play an instrument, it gives such a whole new sense of connection to the song. It’s like the music you’re singing is at the tip of your fingers. It’s in your hands, literally. I still do get a little distracted as I’m playing. And I don’t want the piano to distract me from connecting with the song. But it’s definitely something I want to keep working on, because it’s something I really enjoy doing.”

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  • A career other than singing? “I change my mind here and there. Lately, what I find is real interesting is the ear, nose and throat doctor thing. I’ve had so many issues with that stuff.”
  • He doesn’t like to hear himself sing, “I never watch the show. I would just do something else while the show was on, and maybe my family was watching it. I’d be like, “Do-do-do-do.” I can’t stand hearing my voice. But I’m OK with just talking to the camera and stuff, as long as I don’t have to hear it after.”
  • About dating and girls, “Now it’s really time to focus on making an album and writing songs and all that. I just feel like, being 17, I’m not really mature enough to understand those feelings yet. I’ve watched so many of my friends, like, “Oh, we broke up. I can’t live without them!” It’s like, “You’re 17! What are you talking about?” … I so don’t want to deal with the drama right now. [Laughs.] I just wanna be able to focus on music and then, when I feel like I’ve met a girl who has a great personality and I can connect with and has really good standards for themselves and has respect for themselves, but not like in an arrogant way, someone who cares about others as well, you know, it’s not all about them. It’s just something I’ll want to focus on later on in life, when I’m ready, but I just feel like I’m so young. I’m still learning so much.”
  • About his fans, “I don’t think it has hit me that there are really fans out there for me. I think of it more as people who have appreciated what I’ve done. All the letters that have been sent, every letter was so unique and it was neat to see how ‘  I couldn’t believe how many people were saying how my singing was able to inspire them. And I just thought that was really cool. It wasn’t just, “Oh, I’m obsessed with you, marry me, you’re so hot.” The fact that people were able to feel what I was trying to give off ‘  it’s just one of the coolest feelings ever.”
  • About the kind of album he would like to make, “I’d love to still do the pop thing, just because I’m still a teenager, and on the show, I was getting a little mature with my songs, even though I love to do that stuff. I still want to be able to relate to the kids my age, so I like the pop, but I still wanna have meaning in my music. I’d still like to do some fun stuff, along with songs that have more meaning in them. John Mayer and Sara Bareilles are examples I use of people who have done the more pop side of music, but their music is still real. It has meaning and depth to it. They’re respected as real musicians and artists.”
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