David Archuleta – Bids Farewell to the Philippines (VIDEO)

David Archuleta posts one last Vlog before he leaves the Philippines to head home to Utah to get ready for his Mormon mission.

21 October 2021
21 October 2021

On Friday, he had two mall appearances with Bench, a hair product he’s endorsing. (Check out the gigantic billboard above!).

David says he’ll be recording when he gets back to the states, “I still be working to get as much done for all you guys before I’m gone.”

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  1. that commercial is so bizarre!!! I don’t understand why David stayed that long at Phillipines. It’s almost as if he loves that country too much.

  2. Just watched the Vangie YouTube skit video (Vangie is sort of a parody of Apple’s Siri, kind of a Filipino Siri, with “knowledge” about Filipino culture) with David Archuleta and it was hilarious! (To those who wants to see more Vangie videos, try this “Englished” version of Series 1 here: 

    Bench is actually a clothing company with a hair care division called Bench Fix.

  3. What is loving a country too much?  I imagine David stayed in the Philippines for as a long as he did because of the amazing opportunities that kept coming up for him. I for one have immensely enjoyed David’s stay in the Philippines, and I don’t even live there. It is been a lot of fun following his stay. I’ve also enjoyed seeing David have these opportunities to grow and do things that I never thought he would do. He has been working non stop there and I hope he has plenty of time to spend with his friends and family before he leaves for his mission. 

  4. I think David’s trip to the Philippines has been a huge success for him. It is a good thing he went. He also has many fans in Latin American Countries. David could be an international star in the future if he wants it IMO.

  5. He stayed in the Phillipines for the continuous awesome opportunities that kept coming up that will probably put him on the Forbes list of top money earners of Idols this year and he will be only working three months!! Pretty sure he picked up some hefty pocket money! Lol

    Love everything he had the chance to do…the camera certainly does love him, and his voice just keeps getting better…how is that possible!???

    Vangie ad is a great spoof….not bizarre to me…but humorous? Yes!
    Gonna miss this amazing human being the next two years!

  6. Kd29 I think he does want hit..I think maybe he held back because he knew he wanted to do a mission..hopefully when he returns, he’ll be able to pick up, and bust out! :)

  7. I love that Vangie skit and the photos from David’s Bench shoot. He seems really comfortable in front of the camera. I think the acting classes and acting experience have really helped him a lot. More generally, David really seems like a different person after he made his mission announcement in December. He’s just more confident and willing to try new things. Never in a million years would I have guessed that David would be endorsing a clothing line like Bench and hair products (!!!!!). All this stuff does seem to have energized his fanbase though so good for him. I can’t wait for the TV series, the OPM album, the US album, the music videos he shot in the Philippines, the further Vangie skits, the Bench campaign and commercials and whatever else he has planned. I do think he has a chance to make the Forbes Top 10 list this year based only on US touring and his MOTAB concert and CD and DVD sales.

  8. We have seen more exciting videos and pictures of David over the last month than we have in a long time.  If it happened in the Philippines, I say go Philippines.  They love and appreciate his talent and sweet nature there.  We have been able to profit from all he has done over there by watching his videos, seeing new pictures, and hearing new music.  That is a win win situation.  David will also have some surprises for the US fans, but he will not be paid for it as he has been this past month.  He can go on his mission knowing he will have a financial start when he gets back.  Hope all of his US fans are just happy David has had this opportunity.

  9. I LOVE the Vangie commercials.. I mean all of them.. even the ones without David.  haha!  (But I especially love the ones WITH David)  :)

    I love how the intro says Vangie teaches ARCHIE about Pinoy 101.  The Archie nickname is so endearing and really makes you feel familiar with the artist.  Maybe it’s just me, but when Archie is used to reference David, I feel like they are talking about my BFF.  lol 

    I find it UNBELIEVABLE how responsive David is to his fanbase.  Latin America trended “Latin America Loves David Archuleta” and David’s twitter response was “Saw that “Latin America Loves David Archuleta” is trending worldwide lol  Thanks you guys!  A Spanish song then?  Let’s see what we can do!”

    David’s drive to leave a musical gift to his fans (and to personalize it as much as possible) is a rarity and I am beyond impressed.  Love this guy!  

  10. I’m David big fans myself. It’s just strange to me that he spent A LOT of time on Phillipines. Was his schedule already planned a long time ago??? Because I saw some complain from some fans because he didn’t visit the neighbouring countries beside Singapore. I can say that some of us definitely envy the Filipinos fans who got to enjoy David for many weeks. I really hope he shared the love to other countries by performing there too.

  11. So happy for David and all the opportunities he has acquire in Asia. They really love him there. I think he is really smart to do what he did before his mission. He is leaving his fans an epic mini-series, loads of photos, new videos and new music. What more can we ask for? I just hope he gets some rest and some precious time with his family and friends. Thank you David for all that you have done for us.

  12. I am so happy that David was given all these opportunites.  The Mini Series was an offer that’s been in the works for a year.  Why not accept offers for Artistic opportunities.  While there he was offered the contract for a CD then the Bench clothing and Hair products.  All of these offers brought mall appearances (6 or More) to advertise the Mini Series, CD and Clothing.  Mini Concerts were a by product.  Now if the US and other countries had made the same offers he would have looked at those opportunites too. Fox International paid for a gig in Singapore, so he went there. 
    David gave his US fans a Christmas Tour which he paid for and of course was reimburse with Vip and ticket sales.
    Artists’ will always accept offers that are made.  Hope the US and all who want him will work in the two years he is gone to secure Concert Promoters etc.
    David is going to record more when he gets back to the US. ( He leaves probably today there)Its Sunday there now.

    Ordered the CD Forevermore and anxious to see how David will release music here.  I got the impression it will be spread over the two years with someone updating us periodically.

    Nice to see David so loved that he trended Worldwide twice yesterday on Twitter:
    Latin America Loves David Archuleta   and then  Salamat David Archuleta
    Next up # NanditoAKo   and then Hopefully a Welcome Home to USA/North America. 

    Thanks fro the updates  MJ.

  13. Just found out the Yesterday David visited a Children’s Cancer Ward.  He never tells us this himself but someone from the vistor’s or hospital there put the word out.
    On his only day off in over 36 he and his tour manager visited 4 different provinces and he was spotted in Cebu.  Bless his soul.

  14. I love everything I’ve been able to access from his time in the Philippines, so no complaints here. The Vangie skits are great and the photos I’ve seen from the Bench clothing and hair product line are fantastic. David is always respectful of others, so I am beyond thrilled to see this attitude returned to him from everyone he worked with over there. Wish some folks in the US music industry (radio and whatever) would behave at least half as well, half as often. LOL. But yeah.

  15. Love David’s sweet vlog, the Vandie skit & the Bench photoshoot pics!! David looks stunning in those pictures! WOW!! The Philippine fans have been so good to David and originally he was only going to stay 3 weeks for the filming of his mini series. Then more things got added on as he was there. I for one have been thrilled for him and have enjoyed everything he has done by watching vids, seeing pics, tweets, etc.

  16. Wow!!  The billboard mj posted is HUGE!!!  I saw a picture of another big billboard for the miniseries with three stars.  They really know how to promote!!

  17. This vlog is all kinds of wonderful..one of the most heartfelt from David in four years & trust me, I’ve seen them all. It just made me realize why I follow this unique person. I promise you every single person he met over there is in awe of his spirit. He gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “one in a million”. I adore him & I will be waiting here for his return in 2014. He’s got so much more in store for us..this lucky fanbase who saw this incredibly talented young man on Season 7 and were captivated not only by his voice but his giving/caring spirit as well. God Bless David Archuleta & keep him safe~?

  18. “my brain doesn’t work that way”  lol  David seems like a real sweetheart, sincere and very endearing.

  19. The new Vangie skit is fun to watch.  He has been always interested in foreign cultures and has the knack of pronouncing different languages with no accent as proven in singing in different languages such as Latin, French, Spanish and Tagalog.  His acting is pretty natural and I think he figured out acting is more exaggerated form of emotions.  haha!

  20. He’s a special young man.  I really admire him.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.  I think he will surprise many, I for one won’t be surprised.  I am putting on shades right now, cause his future is gonna be so bright.  

  21. I love everything he has done in the Phillipines,  acting, modeling(endorsements), CD’s, promo appearences in TV, malls and fashion shows, etc. It’s been great…The photoshoot for the clothing and hair product endorsement and the big billboards are an amazing plus, and he deserves it because he is very popular there, talented and good looking.  I can’t wait to see the miniseries!

  22. Aw Vangie skits are so much fun and cute . :) I guess that for first time in all this years i think that David is taking care by himself of ALL the decisions he’s making in the business side , jumping right there , where the opportunities are , enjoying himself along with his fans of all the new and bold experiences he’s having and the offers he received; learning to react fast, less self conscious and quickly taking decisions, but still being professional  . This travel to Phillipines was so self exploring for him and full of revelation about  other strengths (besides his voice ), that he ignored or did not know that he had before and at same time a blast for his fans …… leaving people in a happy note before his break.

  23. aquayers, I can understand fans from the countries near the Philippines wanting David to visit them also. We all love David and want him to know how special he is to us. Heck, even his  US fans have been missing him and have been asking David when he would return home. I’m sure when he returns from his mission he will try to find a way to visit more countries.

    David is getting all kinds of great acting experiences with the Nandito Ako and the Vangie ads.

    l’m just giddy over that humorously ginormous billboard!

  24. I wonder if TV5 can put the NA episodes in itunes or some digital store at least ….. i really want to buy this this :/

  25. David is trending worldwide for the third time in two days.

    Latin America Loves David Archuleta
    Salamat David Archuleta
    We Love David Archuleta

    If you are on twitter tommorrow will be      Welcome Home David Archuleta  starting at 4p.m. PST

    Join in and welcome David back to the US

    He’ll be leaving in a month but will do some recording first.

  26. There has been talk of NA on Itunes and a possible DVD of the Mini Series one month post airing.

    He recorded several songs in the Phillipines and there will be a CD for sale called Forevermore.  (all English songs written by Phillipine artists called OPM)  All Love songs.   Stay tuned.

  27. *David Archuleta* also trended in several cities across the country.  Fingerscrossed that we can get DVD and the CD.

    ETA, We Love David Archuleta is TT worldwide again! Or is it that’s it’s still trending? 2 hours? WOOT!

  28. Goboy, it trended for over 2 hours :)

    Be ready for tomorrow.

    I just can’t say enough about David.  Love his vlogs and this one is no exception.  That Vangie commercial is proof again that David is a natural in front of the camera.  Praying that Bench makes the BTS photo shoot video available more  Archuleta epicness.

    This is a great picture of the billboard at night all lit up…beautiful.


  29. More recording to do in US will be cool , i mean super cool , in spanish mega  super cool , but only if he’d doing it for his own passion , conviction and desire and not because he feels he need to leave something more for the US fans, not pressures on the guy i mean  … he sure did more than we expected on this past months  to sing off in a high note and i pretty sure his fans on this side of the world will find the way to buy that last album. 
    If he do that recording though ( because look like is totally possible)  , i hope he do it with good producers (Eman ;) ) to help to push the songs everywhere, to release the material in EP formats , to be buy it on itunes and to be released in the next years and not immediately , will work better like strategy to keep the buzz a little longer . :) ….  because God knows this  fanbase can still making buzz around David’s projects …… just my opinion :)

  30. I’m almost sure he will make the Forbes list maybe this year,  but sure next year with this Asia revenue only in 2012 ….. my guess :)

  31. I think it’s wonderful that David has had these amazing opportunities in the Philippines over the past 5 weeks! This will only help to strengthen his career for the future when he returns from his mission in a couple years. And a HUGE thanks to the amazing Filipino fans for sharing all their vids, tweets and experiences with everyone! That Bench photoshoot is all kinds of awesome too! Can’t wait to hear his new album “Forevermore!”

  32. MJ.. Thank you for your article on David and his fantastic journey to the Philippines and Singapore. The Vangie video is so endearing. David is such a natural in it. It brings out the playful side of David that his fans love about him. His vlog is sincere and brings out the love for his fans that we love him for. He always brings a smile to your face whether intentionally or not. He sang Nandito Ako accapella at a mall yesterday and sounded amazing. He looked gorgeous in the Bench clothing ads. His new album isn’t out yet and has had record sales. It’s amazing how many characters David can morph into and still be the wonderful talent we fans all knew from the beginning. Who would have imagined that David could accomplish so much and still remain “just David” We did!! We’ve known it all along. We Love David Archuleta  

  33. Someone just tweeted this???

    nicole archuleta@ILYarchie22
    R.I.P to @DavidArchie’s Grand-mother :(.

    9:34 PM – 18 Feb 12
    via Twittelator

    · Details

  34. David finally received the attention, admiration and respect he deserves! I’m so proud of all of his accomplishments in the past month in the Phillippines. He has grown into himself! Now it is time for the same to happen here in the US… following his mission, of course.

  35. David finally received the attention, admiration and respect he deserves! I’m so proud of all of his accomplishments in the past month in the Phillippines. He has grown into himself! Now it is time for the same to happen here in the US… following his mission, of course.

  36. Well true is that at this point i always expected him to have recognition in Latino countries and Europe before to be totally considered in US ( even Kina Grannis is doing a world tour )…. he lost some time in the agenda to go for the spanish song …. but at least he still remarkable relevant in at least one market that is more that other singers have . 

  37. So proud of our David.  He has doen so much in so little time.  And for all his fans.  Phillippines has been awesome to him.  So many opportunities for him in acting ,modeling and singing, recording. Love you David .  Will be here waiting for you when you get back.

  38. So this person just tweeted that David’s great-grandmother passed away. :(

    nicole archuleta
    @ILYarchie22′ @DavidArchie’s great-grandmother Passed Away today R.I.P.

  39.  Thank you. With my limited Spanish I couldn’t quite make it out. Life…and so it goes. My condolences to David and his family. :(

  40. I hope David will get to work with Joy Williams when he gets back from the Philippines. The songs she wrote with David for The Other Side of Down, including the title track, are some of my favorites. Their friendship and mutual respect seem real. I remember that vlog David did from Joy’s house in Nashville where he was staying. Joy and her husband made a guest appearance and it was clearly a mutual admiration society. Problem is that with David’s limited time and Joy’s commitment to The Civil Wars, I doubt there will be time. I do hope he avoids using his limited time to work with the over-prized and over-used producers who seem to show up on all Idol albums, cough Claude Kelly, cough Ryan Tedder. No offence, but their recent track record for Idols, especially the men, has not been good. Time for some fresh blood.

  41. For those with Twitter  We will start trending:  Welcome Home David Archuleta
    starting at 6 p.m. PST

  42. Kitwana – I don’t think that he’ll have much time to do new (original) songs before he leaves on his mission. In one of his interviews recently, he said as much. Not sure if that means he’s planning to record covers or maybe records songs that were already done for him but weren’t put on previous albums? If its the latter, there’s a good chance some of the stuff he worked on with Joy might be included there.

  43. Thanks Hellomusicgirl. Maybe he will release stuff that was not released on previous albums. He recorded so many songs for the last album that there would be lots to choose from. He would probably need Jive’s permission though. Who knows if Jive would cooperate. Sony Asia would probably help if David wants to release the tracks in Asia but probably not be much help in North America where Jive is in control.

    I also read that he might release some gospel songs. I think that would be perfect for him. It would take him back to his singing roots. One of my favorite lines from his bio Chords of Strength is the line from the executive who told 12/13 year old David why the label could not sign him:

    “All the people we met said I had talent, but none of them could figure out just what to do with me. I remember one of the meetings was with a Sony executive right in the heart of Times Square. “David,” he said, “there’s no question that you have talent, but in all sincerity, I don’t know what to do with you. You’re a little white kid from Utah who sings with the soul of a black R&B singer who grew up in the gospel world.”

    I could not agree more with that quote. His voice and singing style does seem well suited for the R&B/gospel genre and he seems to pull back when he sings the pop stuff. He’s still a white boy from Utah but I think fans would be more willing to give him a chance now if he chose to record some R&B/gospel songs.

  44. I’m on board with that idea for sure. You’re right that he seems to pull back some vocally when singing pop but he can flat out kill it on some R&B songs. He’s kind of an enigma to me. Its hard to reconcile the guy who sings Crush with the guy who sings with Mormon Tabernacle Choir with the guy who sings Zero Gravity with the guy who sings Ribbon in the Sky with the guy who randomly sings the Pokemon theme song. Ha!

    My favorite example of David singing “soulful music” (lol, his wording) is when he covered Stevie Wonder’s Ribbon in the Sky http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVo2tG6T9E8

    If we could get more of that vibe from David, I’d be all about it.

  45. David does know soulful singing.  I’m really enjoying his singing of Wherever You Are, can’t get enough of it. 


  46. Djafan Wherever You Are is the perfect example of the song that showcases his R&B/soul/gospel sound. I had never heard of it before David sang it but it seems to be the perfect song for him. In the last two and a half minutes of the song, you hear David rip into it and see his diva hand in full motion. It really reminded me of a very young Mariah Carey or even Celine Dion. (sorry, I can’t think of a very young guy who sings like that.)

  47. Welcome Home David Archuleta     trended worldwide, USA, SLC,Canada, New York,/san Francisco, LosAngeles, North Carolina etc. at various time during a two hour period today.

    He arrived safely!! Woo Hoo!  4 th time in 4 days for trending.  The Mini Series Starts tommorrow (actually today there)  He will probably trend again as the Phillipine fans and NanditoAko are tweeters.

    Probably too much information.  Ha! Ha!!

  48. Welcome Home David Archuleta is still trending at #4 here in San Fran/Bay Area. I wonder if all this trending is catching some radio stations attention. I’ve seen a few tweets of people saying they’ve heard one of his songs on the radio after not hearing anything of his for a very long time. Or maybe it’s just my wishful thinking.

  49. “(sorry, I can’t think of a very young guy who sings like that.)”

    LOL It’s because only one exists, David Archuleta :)

    I’ve listened to the OPM songs he’s covering for his new album and they all have the soulful vibe.  They are really beautiful songs that David I’m sure “ripped”.

    I’m very excited and anxious to get my hands on one.  Name of CD Forevermore.

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