Danny Gokey — 10 Days on the Road

Although it started as a month that included some rare vacation time, Danny Gokey’s July schedule has been crowded with a diverse set of performances and appearances, from his hometown concert closing out one of the stages at Milwaukee’s Summerfest, his visit to the Milwaukee auditions for American Idol season 10, and numerous headlining shows and concerts with other country artists. In July, Danny is appearing with or opening for country artists including Sugarland, Tim McGraw, James Otto, and Sara Evans.

Danny will finish out the month of July with three dates opening for Sugarland in St. Louis MO, Aubuquerque NM, and Cheyenne WY; a radio station listener concert in Salt Lake City UT; and a Wyoming country music festival.

Dan Cricks - How to Stay Top-of-Mind
Dan Cricks - How to Stay Top-of-Mind

After the jump, more photos and video from several of Danny’s July events.

KIX Partner in Hope concert, Springfield MA area, July 13th

Danny performed an acoustic set as part of a country radio station’s appreciation event for listeners who responded to the station’s fundraising campaign for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. James Otto, Josh Thompson, and Blaine Larsen also appeared.

A complete photo gallery from the Partner in Hope concert can be seen here.

DuPage County Fair,  Wheaton IL, July 21st

Danny headlined a show for this Chicago-area fair. An estimated 2000 or more people attended.

meet & greet (*) photo credit – via @jannworth at iheartdannygokey.com

I Will Not Say Goodbye (DuPage County Fair – Wheaton, IL)

Crazy Not To (DuPage County Fair – Wheaton, IL)

T.R.O.U.B.L.E. (DuPage County Fair – Wheaton, IL)

I Still Believe (DuPage County Fair – Wheaton, IL)

Band Intro / Hard to Handle


What Hurts The Most (DuPage County Fair – Wheaton, IL)

Back At One (DuPage County Fair – Wheaton, IL)

Video credits – djgfangirl2626, monkie5383, horses756, weeseweiss

Kix on Beale open air concert,  Memphis TN, July 22nd

Danny performed together with Lee Brice. 
KGKX-FM has posted a full slideshow with some great photos here.

Tim McGraw concert, Charlotte NC, July 23rd

Danny opened for Tim McGraw, replacing Lady Antebellum for this date on Tim’s Southern Voice tour.

Danny performed a 12-song set that included most of the songs from his album “My Best Days” and some popular covers including T-R-O-U-B-L-E, What Hurts the Most, and Life is a Highway.

Enjoy a full set of photos at Charlotte NC television station WCNC’s photo gallery from Danny Gokey’s Charlotte appearances.


video credit – TheConchCast

(*) Meet & greet passes for Danny Gokey events are usually available through his non-profit foundation at http://www.sophiasheart.org/meet_greet.php



  1. Danny opened for Tim McGraw, replacing Lady Antebellum.

    Danny performed a 12-song set that included most of the songs from his album “My Best Days” and some popular covers including T-R-O-U-B-L-E, What Hurts the Most, and Life is a Highway.

    Wow. That’s very cool replacing Lady A. and opening for Tim. Also that he sang 12 songs.

  2. Wow Steph, this is a fantastic summary of what Danny has been up to lately! I missed some of these due to busy times with company so it will be fun to catch up on what I missed. I did see this version of “I Will Not Say Goodbye”, it’s beautiful. Love the way he has his hair in the photo with the tank top, really cute. There was something else I liked about that photo, I’ll think of it here in a minute. ;)

    Thanks so much!

  3. That picture of Danny in the tank showing off the tattoo kind of makes me smile. Just kinda funny and cute at the same time. yeah….

  4. I’ll just say that I received some specific recommendations from fellow Danny fans to include that one particular m&g pic. It was kind of unanimous actually ;)

  5. iluvai, I’m usually not a big fan of sleeveless shirts, but he’s definitely got the arms for it! It must be a challenge to stay lean and keep up with the workouts on the road, but he is managing to do it obviously. I’m sure he must appreciate the positive feedback he gets from his fans about it, that would be motivating! That’s I guess a superficial but still important aspect of what he does. He seems to take continuing to get better in every way pretty seriously, you can see it in different aspects of his performances.

  6. Wow. That’s very cool replacing Lady A. and opening for Tim. Also that he sang 12 songs.

    I know, that’s great that he was able to fill in as the second act on the billing. The other artist who stepped in for Tim in lieu of Lady A is Dierks Bentley who’s been around a lot longer than Danny.

    We weren’t completely positive Danny would even have the middle set until the concert actually took place. (The other opener who’s had first position on Tim’s tour is Love and Theft.) Twelve songs is a lot more than I had even considered — if he was placed as the second act I was guessing around eight songs.

  7. Great complilation post. I actually didn’t know that Danny replaced Lady Antebellum and performed 12 songs during his show with Tim McGraw. What a cool honor.

    I just want to acknowledge that Danny also received nominations for Best Mainstream Artist and Best Mainstream Song for “My Best Days Ahead of Me” from the Inspirational Country Music Awards. This is an award voted within the industry – and not fan based voting.

    Danny is nominated among such Country stalwarts as The Oak Ridge Boys, Martina McBride, Miranda Lambert, Ricky Scaggs, Lee Ann Womack – and our very own Carrie Underwood.

    This is a huge attaboy for a new artist.

  8. JosieX:
    07/24/2010 at 11:53 pm

    iluvai, I’m usually not a big fan of sleeveless shirts, but he’s definitely got the arms for it! It must be a challenge to stay lean and keep up with the workouts on the road, but he is managing to do it obviously.

    Danny is handsome. He has some nice arms….I can’t argue about that.

  9. From this, it looks as if Danny will be the sole opener for Sugarland at the Frontier Days event in Cheyenne.


    That’s cool for him, he’s definitely been wanting to be able to do more than the four five-song set at their shows. If he is the only opener, it could be a decent-length set as Sugarland’s set is not even 90 minutes.

    It’s probably a one-off thing though given the Frontier festival-type format. When they go on to the next arena-type Incredible Machine Tour events, Sugarland has Little Big Town and Danny as the two openers for the remaining dates Danny has with them.

  10. Wow…great post Steph!

    Danny is certainly one busy man this summer and that is great news for his fans. With the reports of cancelled shows and poor sales across the music industry it is good sign for him that he is able to fill the calendar too. His voice is so versatile and, despite back-to-back concerts, sounds incredible. It is amazing to see how he has grown as a performer in such a short amount of time as well.

    Thanks Steph for always keeping us updated on Danny!

  11. Great compilation of Danny’s concerts and videos, love T.R.O.U.B.L.E. & Hard to Handle – really showing his fun side and vocal versatility.

  12. Great thread Steph – I like the idea of combining multiple concerts. I’m liking Danny in that sleeveless Tee. He sounds fantastic as always and really is coming into his own. I do believe that one of Danny’s biggest strengths as an artist is his live performances. For some reason the Wheaton concert videos are not showing up on my computer – not sure what’s going on there.

    Are the next 3 concert dates with Sugarland the last ones and what do we know about a fall tour?

  13. lucy, I believe Danny has two more Sugarland dates in August that finish out his tour with them. Those are in Atlanta and Orange Beach, Alabama.

    The rest of August looks like his own headlining dates or various country festivals/multiartist appearances. He also has two upcoming shows (NY, PA) as an opener for Lady Antebellum :)

    Danny has been talking about a fall tour. Apparently it will be his own headlining tour, with one other artist going out to open for him on a consistent basis. (Until now he’s had a variety of artists opening for him, some who repeated more than once but no one consistent week-in, week-out.)

    The name of the other artist and the dates haven’t been announced yet, assume they are planning a press release when they feel the time is right. It could be though that some of the dates we have seen being announced for Danny in the fall are part of “the fall tour,” just not labeled as such yet.

    I saw one reference that we couldn’t track down to Danny possibly performing in Vancouver in late October. If true, that would be Danny’s first performance outside the U.S. since he went to Nashville :)

    Sorry you can’t see the videos :( Not sure why that would be, if refreshing the page doesn’t help, perhaps try later on or from another browser? As a fallback, the “credit” links go to the direct youtube channels for each of the videos.

  14. Touring for Country music has always been a huge money maker. They tour pretty much 365 days a year and are generally very good to their opening acts. They support each other and it’s very much a family kind of thing. This has benefited Danny because of the setup that Country has for touring. The opening acts get the benefit of playing for a bigger audience as well as learning the ropes of touring and creating a good live show. Country artists are known to put on some of the best live shows in the business and generally keep them affordable. The Pop/Rock genre has some of this but nowhere near the extent of Country music.

  15. Really nice review, Steph6449. I love that he was able to do perform more songs when opening for Tim McGraw, the 5 songs during Sugarland shows was like an appetizer. I will be anxious to see his winter schedule because he has improved with each show I have seen. Your pictures and video show he really has his act together. Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

  16. This is the 12-song set list from Danny’s opening set for Tim McGraw. I understand some of these were extended versions with a lot of audience interaction (very Danny), so it was quite a long set all in all.

    Like That’s a Bad Thing
    Life on Ya
    Be Somebody
    Tiny Life
    What Hurts the Most
    Get Away
    I Will Not Say Goodbye
    I Still Believe
    Crazy Not To
    My Best Days are Ahead of Me
    Life is a Highway / Get Away reprise

  17. Just want to have some fun on a Danny’s thread. Can any Danny fans who met him at close distance during M&G confirm if he has shaved his chest hair lately?

    I have seen many photos of his during S8 AI Tour last July to Sept and one of the photos that he took with a fan (he was wearing a yellow shirt unbuttoned probably to the third button) clearly showed a full set of chest hair, and even though he never unbuttoned that low since (not on camera anyway), I would say if you see him wearing a shirt with a V open similar to the one in the first video IWNSG and you don’t see any chest hair, then he probably has shaved it.

    I know this is superficial with a capital S, but being the kind of observant and detailed oriented person I am with such an inquisitor mind, it would be nice to get this confirmed!

  18. kokko, ha… I’m not going to touch that one in any detail, except to say there are plenty of Danny photos and videos that suggest no shaving or other hair removal products involved.

    It was definitely noticeable a month or so ago as the weather got warmer, and maybe Danny was loosening up in concert, that he started to drop a shirt button or two. Not that I’ve made a microscopic inspection or any measurements, lol! But the photos and videos I’ve seen of Danny less a couple of buttons this year, look about the same to me as I saw last year when he started to do the same thing button-wise on the AI tour.

  19. When you compare the country radio tour videos to now, you really see the growth Danny has achieved as a live performer. He’s always had a great voice, and I think, an engaging personality, but the ability to work with an audience and get them involved in the concert makes for a dynamic/memorable experience. Oh, and I appreciate the “work” he’s obviously done to be able to wear that sleeveless shirt, too!

    Thanks for the “Danny Special” at MJ’s!

  20. Posted the specifics in the numbers thread, but hope it’s ok also to post here.

    Mediabase chart just updated for the week. Danny has his second top 40 hit with I Will Not Say Goodbye :)

    from Danny’s drummer / road manager Mike – they are in St. Louis MO with Sugarland tonight

    Today, July 25, 2010, 1 hour ago
    fadersupstudio: Glad to be back with Sugarland today. They treat us so great and the catering is off the chain!

  21. I’ve been up North all weekend so what a treat to come back to this nice thread Steph!

    LOVE the picture of Danny in the tank. I am really not a tank shirt or tattoo loving person, but for me, Danny wears that shirt so well, I have to give it a thumbs up!

    Kokko- Since I’m being superficial :) will say I haven’t noticed the chest hair situation, but Danny does keep the buttons buttoned up except for during the concert when they let loose, since he is not one to sing without a lot of physical exertion, lol. Haven’t really noticed a difference on my end, but not discounting your observation!

    I didn’t realize Danny was the middle act for Tim McGraw either; way to go Danny!

    And congrats on his second top 40 country hit. My Best Days Are Ahead of Me made it to the top 25. I hope his current single can work its way up even farther.

  22. I’m so glad that Danny hit this milestone so quickly, that’s great! I don’t remember how many weeks it took the first one to make Top 40, but this one seems to be moving faster. I’m happy that it’s Top 40 now and will be heard on countdown shows, people seem to love the song and I have high hopes for it.

  23. I’m so glad that Danny hit this milestone so quickly, that’s great! I don’t remember how many weeks it took the first one to make Top 40, but this one seems to be moving faster.

    I agree Josie. :) It definitely took longer for MBD to hit Top 40, than it has taken IWNSGB. I hope IWNSGB ends up doing better on the chart than MBD did, and I think that can happen.

  24. I’m glad to hear Danny is back in concert with Sugarland tonight. I noticed a little bump on Itunes this weekend for both Danny’s album and for his single. I suspect it is due to opening for Tim McGraw Friday and Sugarland tonight.

    that’s great that IWNSGB moved into the top 40 this week on media base at #39.

  25. Danny’s album moving up could also be that he got some media focus with the AI10 auditions in Milwaukee.
    Not a lot nationally, but regionally at least and at AI sites. Can’t have hurt him any.

    Comment from someone on a personal blog about the Tim McGraw show

    Next up was Danny Gokey. I wasn’t looking forward to seeing him. I don’t really like his song that has been playing on the radio for the past few months, I can think of its name! Anyway, he surprised me. I ended up liking him. He was really good. I had no idea he was from American Idol since I haven’t watched the show since Carrie Underwood won it years ago. He interacted with the crowd really well. I can see him going far if he picks the right music. He sang alot of his songs including two of Rascal Flatts, “What Hurts the Most” and “Life is a Highway.”

  26. Thanks Steph6449 & Indigobunting for sharing your observations!

    Great to see IWNSG moved into mediabase Top 40 the 4th week since it went for radio adds. As the song moves up the charts, the sales should follow.

  27. So glad Danny has hit top 40 so quickly! That is quite a milestone, and should help him move up more quickly from here.

    As for Danny’s chest hair, I know for a fact that he had a full chest of it last summer, as I, personally, have had my fingers in there…lol. Of course, I was just being helpful because he was holding his shirt open for a girl to take a picture of his medallion (she asked), and it was turned around to the wrong side. So me, being the helpful person that I am, volunteered to turn it around for him! ;) Seriously, it really was innocent, though.

    Anyway, I hate I missed Danny when he came to Charlotte. I just couldn’t make it right now. Hopefully I will see him later. He seems to come this way a good bit.

    Thanks for the writeup, Steph!

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